It’s official, I’m on a Ban

About a week ago I decided to go on a month long ban. I realized that I’ve been shopping too much and so I set out to ban myself from not shopping from June 15 – July 15, the exeptions being food, Target, and thrifting, major coupons, major sales, returning stuff to buy other stuff, adding onto returned amounts to complete a purchase. Each time I really break the ban I will add another week.

Of course I’ve broken it already by buying Sonia Kashuk stuff, polish and using my Ulta 20% off coupon. Even though I allowed for these as exceptions in my rules (Target, major coupons,) I still feel like I broke my ban because I still shopped so to be fair I will add two more weeks in my ban but it will have to be staring the end of July, not right after July 15th because I will be going on a short vacation in between.

As far as clothes go though, I’m doing pretty well, no new money spent on clothes. Makeup wise I’m also doing well with the exception of nail polish. I’m working on that problem but again I will punish myself for further mishaps. Wish me luck!

New Phone – New style (of blogging of course)

Hi everyone! I have finally joined the smart phone train, I know I’m probably the last person on Earth to do so. Because of this little upgrade, I will be trying to do more blogging on the go. The pros to that are that I can blog more often and do more outfit posts, etc. The con is that I won’t be able to write a lot or write descriptive things. They will be more tumblr like posts, quick and simple, usually acccompanied by a picture. If I want to write more and post better pictures, I will of course do regular pc blogging but for hauls there will probably be double posts. For example I will do quick posts when I first purchase the items or I’m still at the store and then I will probably do collective haul posts with better pictures later. I hope this format doesn’t bother anyone but I’m definitely excited to post more and keep better track of what I do daily!

Nail of the day – 5/27/2012 retro coral


Essie – haute as hello

Nail of the day – Neon pink and silver Glitter

Testing out my polishes, one day at a time.

Wrist Loving

My sister said something a long the lines of “hey, all of a sudden you have tons of bracelets.” As I reorganize my bracelets I realize…it’s true. Most of this is a product of crazy shopping in the last year.


I used to only wear earrings and necklaces. Now I only wear bracelets and rings.

*excuse the little white tray with traces of foundation in it. I was mixing my Revlon Colorstay foundations. Trust me, I’m on the hunt for pumps for those things.

The Best Fortune Ever


Look of the day – Shop & Love

Some looks from last week that I didn’t get a chance to post.

You can’t really tell from this picture but I did a cranberry eye with silver bottom waterline and a nudey lip.

And here’s my shopping outfit:
When I shop I like to keep it simple so I can take things off easily to try clothes on. In the summer I usually do a skirt and easy top but in the winter I go for leggings (easier to slip off than jeans) and a tank and then usually a cardi or jacket.

Bonus: Valentines look!
I didn’t take any other pictures this year. We were in such a rush last minute to get ready for our dinner that we didn’t take pictures. I just did a light neutral eye with red lipstick.