Recent Purchases 4/9/2012 Haul-iday Weekend

This is quickly becoming a trend. More hauling coming your way. Like I said in my last haul, this past weekend was crazy chocked full of sales so I had to take advantage. I told you guys about the 20% off Ulta haul but it actually didnt start until Friday which is when I went. We had a whole day of shopping planned and I planned my makeup purchases carefully because of the sale and I’m trying to cut back on buying makeup and buy more clothes.

So first I went to ulta to use my coupon and I got a lot less than I originally planned. I did pick up a lot of polishes though. Here is my entire Ulta Stash for the day.

First, I got something I’ve been wanting for a long time, Essie’s Matte top coat.
It’s so awesome! I totally missed out on the matte collections so I’m glad I found this baby for an instant muted nail look! It’s originally $10 but I got it for $8 with my coupon.

Next I got an OPI polish in Samoan sand which I’ve also been wanting.
It’s a light soft brown nude color that’s lighter than my skin but opaque.

And then I picked up Orly’s Cotton Candy.
It’s a cotton candy pink with a coral undertone, super cute!

I also had a bit of a decision dilemma at the Essie display. I originally intended to go in for Essie’s Van d’go but when I put it up against my nail with the Orly swatch of prelude to a kiss that I bought in my last haul, it looked identical so I ended up not getting it and instead getting Haute as hello which is actually the tone of orange creamsicle that I thought van d’go was going to look like.
I don’t know, I still want to see more Van d’go swatches before I completely let it go as an exact dupe for my orly one.

For my last polish, I picked up a Revlon one for dirt cheap. This is in Sweet Tart.
Revlon was 40% off plus my 20% so The polish was something like $2.30. This is probably my favorite of the bunch because I’ve been wanting a bright Barbie hot pink and this fits the bill.

Since Revlon and Nyx were 40% off as well I picked up a few other things. I picked up a Revlon colorstay foundation in True beige.
I’m trying this color for the first time. I haven’t quite found my perfect shade yet from this line. Currently I have two that are too light and one in natural tan that is too dark. It made my face look muddy rather than a nice tan color. I wore this foundation yesterday and it actually matches me quite well. My cheeks are still lighter than the shade but it evens out my skin tone in such a way that it matches my neck perfectly. I think this might be the closest to my shade I can find.

I also picked up a Revlon concealer stick in light medium.
I’m trying this for the first time as well. I wanted another concealer because I have a makeup bag that I like to keep multiples of and my undereye concealer in there is running low so I wanted another one. On my vanity I use Maybellene’s sponge tip one and I really like it but mine recently cracked at where you turn it to bring up more product so I didn’t want to get another one in case the same thing happens because it is currently a pain to get my concealer out every morning. And of course this one was on sale. This is actually quite nice and creamy. I tend to like stick concealers better than liquid cause they’re just more manageable. And as an undereye concealer, the color’s perfect.

Nyx was also 40% off so I picked up three things. I got a lipstick in blush.
This is actually a really pretty color and the perfect bright pink shade. It’s sort of like my MAC Nicki Minaj but not so matte and bright. This one is more wearable but still a nice bright pink.

I also picked up another jumbo eye pencil in a grey silver shade called pots and pans which I think is such a cute name.
I haven’t used it yet but I always like this little guys. I just use them as bases for when I need my shadow to pop.

Then finally I picked up a matte lip cream in Tokyo.
I don’t know what’s going on with the bottom sticker, I didn’t even notice when I picked this up. I’ve tried this, it’s lighter than I like but I’ll probably keep it because there will be times when I want a lighter lip color. As far as the feel and texture goes, I’m not completely sold on it. I didn’t love it like I thought I would. I still prefer a lipstick or gloss.

Then Of course when we went to the mall I picked up a few more things. I went to Sephora to use my 15% off coupon and I got the Smashbox brow tech in taupe.
I wanted to get this at Ulta with my 20% but they didn’t have any and I was literately out of my brow pencil on my vanity. I had to use my pencil from my makeup bag everyday and then put it back. Don’t let the name Taupe fool you though it’s not ashy or grey or anything. It just looks brown to me. This is actually my favorite brow product I’ve ever tried because I love the shape of the tip. It works so well to draw and this product is waterproof! I really wanted to try the Tarte waterproof pencil too but it’s one of those with a tiny tip and I don’t literately want to draw my browns in. I want to color them and tint them with a pencil and this Smashbox one is really good for that. I’ve noticed it’s always out at Sephoras and Ulta though so either they’re phasing it out or people just love it as much as I do. It’s originally $26 but I got it for something like $22 which is still pricey for a pencil but I have ridiculously thin light brows naturally so it’s worth it to not look browless.

I also dropped my MAC to pick up some things from the new Tres Cheek and Reel Sexy collection but lo and behold, it was all sold out! This is after one day of the release date! I was only able to pick up one thing from the collections. It was a blush from the Tres Cheek collection in Peony Petal.
Luckily for me it was one of the two that I wanted. The other one was the light orange in Immortal Flower. I’m still on the hunt for it. This color though is so pretty! It’s a light lilac pink shade that I’ve been wanting. I wore it yesterday and it was still on my cheeks after about 11 hours so that’s awesome. I also picked up a lipgloss.

And that is all for makeup. I also picked up a few other things at the mall. First I got some great accessories. My highlight find of the day is this starfish wrap ring from H&M!
It’s a little big but it was such a great last minute find cause I’ve been googling this type of ring and it’s been coming up in the $50 price range which is too much. I’m so glad I found this. It was about $4 I think.

I also picked up a pair of men’s aviators from H&M because I like my shades to be really big.

I picked up some bracelets from F21.
This one is just nice for spring and summer.
And these are going to be for stacking.

I also picked up this pink one for stacking but I didn’t even look at the sizes and now I’m stuck with one that’s too big. I don’t remember F21 having bracelet sizes. Now I need to be more careful.
This one I can only wear at the bottom of the stack or it will fall off my hand.

And then I picked up three little short necklaces. These were super cheap and will be cute for simple outfits.

As far as clothes go, I didn’t find a whole lot but I did get some nice things. I got a pair of magenta pink pants and some neon pink shorts.

Then I picked up two t-shirts in light heathery grey and dark heathery grey.

I also found a thin chiffon type top that will be great over tanks this summer.
It kind of has a blazer feel but it’s not structured and it’s really thin so it won’t be too hot to wear.

I also got a polish from F21 that I forgot to post in my last haul. It’s a neon yellow glow in the dark color.
I tested it out this weekend when we went out for Xti’s birthday and it did sort of glow. Here’s how I wore it.

That’s it for my haul. I’m certain I’ll be hauling more. I just haven’t finished my spring shopping yet.

[ ♡ ] Mini Mall Trip Haul – 12/11/11 Sephora & F21

I must seem like I’m hauling like crazy but I’m really not, it’s just the season is presenting me with all these sales and coupons! So I got this free $20 gift certificate from Sephora so I went to the mall to redeem it because it was going to expire soon. I also picked up a few Christmas gifts as well but won’t be showing those just in case. But first I went to F21 and picked up a few things:

All cosmetics and jewelry were 30% off so I got this little pouch. Turns out this was part of the sale too so that was a good deal. And I also bought a little nail set because I needed the tiny scissors in there to trim the hair around my dog’s eyes so she can see and I didn’t want to use big scissors because I didn’t want to accidentally poke her.

Some leopard print mary janes on sale:

A little yellow tag scarf that just reminded me so much of Christmas:

A bracelet for New years:

And then some random cheapy scrubbing tool and a shower cap:

Now onto Sephora. I used my little coupon and also returned my Laura Mercier Face Polish for this new Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliator.

So far it’s ok. I’ve used it twice now and I plan to use it Sundays and Wednesdays in place of my cleanser. It’s sort a gelly consistency and it’s got tiny beads in it that you can’t see when you push the product out. It exfoliates well and I like the way it’s working so far but the only thing I don’t like is the smell. It’s got a sort of weird manufactured smell to it and that’s just so odd because philosophy is famous for their yummy smelling body washes. I guess it’s good because you’re not supposed to put fragrances on your face and I can stand it well enough for now so it’s not a huge deal. I’ll continue using it. I do like it more than the Laura Mercier one though.

I also got a mini straightening iron in hot pink.

I have this forehead sweating issue (I know gross.) When it gets hot, my forehead sweats like everyone else but the problem is in how my hair responds. If I have hair on my forehead which I almost always do, once it touches sweat or moisture it goes crazy and decides to frizz up and wave and do all sorts of crazy things so I’m planning to carry this baby with me in the summer to do touch ups.

I also got three more things, one for my birthday and two using my gift certificate:

I got a little bottle of philosophy’s birthday cake body wash which I love! It smells like you’re rubbing vanilla cake all over you and vanilla cake is my favorite!

Then I got a Fresh Sugar Lip treatment balm:

It’s the brown packaging but it’s just the clear one because I plan on using this as a balm under my lipsticks and glosses. I think I’ve talked about this before about how I get allergic reactions to lip products from certain brands like Maybellene and Covergirl so I’m always iffy about trying new lip products. I also have super dry lips that always crack, especially under lipstick so I’ve tried tons of balms and moisturizers. I usually use a tube of vasaline cherry which works well to quickly moisturize but it doesn’t last long so I’ve decided to try more expensive treatments to see if they’ll work. This Fresh Sugar one is the first one I’ve tried that’s over $7 and so far I’m loving it. It really keeps my lips moisturized and it smells so good, like lemons! Problem is I don’t know how well it’s penetrating my lips because I feel like its forming a thin layer of film over lips as it protects rather than going into my lips to protect. Again, I have to test it out a little longer to see how I’ll feel about it. If I do like it I’ll probably go out and get the mini set of 3 so I can throw them in my purse and office.

Lastly, I got something I’m super excited about!

I’ve been in search of a new cream based concealer for general spot concealing but I haven’t found a color to match my skintone perfectly and I think I’ve found a close one with this Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. I got it in Natural Tan and it blends in perfectly with my skin if I’m not wearing foundation. The problem is if I wear foundation, you can see it’s a little bit tanner than my color. But blended out it looks fine so I’m glad I got this. I’m still searching for a heavier coverage concealer in my skin tone because on my cheek I’ve got this tiny blue vein that you can kind of see and I want to find something to cover it.

Ok so that’s it for my hauling over the weekend!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Sephora VIB & F&F sale 2011

This post is long overdue but I’ve been running around with multiple memory cards and lost these pictures so I just found them. You’ll be glad to know I’ve upgraded my 2 & 4 gigs to an 8 gig now so I can run around with just one card and not get confused 🙂 .

The Friends and family sale was I think the last weekend of October and anyone who entered an email address got 20% off their entire purchase for about a week. I was actually stressing out after my first order because I was wondering if I bought everything I wanted. I didn’t want to forget something and pay full price later. And then in the middle of the sale week I got a little card from sephora about the VIB sale in the following 2 weeks that also gave me 20% so I was so relieved!

Anyways here is what I got total. I am missing one thing though which was actually my first and most important buy. For some reason I didn’t take pictures of it. It was the NARs Danmari cheek palette with the 6 pans. I’ll post that up later when I get a chance but here’s the rest.

First a group shot:

I got a shiseido eyecream. I was on beautypedia 24 hours straight before finally deciding on an eyecream. Apparently Jar style packaging is not ideal for keeping the chemical balance of products.

It’s the Bio-performance eye contour cream and it’s super concentrated. I’ve been using it for over a month now and I had to take a 2 week break because it was irritating my eye so much. I started out using it every night and then I read the ingredient list and saw retinol and realized I should’ve eased myself in. So then I took the break and then started up again with twice a week for a week and then every other day for another week and now I use it every night and it doesn’t irritated my eyes or make them watery at night anymore. The problem is it seems to not sink in really well because some days I’ll wake up to wash my face and my eyes will burn a little and I don’t even use that much. I literally use like half a pump for both eyes because my eyes are sensitive to developing milia so I try not to put too much on them. I don’t know, I guess I’m still trying to figure out the best way to use this but one thing is for sure, I’m not stopping my eye cream usage. And I like the packaging of this product because the dispenser hole has a little cover too so it seems extra clean.

Next, more skin care. I’m trying to up my skincare game and find the perfect combination of things to fit me. I got a new moisturizer, the Kate Sommerville spf 55 sunscreen. Previously I was using Neutrogena oil free moisturizer spf 30 but that’s running out so I decided to try something new and with higher spf. I was deciding between this one and the philosophy one that’s also spf 55. I almost went with that one because its supposed to also have anti aging properties but in the end I decided to let my night routine cover my antiaging needs for now and go with this one.

I actually really like it so far. The packaging is a nice pump and it comes out like a white liquid but it applies smoothly and not greasy. It’s not thick either. The only thing I don’t like is that it has a problem standing up probably because the weight of the product is at the top and not the bottom.

Next I got the Laura Mercier Face Polish (which I’ve just returned two days ago and exchanged it for something else.)

At first I liked it because it’s very grainy and super abrasive. I liked that it felt like I was really scrubbing my face but after using it once a week for over a month I realized that’s all I liked about it. It didn’t feel like it was doing anything other than scrubbing. I want to have a product that I like because of the chemical properties, not the added bead particles. So I exchanged it for a different exfoliater that you’ll see in a few posts.

Next and Last from the friends and family sale I got the Laura Mercier silk crème foundation. I am in Bamboo Beige.

I like it. It’s a medium to full coverage but it’s a very thick consistency when it comes out. I was shocked at how small the bottle was a first because it’s around $40 but I’m used to the size now and I’ve barely made a dent in it so its ok. I like it well enough but I feel like it doesn’t set well even with powders and spray setters like it doesn’t quite sink into the skin enough to not come off with a tissue. I also feel like it doesn’t help stop the oils on my face but I like it well enough to keep.

Next are things I got from the VIB sale. I got the perfume I’ve been wanting forever, Gucci Guilty intense and it every bit as delicious as I remembered! The intense version is super concentrated though so I just do one spray on my left wrist, rub in my right wrist and then rub both on the sides of my neck and I’m good to go.

It’s sort of a nice sexy scent without the dark florals, citrus and oriental type smells. I already have two new perfumes in the line up to buy. I’m now eyeing Armani Aqua di goa and the Chloe perfume.

Next I got a Nar’s lipstick that I’ve been wanting forever. It’s a bright hot pink in Schiap.

I didn’t use if until just this past week because I was a little disappointed in it when I first got it home and tried it on. It turned out to be much more on the magenta side and less true hot pink but last week when I used it finally started falling in love with it and appreciating the color. It’s quite pretty!

And then you know I can’t resist a good holiday value set so I got two, both from MUFE. First is the aqua liners set.

I’ve never before tried the aqua liners so I thought this would be a great way to try them. I’ve only used the large black one so far and I like it. It’s quick drying though so you can’t really smudge it. I mostly use pencil liners for the waterline though because I prefer liquid and gel liner for over the lid. As far as its waterline performance goes I’d say it’s alright. I do find that If I put it on my top waterline, I’ll get black smudges on the bottom of my eyes after a few hours so that’s a little disappointing but so far I still having found the perfect waterline pencil that will not transfer at all during the day.

Then I got the best of MUFE set.

It comes with three full sized products and three samples. The full sizes were the lipgloss, mascara and aqua cream. I mostly bought this because I wanted a new smokely lash mascara and I wanted to give the HD powder another shot. Out of this group I really only love the mascara. I liked the aqua cream because it works nice as a base but it’s a champagne shimmery color which I already have in a mac paint pot so not super exciting. I hated the lipgloss because it’s super sticky and shimmery, like middle school shimmery. I like the little pencil but I already have one from the other set so again not super exciting. And then I just don’t like the primer that much. It goes on as a sort of thin lotion and I don’t feel like it does much for keeping my makeup nice and intact. It feels like just putting on another moisturizer. To be fair I do only have my Smashbox primer and a Bare minerals primer to compare it to so I’m not a primer expert or anything. I just find that I like how the smashbox one performs better in terms of smoothing my face for foundation and locking in oils. The HD powder I know is a cult favorite but I just don’t love it still. I’ve tried it once before and wasn’t impressed with it and this time is sort of the same. It’s very fine and ok on the face but it gives your face a shiny layer of sheen. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s sort of like putting Bare essentials mineral veil on your face and it gives you sort of that angelic glow like a soft line is shining on the side of your face but instead this one looks like a white cast, not an angelic glow. I don’t know, I’ll still try to use it and see if I can find some way to like it. I have to play around with it first.

Then I got a sample bag of tons of fragrances that I have not tried.

And then some random bonus items I got around the same time. My aunt gave me this lash growing serum from Walgreens.

I’ve used a bit of it so far but not on my lash line, just my brows. I’m too paranoid to use it on my lash line because again I’m prone to milia and because I wear contacts and have a special fear of things getting in my eye so I figured I’ll test it out on brows first. I haven’t used it religiously so nothing’s changed yet but I’m working on putting it into my skincare night routine so I can get a better feel for how it works. Its just like a clear gel, no smell or anything.

And then with ulta’s 20% off sale + buy one get one 50% off I got some real techniques brushes for a really good deal. I got these two sets.

I will probably do a separate post about these later but for now I like some and dislike some so it’s still up in t he air.

And that’s it for my earlier haul that’s being posted out of order.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Black Friday 2011 Haul – Part 1

I have to break this up into two parts because I bought so much so bear with me. I feel like the deals this year were not as good as other years. I was really disappointed in my usual spots and their deals. Like I usually love target deals on black Friday but I feel like they weren’t good enough this year. I usually get dvds and small electronic accessories at Target’s black Friday sale but I didn’t see much I liked this year. They had a lot of dvds but not too many good titles and most for $5 instead of the usual $2.99. And they didn’t have a lot of good TV Dvd sets either. I was going to complete my collection and pick up the office season 6 but they didn’t have it on sale. They had Gossip Girl season 3 but I hated seaons 3 so much that I decided not to buy it. I did get modern family season 1 & 2 though for $12.99 a piece.

I also got some Christmas gifts. I got some thermals and pjs for my kid cousin:

And then I was going to get Christmas décor and accessories but they didn’t have anything that matched my theme this year which is white, gold, silver and pale blue. I wanted a predominantly white wrapping paper but couldn’t find any so I left without Christmas stuff.

I did get a nice 8gig memory card for about $10 so that was a good deal. And I got my boyfriend’s MW3 game but that wasn’t on sale. Overall I was disappointed in Target sales this year.

Then we went to a mall close by that opens at 12 am and I was surprised to find H&M was open. I researched like a crazy woman this year to see when stores would be opening on Black Friday but I thought most news said H&M wouldn’t open until 5 so I almost skipped this mall because I only wanted to come this mall for H&M. I’m glad I didn’t but I didn’t get much. Again the deals were sparse. They had a few racks of $10 items but nothing spectacular. My mission on black Friday is usually to only shop deals because otherwise why would I wake up in the middle of the night after 1.5 hours of sleep to shop? If I wanted things regularly priced I could shop anytime. Which is why I didn’t spend much time in H&M because again, not too many deals. I just picked up a scarf for myself and some gifts for more cousins.

I got the scarf for regular price at $12.99 but I really like the color and wideness of it. I can wrap it around my shoulders as well and not just my neck!

Then we went to gap and old navy where I picked up a few more baby gifts for cousins. After that we left the mall and went to a further away mall where stores were just beginning to open up. Here I found a few more deals but again, not too many exciting ones.

We went through JCP doors so I got this little snowglobe that they give out every year.

I also picked up a few gifts as well but I won’t be showing those in case people read this post lol.

Next I went to two sephoras, one inside JCP and one in the main mall area. The beauty deals this year were actually the best deals I’ve found, mostly because its unusual. I’ve never known sephora to do beauty sales on black Friday, usually they just give you a free tote bag or something with your order. This year they had a 10 for $10 deal which is actually misleading. It makes it sound like you get 10 things for $10 but its actually 10 items on sale for $10 each. The weird thing is that the main Sephora in the mall had all the things listed online as part of the $10 deal and then the Sephora inside JCP had only some of those things plus a few other random things for $10 which turned out to be great because I was able to pick up a lot more beauty deals for just $10.

Here’s my makeup stash!

Here are some of my $10 deals. I got this little three piece Benefit set to try out. I don’t have any benefit products so I wanted to try these out especially the Hoola bronzer because it’s supposed to be matte and not shimmery.

I’ve actually tried two of these already. The bronzer is really nice but sort of dark. And then I’ve tried the mascara before from a sample back years ago and wasn’t crazy about it so we’ll see how I like it now after I try it again.

I also got a smashbox blush in Intermix for $10.

I’ve tried it once so far. Its got a nice peachy pink flush color to it.

Then I got the stila set with a palette and lipgloss:

The palette actually has colors I like. They’re a little powdery instead of creamy but they’re still nice. I especially love the pink and purple on the bottom. And I really like that it comes with a powder blush and highlighter rather than a cream cheek and lip thing on the bottom. I hate when flimsy palettes like this have a cream product mixed with the powder because it always picks up the powder chunks which make it sort of gross to continue using on your lips. The gloss a nice dark shimmery plum/berry color.

I also got this little NARs eye primer sample from a coupon I found online.

I’m excited to try this because my urban decay Professional size primer potion has finally dried up completely on me and is no longer usable unless I put it in hot water every day before using which is becoming too much work to do. I’m never getting the big size again, I’ll just get the smaller one so it wont dry up.

I also got this BE set for $10.

It comes with a thin blusher brush which is actually quite nice despite it’s weak look. And I like the color of it. I haven’t tried the blush yet but I generally like the pigmentation and staying power of BE blushes. I just don’t like that they’re not pressed because its messy. This one is a beautiful berry color. The lip product that came with it is actually kind of weird. I’ve never used BE lip products before so I thought this was a gloss but its actually sort of a cream stain like the NYX ones. It’s thick and super pigmented. It’s a berry rose red color.

Then I got this Buxom set for $10.

It’s a full size liner and full size buxom mascara. I’ve tried the mascara before from the same mascara sampler from a long time ago but I don’t remember what its like so I’ll have to try it again and see.

They also had a few other things for $10 but they didn’t really interest me so I didn’t pick them up like the Tokidoki palettes with the little charm in the bottom. I don’t want super cutesy packaging so I didn’t pick them up. There was also a shaving kit and a Kat V D perfume that wasn’t interesting to me. I did get one last Sephora thing that I’ve been searching for but it’s been out of stock. I got the Lancome set:

It just seems like such a good deal and I’m out of liquid liner too so it was the perfect excuse to try it. I’ve never tried lancome products before so I’m excited for this set. As you can see I now have tons of mascara to try but I won’t be opening any of the tubes for a while because I recently opened a MUFE Smokey lash that should last me a few more months.

I’ll be posting the rest in part 2!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Review – LA blushes

So I have all these new products that I’ve posted up but haven’t swatched or tried on and I thought I’d do some swatch posts. I also need to pull out a box for items to try and keep it on my vanity so they won’t go to waste.

First I’m going to swatch and review the blushes I got. I only got two in LA, one randomly and one I planned on getting. I got a light orange from Illamasqua in Lover and a purple one from the Faceshop’s lovely line.

I actually went looking for the Illamasqua blush because like I’ve said previously, my Sephora doesn’t carry that line. And I don’t want to pay $25 for a blush and not like it. So I did some research and found a sephora in LA that carried the line and so I picked up a blush. I originally wanted excite which looks just like lover but much brighter and more orange. But I swatched them and thought excite was too bright for me so I went for lover instead. The faceshop one I just picked up because I’ve been on a purple blush hunt lately.

Here are the swatches on my arm first without flash then with flash.

The illamasqua blush picture turned out more orange than it actually looks. It’s still a orange blush but more on the coral side with pinks in it. It’s matte, no shimmer and has good staying power. I like it but I wanted more of a muted orange and lighter orange. This one is still darker than I’d like. I paid $25 + tax for this one.

The faceshop blush is actually pretty light and looks close to the pictured shot. Its not purple on the cheek but it does have that purple sheen/undertone. It looks closer to a highlighter than a blush but I actually really like it as a blush with some pink on the cheek hollow where you usually apply bronzer for definition. It works sort of like a doll look. I never thought I’d like super light cheeks but it looks really cute. It doesn’t have good staying power though so I’d say set it and reapply. This one was around $9.

Overall I’m happy with my purchases. Its given me more blushes to add to my collection and given me a chance to try a new brand. I’m now on the look out for a light, muted orange blush and a raspberry purple blush.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – Vacation Haul part 1

I didn’t realize how much I bought until I got back and started going through all of it. I switched suitcases with my sister when she came back so she can carry all my LA purchases back with her in my huge pink suitcase first but of course I bought more during the remainder of my trip. My shopping philosophy is basically if you like it buy it but if you waver then forget it. So of course I bought everything I wanted. This post is from my entire trip.

I’ve organized most of my purchases by type or store/area I bought them from. Warning, this will be a picture heavy post.

Ok, first, I got a ton of cotton puffs for makeup removal and toning.

My original plan was to buy them from a market in Little Tokyo because last year I found some really good ones there. They were square, super thick and soft and closed in with a rounded edge, like vacuumed sealed. But I couldn’t find them this year. In fact the cotton puff shelf seems smaller and without samples. So since they didn’t have samples to show me whats inside, I bought three differen’t kinds (which are the top three pictured ones.) when I got home, I found that none of them were the right ones but I did like the blue pack on the right. Its not sealed the same way but its still sealed really well. The pink ones turned out to be bigger than the normal cotton puff and the blue pack on the left is just a regular generic pack. The best ones though are the 6 packs of yellow ones I found at Daiso in San Francisco. They were only $1.50 and they were the shape and type I was looking for in LA. They have that sealed rounded edge that I like. Of all the stuff I bought, these puffs were the hardest to bring back because they’re in boxes and they also can’t be crushed so they had to be carried on in a huge bag.

Next, I only got one purse.

I got it from a little shop on Melrose for around $50. It’s really cute and sturdy and bowler shaped.

Then I got two pairs of shoes.

I usually try to stay away from buying a lot of shoes on vacation because they big and bulky and hard to bring back but I couldn’t resist with these two because they were such good deals. The pair on the left is from ross and its only $15.99. We don’t have Ross in the Midwest so it was interesting. The gladiators on the right are from Santee Alley and I got them for $6! They’re sturdy too so it was a really good deal!

Then I got some stickers and decorative tape.

I didin’t buy too many stickers because we have stickers here and also because the price is just ridiculous on cute ones. I bought most of these from koreatown and was able to convert the price on the back to American dollars and I basically paid like 500% of the price I would’ve paid overseas so I tried not to buy too much. Like the blue one on the left was 500 won (30 cents) and I paid $5 for it. The 3d one in the middle right is from Little Tokyo and it was also like $5 but that one was kind of worth it though because it was all 3d and not just puffy stickers but actual fabric bows etc. I got the tape from a store called Maido in SF’s Japantown for I think $2 each.

I also bought some planners to sustain me until I go back to korea.

I figured out the pricing method while looking around. The store basically charges you twice what it is in wons. So if the planner is 5000 wons, they’ll charge you $10 for it. I just chose some less expensive ones because I’m planning to go back to Korea next year. I go through probably 3-4 planners a year.

I also got a little plastic card holder.

Then I got two cases and some pens.

I got the pens and pencil box in the artbox stores in the Korean malls. Each pen was $2 each and the box was like $6. I mostly chose cute pens and colored pens, not so much cool or useful pens.

I also bought these little gift/favor bags from Daiso in SF.

Everything in daiso is $1.50 so it was a good deal. These reminded me of the travel bags I purchased in Korea except those are like ziplocks and these are open at the top.

Then some Nail supply stuff.

Those plastic bottles on the right are pump bottles and they are the exact same size and type as the Sephora ones except for these are $1 each and the Sephora pump bottle is $11. So basically you’re paying $10 to have them print the brand on the bottle. I regret buying the sephora one now that I found these in Santee Alley. I also got 4 packs of nail rhinestones and a set of rhinestone hearts and colored beads and flower shapes. The rhinestone packs on the left were $1 each and then sets of beads and sets of heart rhinestones were $5 each. The flower set was $6. All bought in Santee Alley.

I picked up a lot of phone charms as well as a phone case.

I chose a white with pink blossoms cover for my phone from a little stall in Santee alley. I also got the long pink neck strap and short pink hand strap from the same stall. Total it was $8. The rest I picked up all over the place but most were $2 or less.

I also bought a lot of makeup while in LA. Here’s the group shot.

First, I got two lash curlers.

My Shu Uemura one was starting to not work anymore because the top was cutting into the black rubber band in the center so I was on the hunt for a new lash curler for a while. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to find another Shu one because they stopped selling in the states so I settled for a Shisiedo one but each time I tried to buy it, something always got in the way. we even had a shisedo store a few feet from us but they were never opened when I needed them to be so I finally was able to pick it up in Chinatown SF. The small one is a mini curler that I’ll use for fixing areas of fake lashes.

Before leaving LA I also stopped by the Sephora in Beverly Center to pick up some stuff from Illamasqua because my sephora doesn’t have that brand. I got a blush in lover and a lipstick in obey.

The blush is nice and pigmented. I actually went in to buy excite but after comparing them I found excite to be too bright of an orange for me.

The lipstick is actually pretty close to the blush color. Its like a cute muted coral and the lipstick actually stays on really well. It works sort of like a matte stain.

Here’s what I got from the faceshop.

^3 brow liners

^a white liner

^Two concealers

^ a purple blush

^3 lipsticks in different finishes

I also got three nail polishes from Santee Alley

Then I bought a ton of NYX stuff from supply stores in Santee Alley.

^liners were 12 for $9

^6 lipsticks

^ a gold pigment and a concealer in medium

Then I did some jewelry shopping at forever and Santee Alley. First I got these bracelets from F21.

And two necklaces.

Some earrings from Santee Alley, $1 each.

Bracelets from Santee Alley, $1 each.



Then I bought a ton of lashes and a dolly wink lash container and two lash glues.

I also got a ton of containers for traveling etc.

The green bag I got from artbox in koreatown and everything else I picked up here and there.

And finally the last grouping. This one is random stuff from Daiso in SF.

I also bought a of clothes but that’s going to have to be in the next post.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Look of the day – 12/17/10 Naked Smokey Eye

No flash:


• Two-faced Naked palette
• Sephora kohl eyeliner in black
• VS lipstick in scrumptious
• Lorac lipgloss in Haute
• Bright pink blush from Coastal Scent’s blush palette

♡ PaNhia