[ ♡ ] Can’t get enough of winter neutrals

The great thing about winter is that wearing only neutrals is completely acceptable. I don’t find many colors that I’d like to wear that isn’t some version of a neutral.

I love that Celine Jacket, the camel color, the design and especially how it’s paired with that navy scarf. I wish I could rock a jumpsuit but with my height, I know I’d look ridiculous. It’s especially nice paired with the red clutch. It makes an otherwise plain outfit pop. I’m also really liking black paired with camel like in the last two looks. The coat is structured but beautifully broken up with the tied belt. I love the leather on the last jacket. And of course the Marni Satchel, perhaps my favorite lust bag at the moment.

Michael Kors bandy shoes. I’ve been looking for a pair like this. I have a lot of black strappy shoes but my straps are much smaller. I imagine this to get uncomfortable after a while though with the bands digging into your skin. I also love the bags and the see through shoe!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Bag Lust – Spring 2011 shoulder Bags

I haven’t been in my bag mode for a while because I’ve been in my makeup mode but seeing these new pieces makes me want to hop right back on the bag train.

*All Images courtesy of style.com

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Alexander Wang & Marni S/S 11 Bag choices

I promised more fashion related so here are some purses that I love for s/s 11.

First, Alexandar Wang. I’ve already shown a really cute camera type bag from this collection that I love. Here are a few more.

^I love the colors and hardware on this.

Same style, different colors

I really like the shape, especially where it comes in at the bottom.

And this one, I just love because of how weird and slightly grotesque it looks.

And lastly, a lust piece from Marni’s S/S 11 collection

More bag lusting to come!

All credits to: the purse blog

♡ PaNhia