Sag Awards 2012 – Best & Worst Dressed

Back again with some Awards Fashion Recap. I love awards season! Ok so let’s start with the good.

I Loved the simplicity of Sofia Vergara’s Marchesa dress. I thought it fit her well and like I’ve said before, I think simple designs suit her the best because she’s already so beautiful. I also liked Naya Rivera’s dress. I think it was a good fit and design. I feel like Lea Michele always picks dresses that I would wear myself, dresses that are just perfect. The problem is that they never fit her perfectly because she doesn’t have the right body type to wear them but the dresses are just always awesome in some way. I love the color on Kaley Cuoco’s dress and especially with that design but I don’t know if the dress was fitting for the sag. To me, it’s more prom but still a pretty dress.

I think Natalie Portman’s choice was very fitting for the Sag awards and it looks beautiful on her but I wish it wasn’t such a dark burgandy. It should also be more purple tone. I loved the top half of Rose Byrn’s look. If that was a dress and not a pants suit it would be perfect. I think her hair also really matches the dress. I also loved Amber Heard’s Zac Posen gown because it’s different and makes her stand out and it looks good on the carpet. And of course I thought Ariel Winter’s short gown was cute and age appropriate.

Last of the goods!
I really like that Diana Agron went soft this time because it suits her well and photograph’s nicely. Jayma May’s is actually wearing my favorite type of dress. I love dresses with a bit of sleeve and a full front, its just timeless and classic. And I think the glitter and color makes it just gorgeous on the carpet. Jane Krakowski’s dress is also a best for me because again I like when people do different and they do it right. This is not a typical dress but it’s still classy and beautiful. My last favorite is Juiliana Rancic’s red dress which is again another dress that is different but still red carpet appropriate.

Now onto the bads.
Renee Bargh is an example where different went wrong. It’s too much and in such a visible color too. I don’t like the combination of lace, draping, and the tight parts with what looks like piping in the seams. She looks like a mermaid. I think the dress could be nice without the piping and if it was black. Sarah Hyland’s Temperly dress makes her look old and out of place. It doesn’t fit her or the occasion. And Sheilene Woodly’s dress looks like it came out of someone’s grandmother’s summer trip suitcase. It is just plain ugly. And Stacy Keilber looks beautiful but aged in that black lace dress.

Ashlee Simpson’s dress, hair, jewelry and makeup makes her look old and gaunt. Jenna Fischer’s dress is probably one of the worst. It looks like what a mother of the bride or grandmother of the bride would wear to a wedding if she was really old. And Juiliana’s dress looks like it has sea creatures growing out of it. I love textures on a dresses but I hate the idea of little dots as textures, I don’t know why. And Myerll Streep’s dress can do without the brown belt.

The only thing I didn’t like about Emma Stone’s dress is the dropped bodice/waist seam. It makes the dress look like 80’s prom. Michelle Williams dress is not horrible but I don’t like the cut and the plainess of it and the shoes. I just think the shoes make the whole look cheap. Zoe Saldana’s choice was again not horrible but not great and out of place. I love the color on Emily Blunt’s dress but the fit should be better. All the rouching and layering could have been placed differently to give her body more curves.

And last are some more bads.
Tina Fey’s dress is just bad. That would not look good on anyone young or old. Maria’s dress belongs at a club or casino. And Amber should have gone with a simple dress, not a huge bow on the bodice type dress.

And that’s it for my picks. I wasn’t wowed by any dress and I had more bads than goods. Hopefully the Oscars will be better.


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