Haul, Broken & All – Beauty & Extras

I did do a bit of beauty damage as well but again, a lot of this was with coupons or on sale or both. I stopped by Ulta and picked up some polishes on sale.

First is my favorite of the set, Neo whimsical from Essie.
This is the most beautiful muted grey purple pink color I’ve ever seen.

Next is Revlon’s Sheer Seafoam.
I should’ve realized from the name that it would be completely sheer but it’s so beautiful in the bottle that I didn’t even think about buying it until I got home and swatched it. It’s disappointing because if it wasn’t sheer it would be such a cute summer color!

Next I got this cute fall green color in Don’t Mess With OPI.
It’s quite a nice fall green color and the formula is pretty good. I haven’t worn it besides swatching yet.

Then I picked up this red from Essie in Red Nouveau.
It’s like a tomato red. I don’t have too many reds so I decided to add this to my collection.

I got this Revlon one in Blue Lagoon.
I’ve been hunting for light blues all summer and have for the most part been disappointed with the formulas. This one had a pretty chunky formula as well so I don’t know what’s up with these light blues but I’m still hunting.

Lastly from that set, I picked up this pop beauty one in mint magic.
This one is crazy bright! I have plenty of mint polishes but this one is definitely different because it’s so bright as opposed to being a muted or light mint color. The formula though is really bad. It’s gunky and sticky but I’m willing to deal with it because I love the color so much!

I also picked up these two but I returned the Loreal one on the right because it looks nothing like in the bottle.
I kept the Essie one in fiji because it’s such a cute light almost white pink color.

And then I found Essie A crewed interest on sale.

Lastly for nails I picked up these three Nabi ones from a boutique. They’re only $1 each!
The bright neon green and pink are so cute! I haven’t tried the blue yet but I will soon!

I also picked up a few lipsticks. First is this Tarina Tarantino one in Candy Jar.
It’s like this bright candy pink that’s almost reminiscent of an 80’s lipstick shade because it’s got some purple undertones.

I picked up another Nars Schiap because I lost my original one and I just couldn’t not have it so I picked up a replacement.

I got Mac’s Snob.
I’m so-so on this because it’s pretty unwearable on it’s own unless I’m going out at night and doing a crazy dark smokey eye. During the day it needs to be mixed with something else on top or under it.

I also ordered this Stila Lip Enamel in Giggle from ebay.
It’s crazy bright pink and I love it!

And then my sister came home from Japan and brought back this super cute baby pink lipstick for me!
It looks washed out here but in person it’s a true baby pink with coral undertones.

Moving along, I jumped on the bandwagon and picked up the new Revlon Whipped foundation but only because I got an awesome $2 coupon.
I got it in Natural tan and it’s pretty much a perfect match because I got so dark from pontooning. I actually like this much better than the normal revlon colorstay foundations because this looks the same and has the same staying power but this feels so much lighter and better on your skin and it doesn’t have that same super fragrant smell.

I picked up a sonial kashuk brush, again with some coupons.
This one is so unique. I have nothing like it. It’s supposed to be for contouring but I’m using it for highlighting and it works just fine.

I also picked up a bunch of random things from Target because I had some really good coupons last month that were going to expire.
I’ve been wanting this cosmetic bag since forever because I love the red and purple stripes.

I also got these little organizer things from the dollar section at target to organize my chunky rings.

And some hair clippies.
I’m always losing these little guys.

I also picked up some really random stuff I thought I would share.

^these are my HG puffs because they’re sealed completely at the sides so no matter how soaked it gets, it doesn’t expand and come apart. It’s expensive though, $5 for 100.

I’m trying a different contact solution.
I usually use Target’s Generic one but last year when I bought new contacts my store gave me a sample of this Bio True one and I loved it so much because I remember it being so cool and crisp on my eyes but this bottle seems normal and almost the same as my Target one so I’m going back to Generic.

I’ve been buying a lot of studs online to diy shorts.
I’ve found that 10mms are too small and 12 is ok but I’m going to look for a size up.

I bought a car organizer that turns out to be too big for my trunk but’s ok because I plan to upgrade to SUV soon.

Since I’ve been doing my nails so much I got some polish remover and an eos balm.
I now remember why I stopped using EOS balms, they’re just inferior to my other balms. They only good thing about them is they’re cute.

I picked up this suit case from Marshalls.

I bought some tweezers from f21 to apply lashes.
I don’t like this, it feels really flimsy and it’s open too wide so holding them still while putting on lashes is really hard to do.

Picked up some goodies earlier from the Bath and body works sale.

I got a little makeup baggie from H&M in lime green zebra.
It’s the prefect size for my purse.

Picked up a beach towel.
It’s huge so I love it.

My little sister brought me this little blue headband from Japan.

And finally I picked up this doggie tray from Marshalls so I have a set at my house for my dog when she comes over.

And that’s it for my beauty and random stuff haul for July!

New Makeup Storage – Lip Products

I found these cute little plastic dividers from the dollar section at Target and I thought they’d make great makeup storage. I really don’t like my makeup lying flat, especially if it means they are on top of each other so this is perfect because it allows things to stand.

Pictured above are two, as you can see they stack nicely even though they have a scalloped edge. There are six sections in each one and they’re about 2-3 inches tall.

They really only work for things like lipstick as pictured below.

I tried all sorts of things including blush.
It doesn’t really work for Mac blushes because it only fits 2 and then it leaves an odd space. It fit’s NARS blushes and eye duos better but in general blushes are too short to sit in them nicely.

In this next picture you can see it also fits sturdy standing things and smaller objects.
It works well for products that have a flat bottom like primers and finishing sprays. I’m currently only using 2 out of the 4 that I have a the moment because my long term plan for these are to use them as dividers when I get my Ikea Malm vanity. Right now I’m only using two on top of my current vanity to store lipsticks and everyday basics. I will probably pick up 2-4 more before they run out just in case because I really like that it’s black and I really like the height of each one.

[ ♡ ] Outfit of the Day – 06/13/11 Shorts & Shoulder Stopping

I decided to wear shorts today. My first time wearing shorts to work!

Top F21 | shorts CR | belt Target | shoes Target | accessories F21

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchaes – 5/20/11 The Deals Keep coming – Ulta, Books & Target

After my PF coupon run, I decided to take advantage of some more sales on Friday so I went to my closest ulta with the intent to buy three Revlon lipsticks because they had a buy 2 get one free sale. I also knew that this week Walgreens would be having Revlon on sale for 40% off but I did some calculations and found that it would be cheaper to do this deal at Ulta because I also had $5 to exchange back in.

So first, I got three lipsticks in Nude attitude, Stormy pink and sky pink, all mattes. I also have been wanting to get a new colorstay foundation in a lighter shade because natural tan is too dark so I calculated the price per foundation using three stores. At Target they were $10 on sale for $9 each. At Walgreens they were $13 on sale for $7.80 a piece with the 40% off. At Ulta they were $12 a piece but with the buy 2 get one free deal it would be $24 dividde by 3 = $8. So I thought I’d just wait for the Walgreens sale and buy it from there because it was cheapest at $7.80 but then I walked around Ulta and found a little display with this same foundation and each foundation had an instant save $3 off coupon on it! Which means that If I bought three, it would take each foundation from $12 to $9 and then using the buy 2 get one free, I’d end up paying around $6 per item instead! I was so excited until I saw that they didn’t have the shades I wanted to try on the display because they were out.

So what did I do? Drive across town to the other Ulta of course! I also tried the three lipsticks in the car and was not feeling stormy pink and nude attitude so I exchanged them again for two other colors in siren and primrose pink.

L to R: Siren (creme,) sky pink (matte,) and primrose pink (crème)

I got siren for my sister because we were looking for a morange dupe. It actually comes pretty close except for its not as pigmented in one swipe. Sky pink is a nice light pink. For a matte, it comes on quite sheer. Primrose is my favorite, a light purply pink that comes on nicely.

Then of course I found the foundations at the 2nd Ulta in my color and bought three, two in medium beige and one in natural beige which is lighter. I figure medium beige would match more so I got two of those. Also if they didn’t match, I can always return them for darker colors later. I also ended up paying only $5 per bottle because when Ulta took the 3rd product off, they took off the orginal price of $11.99 instead of the price I paid with the coupon.

The odd thing about these is that they come in two versions, dry and normal & combo and oily. The colors in the combo and oily version all seem lighter than the same colors in the dry version which I found weird but after trying medium beige on my skin I found it wasn’t as light as I thought it would be and it matched perfectly.

I also stopped by half priced books to pick up some reads for my plane ride and I found 8 in the clearance section for $1 each!

And then I had two coupons for $2 off Revlon top speed nail polish from Target so I stopped by Target to get two. I got an orangey one and a purply pink one. I got them each for $3 a piece.

The colors are the last two on the right but I took a shot of the other two because I wanted to show you guys the similarity between the Revlon cupid and the elf one I got last time. They look almost the same right? It’s sort of a bummer, I really thought the Revlon one would be more purply and less pink.

Well that’s it for my deals in makeup over the weekend!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Outfit of the Day – 05/20/11 Camey

I decided to do a small punch of color today. Do you notice that my color punches are always orange? Lol.

JCP top | New York & Company olive green skirt | Target belt | shoes from Korea | cardi from F21
bracelets F21 | Necklace from Charlotte

Sorry for all the mess, I’m in the process of packing.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – 05/08/11 Target Quickie

I did a quick stop at Target yesterday to pick up a new makeup remover and mascara and some towels. I also got a dark plum bed sheet set but I forgot to take a picture of it.

My MUFE somkey lash is starting to dry out, it’s been 5 months now so I’m going to toss it. I bought a Maybellene falsies mascara to replace it. I’m also on the hunt for a new makeup removing cleanser because my other one doesn’t seem to do the job. After I wash my face with both cleansers, I still towel off foundation. Hopefully this one will do better a removing my makeup.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Outfit of the Day – 05/06/11 Starting the Weekend with Pink

I decided to go pink today. I think I need some orange in my closet.

• Dress from JCP
• Cardi from Charlotte Russe
• Belt from Target
• Shoes from F21
• Jewelry from F21

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Macaroons – Looks can be deceiving

I was at Target a few weeks ago and picked these up on a whim because I’ve never had macaroons before (I’ve heard amazing things though.)

They’re really tiny, like 1.25 inches each. There’s a total of 6 pieces for $2.99. It’s by Archer farms and I really thought they were going to be great but sadly only the green one was good (coconut.) I am on the hunt for bigger, better ones though! This state is not exactly known for its thriving French baked goods so it will be hard but I’m sure I can find some good ones somewhere!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Outfit of the Day – 5/4/11 Casual Stripes

I gave in to the cold this morning only to walk outside and find it not that cold 😦

• Striped sweater from F21
• Black pants from Target
• Red pumps from F21
• Necklace from Aldo Accessories

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Spring Cleaning, dusty dusty

My sister recently moved out of my room and into her own space in the basement so I’m in the process of rearranging and cleaning my stuff. This comes at a perfect time because it’ll be May in a few days and my wardrobe needs to be changed for the season.

I’ve put a new clothing rack into my room because my old one broke from the weight of the clothes (lol) but I haven’t cleaned and organized it yet so once my closet is complete, I’ll put up some pictures. I’m in the process of moving my summer heels back up to my room and putting my boots away.

I’ve also gained some much need ground space for my stuff so I thought I’d share. Next to my vanity I’ve stacked up my two train cases and my little basket of wallets/wristlets etc.

I’ve used my new silver train case at least once or twice but I didn’t think of how heavy it would be when I first bought it. As it turns out, I don’t really like using it because on its own, its pretty heavy already and then add to that my makeup and I’m just asking for back problems. I’ll probably use the pink one most of the time unless I need to carry a lot of stuff for a longer period of time.

I also got this little round basket a while ago from a lotion gift set and decided to put my wallets, wristlets and clutches in it. As you can see, I’m pretty handy because I have my hammer and level. Yes, they are pink and yes I use them, well at least the hammer. I’ll be using the level when I put up my ikea wall shelves.

I’ve also started storing my palettes differently.

I keep most of my makeup in drawers so I end up not using a lot of it, especially not palettes so I decided to them in this letter organizer so that I can see them and reach for them easily. This is actually a pretty big letter organizer from Target I got a few years ago for around $15. I don’t own a lot big palettes so there’s only a few coastal scents in there. That little pink book is my inspiration book where I write down looks I want to try including hair and makeup and I also put clippings in there.

And lastly, I’ve been trying to clean my vanity counter but I’ve been having a hard time because although my sister moved out, she left her makeup because there’s no natural lighting downstairs for her to do makeup. I did add a little storage tower though.

I got these two little tower trays from the bath area of target for about $5 each. They’re really cute because they’re a good size and they have dipped opening in front and they stack. I put my cotton puffs in the bottom and sponges and lashes on top. This is really convenient for when I use my toner in the morning. I also have a tub of Equate wipes from Walmart and a brush holder from Etude when I went to korea.

I’m still organizing my other stuff but once its all done, I’ll update with more pictures.

♡ PaNhia