[ ♡ ] Bag Lust – Spring 2011 shoulder Bags

I haven’t been in my bag mode for a while because I’ve been in my makeup mode but seeing these new pieces makes me want to hop right back on the bag train.

*All Images courtesy of style.com

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] PreFall11 Picks – Donna karan, Chanel, J Mendel, Alexander McQueen

Whenever I get asked to define my style I always have the hardest time because I like a little bit of everything except casual. I really like elegant, refined, ladylike work wear but I also love edgy, downtown, streetwear pieces. And even if you put that together, refined edgy, it still doesn’t really describe it. Anyways you’ll see what I mean from my picks. I love looking through the runway looks on my style app and I thought I’d share my favorites from the Pre-fall collections.

Alexandar Mcqueen

I really like the whites and golds in this collection and the crazy texture explosion on that third dress. The first dress reflects my tendency towards more classic, feminine and refined styling. The second dress I love because I can’t take my eyes off the texture and how the dress falls so beautifully. The third dress is like an Amazon queen come to life. It’s beautiful, strong, and a little scary which is the kind of woman I’d love to be 🙂


The thing I loved most about this collection was the color scheme, full of beautiful rich colors like dark gold, bronzes, dark teals, burgundys. The reason I’ve always shied away from jewel tones is because they’re just too bright for me. This collection is like a muted or darkened jewel tone collection. I don’t know how to describe it but the colors are exactly what I would’ve liked all those jewel toned dresses I passed up to be. It’s rich but not bright which I love.

Donna Karan

I really didn’t relate to a lot of looks in her collection because they were just too casual and drapey for me, it almost looked sloppy. But I did like her color palette and play on neutrals. I really like that first look because I love those colors together and it reminds me of something women would’ve worn years ago.

J Mendel

This collection had the most looks that I liked. I felt like I would’ve worn everything in that collection. It’s urban but still feminine.

Alice & Olivia, Thakoon, Jason Wu, Ports 1961

And last not not least, a combo of the single picks from four different designers. I really like the jackets in these.

*All Images courtesy of style.com
♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Picture love – displays, dresses, coffee and chanel

One of my resolutions for this blog is to feature less makeup and more about the first, true love of my life: fashion. So as an ode to that less seen devotion, here are pictures I just cannot take my eyes off of. Everyone knows I love a good piece of advertising and window displays fall right into that umbrella. Here are some beautiful ones from Hermes, featuring of course, the ever beautiful and expensive Birkin.

I also love these dresses. I’m not a huge vintage fan or collector or anything but when it comes to eras of the past, I just cannot get over the fact that we’ve decided to abandon the love of getting ready for great night out. I would love to get my hands on these beauties:

*credit: make the world a prettier place

And here are just two random images I wanted to share

Next year I’ll decorate my tree with images of all the things I love!

♡ PaNhia