New Phone – New style (of blogging of course)

Hi everyone! I have finally joined the smart phone train, I know I’m probably the last person on Earth to do so. Because of this little upgrade, I will be trying to do more blogging on the go. The pros to that are that I can blog more often and do more outfit posts, etc. The con is that I won’t be able to write a lot or write descriptive things. They will be more tumblr like posts, quick and simple, usually acccompanied by a picture. If I want to write more and post better pictures, I will of course do regular pc blogging but for hauls there will probably be double posts. For example I will do quick posts when I first purchase the items or I’m still at the store and then I will probably do collective haul posts with better pictures later. I hope this format doesn’t bother anyone but I’m definitely excited to post more and keep better track of what I do daily!


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