Recent Purchases – 6/26/12 baby Hauls

I’ve been collecting pictures of stuff I’ve hauled over the course of the past few weeks. I actually got a lot of this with coupons and sales so I’m super excited about that! First of all, as you know I’ve recently joined the Iphone train so I’ve made some ebay orders for covers. I think I bought 5 cases in total since I got my phone. They’ve been arriving every couple of days so I’ve snapped shots a few.
I gave this mint one to my sister but I love the rubberized feeling of it so I will probably order another one.
This is the one I’m currently using.
That little bow over the earphone jack is called a plug and it’s to protect dust from getting inside the headphone jack.

I’ve also been trying to diy some shorts so I’ve ordered a lot of studs in different sizes.
These are 8mm and they’re the only ones I’ve received so far. I got them off etsy but I’ve since learned that ebay is way cheaper.

I also picked up a few random things from Target.
I don’t know how I went for so long without a staple remover. My nails thank me.

I also got this cute little notebook to replace my old moleskin. I looked for ages for one without lines but I’ve given up and decided to go with this one.
It’s actually the perfect size, if only it didn’t have lines and the pages were thicker.

Sonia Kashuk’s summer stuff was on sale so I bought these two things with some coupons so they were super inexpensive.
I’ve been eyeing these brushes for a long time but didn’t pick them up because I have another old Sonia Kashuk brush set that have really hard bristles. Luckily these are a lot softer and better. I’m really glad I got this set because they’re all different brushes from what I already have.

I also used a coupon to get this beautiful brush.
It’s so different from my other brushes. It has a mix of plastic and boar bristles and it seems to smooth out hair as you brush it.

I also picked up some random stuff at the mall. First is a sweater that says drama queen.

I got some hair ties.

A cute bracelet in a peachy pastel color.

And then I dropped by sephora to return something and got a sample and a set using 500 points.
I don’t like this moisturizer so far. It’s very fragrant.

I’ve tried this serum and moisturizer once but it’s an odd thick gel that’s a dark red color. It feels so odd to rub on my face. I don’t know how I feel about it.

I also picked up some lovely polishes again with an awesome target coupon that printed for me.

First, Mojito Madness:
It’s lighter in the bottle than on the nails. On the nails it’s not as bright but still very cute.

Next, Bikini so Teeny:
It’s like a periwinkle blue. It’s very cute and definitely has a purple undertone.

Next, I got one of the new maybelline ones in Fierce N Tangy:
I’ve been looking for an opaque yellow for so long and this one is just perfectly bright and opaque.

Next I have To Buy or Not to Buy
Sorry for the unclean swatch, I did these right after getting home. This color is one of my favorites! It’s a super light lilac purple.

Next I got Charming by Revlon.
I was trying to decide between this one and lilacism but I already got two essie ones at the time so I went with this one.

And lastly I got Play Date.
It’s a true purple but not too dark and not too light.

And lastly, I picked up this cute oversized clutch bag from the thrift store!
It’s perfect for summer!

That’s it for my haul this time around.

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – 9/19/11 September Hauls

Warning: picture heavy!

I don’t feel like I’ve shoped a lot but in the past month, I have accumulated a few things. Here goes!

First, CR. CR is having a 3 for $10 deal on rings, bracelets and earrings so I got a ring and two silver cuffs.

I also got a necklace from CR.

Some shoes:

On a few trips to F21 I got a few things. I got a plaid shirt and some nice jeans and some $1 hair clips.

A brown belt:

A red tone brown belt:

Some bracelets:

A nice oval ring with a purply tone center:

A cuff and earrings:

More clips:

Some tops/blazers:

Cardigan, $11!

Top, $10!

From H&M a while back I got a few accessories. First, a peachy knit head band:

Then a cool folky ring set. There’s a fox, a rabbit and two twig rings:

A gold cuff set:

From Marshalls, I got a few things during different trips. First, a cosmetic bag set by DKNY.

And a little doggie mat for KoKo’s food tray.

Also a nice sweater:

From Target I got some candies and a doggie pajama for my koko.

Some other random buys. First, a notepad!

A liquid linerfrom Lorac, on sale at Ulta.

A mini travel size blush and bronzer set from Tarte:

And finally, a mac lipstick in peachstock from a CCO for $10!

Im on a money saving mission now so probably no more new purchases for a while. I did get my boyfriend some nice stuff that I didn’t take pictures of. Maybe another post!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] La (2) Hauls – random

Ok, this is the last part. This is just other random stuff I bought as gifts and just bought because they were cute. First, I bought this cute pink sunglasses case for $4 at Ross:

Another ross find, a purse organizers. I am too lazy to switch purses everyday so this will really help me keep it up.

Then I got two of these little mirrors in koreatown for my baby cousins.

I also got a tiny pencil pouch for my purse:

Two monthly planners for the future.

A sticky pad for my phone to sit on in my car:

Some icecube trays from little Tokyo!

And that concludes my purchases! I’m waiting for a chance to try out a lot of these things!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] La (2) Haul – Fashion & accesories

Here is the fashion part of the haul. I didn’t buy a lot of clothes like last time because a lot of stuff they had were still summery and it’s august so I’m already planning for fall so I didn’t buy too much.

First, I got this super cute pink purse from santee alley for $25.

From Love Culture, I got three items. First, a grey textured jacket:

Then a crème colored sleeveless blouse.

A pair of nice jeans

And then I went to a store that doesn’t exist here called Ross which I understand is a tier cheaper than marshalls? Anyways I got two pairs of shoes. First a black pair from bcbg generation for going out:

Second, a steve madden pair of booties that I got purely for comfort purposes!

Speaking of shoes, I also got this pair of flats from cotton on, another store we don’t have.

I also stopped by a coach outlet and picked up a wristlet but I’m rethinking my love for it so I might return it to an outlet here.

Next I’ll do some jewelry. I got 5 + pairs from forever 21. First, a pair of sort of dangly spike type ones:

Some little gold hearts:

Two spikey stud sets:

And then a set of silver pearls.

I also got this little necklace from f21, it’s a long plain one with a little heart at the end.

Then I got some jewelry from santee alley. I got another set of while pearls which I didn’t realize are actually three sets of the same three sizes.

I also got this little silver dangly one even though I don’t wear dangly earrings.

Then I went ring crazy and bought a bunch. I got this huge bow one right before leaving. I love the rusted gold color.

I also got this flower cluster one that I really like:

Then I got these two cool ones with colored stones in the middle:

I also got this black curled one that looks really cool:

I also got this yellow one that looks alive!

A winged one:

And finally one that says love:

And that is it for fashion and accessories. It seems like a lot but really, I held back.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – 07/17/11 I do really try not to

I did some minor shopping over the weekend even though I keep telling myself to save for vacation. Here’s a snapshot of my buys.

First, I got a few things from F21. I got a magenta floral skort.

Some undies, 4 for $9.50

A basic black tank:

And a double ring with a rusty gold rose setting on top.

Then I got some accessories from CR. First, a super cute earphone set that is anchored by this little Japanese bear character!

Then I got another headphone set that I couldn’t resist. I really liked it because of the pink cord.

I also recently bought this red skullcandy one from Target for the gym.

All three headphones together. I realized I didn’t need this many so I gave the red to my sister and the bear one to my little sister and I kept the pink bow one.

I also bought a clustered pair of earrings:

And finally, a cute bird ring. I like rings that jut out and that are not just flat on your finger. I also really like that this ring shines with shades of pink and champagne not just white or gold.

I went to Aerie and got a tank top:

And finally I got some lashes and a polish from uptown.

That’s it for purchases this weekend!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – Moa 12/14/10

I took my little sister to MOA today to do some Christmas shopping. Of course I got a few things for myself but everything I bought was on sale or I had some sort of coupon so I got so great deals!

Here are some sneaky phone shots:

^The giant Lego robot at lego world

^outfit shots. I only bought the pink dress.

I used my 10 dollar off coupon at VS and got this nice lipstick in Scrumptious. It’s like Mac’s ravishing, sort of an orangey, pinky nude.

At Charlotte, I got two tanks and two necklaces, all for $25

At F21, I got a cardigan, a dress and a pair of earrings

I returned something so I ended up paying like $2.

So I had a good day!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] 2nd Stila Shipment in!

I opened my door to get mail and saw a little package sitting on my doorstep today! I was so excited to get this baby:

But when I opened it and dumped out the stuff, some things were missing and I got a lip stain I didn’t order.

I looked around and found this note that came with the lip stain:

Here is my original order:

Turns out they ran out of stock of my other three shadows so they sent me a lipstain to makeup for it but I called just to make sure and they said they’re only charging me for the one shadow and palette.

Here is shadow pan:

It’s a light brown in Tolima. I haven’t swatched it yet.

Here is the 6 pan palette I ordered:

It’s pretty big. I really like the large size of it and the large mirror it comes with. Since they didn’t send me my other three shadows, I decided to fill the palette with the pans from my talking palette I got in the first order. It was an idea I got a while back while waiting for this order to arrive. So I put my two shadows from the first order in and then depotted my pans in the talking palette in stuck them in.

It works ok. The only thing is the talking palette pans are smaller so there is an empty rim space between the pan and the pan container but since its magnetized, its all good! I did make a minor scratch in one of the shadows though.

Here is the remains of the talking palette. Whoever thought a talking palette was a good idea never received a singing holiday card.

Overall I’m happy with the way things turned out because right after I did my second order I regretted it and started considering just adding the pans from the talking palette to the new palette so I guess things went alright? I don’t know, I still have to figure out what to do with my new single shadow pan.

♡ PaNhia