Birthday Weekend

Finally I have something to post other than a haul! This past weekend was a friend’s birthday so we went out to eat dinner at Cheesecake factory but on weekends they don’t do reservations so it’s a first come first serve basis and you usually wait about an hour for your table. We went on a Saturday and got there around 5 and then we got a buzzer and they told us our wait would be 70 minutes to an hour and half so since the restaurant was attached to the mall we decided to shop while we waited. Turns out the mall has no reception whatsoever so when we went back an hour later (before our given time frame) they told us they tried calling us and and couldn’t reach us so they gave our table away! So the manager said he found us a table that was finishing up and they were working on desert at the moment so we said, ok we’ll wait a little longer since they’re almost done. We ended up waiting an extra 40 minutes and those people never left! It’s extremely rude given that you can clearly see the front entrance was packed with people waiting to get a table. If you’re eating desert, isn’t it just common sense that loitering around afterward should be for a different time? I don’t know if I was more mad at the restaurant or those people who ate desert for the 40 minutes. We ended up leaving and going to Applebees which was fine in the end but a little waste of time considering we drove out about 30 minutes to get to Cheesecake.

Anyways enough on that little rant, here is my look of the night. I forgot an outfit of the day though.
I’m just wearing NARS lipstick in Schiap and light shadows with silver in my bottom waterline.

Here are my accesories for the night. I did some gold arm candy!

Here’s us waiting at the cheesecake factory.

After we ate at Applebee’s we went back to a friend’s apartment and played games and ate cake.
How awesome is that cake?

And here’s a bonus picture of my Koko:

I got $20 free gas as a party favor!

Oscars 2012 – The Good & The Bad

I’m back with another awards pick. I’m going to make this quick though because I didn’t watch the Oscars and I didn’t find anything I loved or hated.

First, the goods.
I love the color and shape of Stacey Kiebler’s dress. I think it could do without huge flower though but overall she looks great. I love that bright blue color on the next dress and it makes the dress so modern and young. I also love the detailing in Guilianna Rancic’s dress. I think the Oscars are the perfect time to wear luxurious dresses like that. Maria’s dress is just so-so but what I really like about it are the beautiful green colors in the dress.
I think Angelina’s choice was great because you usually see her in these sleek stark dresses that make her look old. I think she looks young and great here. I love the color of Cameron’s dress and the slight greys mixed into the nude dress. Kristin Wiig’s blush tone dress is also beautiful, especially with the tulle at the bottom. I just think the shape is so beautiful pulled together with all the different textures. Glenn’s dress really shows off her body but the color makes it age appropriate. I’m on the fence about Michelle William’s dress. I usually don’t like these shades of red that look like it used to be darker but you washed it one too many times. I love the design of the dress though just not the washed out red color.

The Bads.
I know people love Gwenyth’s Tom Ford cape dress but I just don’t like it. I think capes don’t and will never have a place on the red carpet. It looks sleek and even nice but it also looks ridiculous and like she’s going to take off on a space ship after the awards are done. I hate Penelope’s mother of the bride dress and the color makes it worse. I really don’t like Viola’s Vera Wang dress. The color and fabric was a bad combination. It looks like a dress in one of those prom circulars that senior girls get in the mail around prom time. Ellier Kemper’s dress is my pick for the worst of all. I don’t know if it’s sequined or what but I hate the colors. The dress might look good if it was shades of nudes and golds. The two last dresses are just not flattering and Jane’s dress is not event appropriate.

This is the last award of the season and overall I wasn’t impressed with the dresses all season. Not a single one stood out as amazing to me. Hopefully we’ll do better next year!

LPT Valentines Day – You’re never too old for crafts!

I’m back to do a quick party post on our annual LPT Valentines Day Party! Every year my friends and I get together, trade cards we make, decorate boxes and play Valentine Jeopardy! Here are some quick shots from this year’s party.

Here are our crafting supplies for making boxes and cards.

Here are the cards I made a few weeks prior to the party.
I found these Olivia pig valentines cards at Walgreens and I just had to have them but we had a strict no store bought cards rules (which you’ll see some lazies broke later) so I painstakingly cut out the Olivia figures and glued them onto my big heart cards. I wanted to do traditional heart shaped Valentines this year so I got all these cute supplies from Target including the foam heart shapes, doilies, word and heart stickers. Then On the back I wrote some pretty awesome gangster Valentines messages like “Thugs need love too,” or “You’re my ride or die chick” lol, I love holidays what can I say.

Then we decorated our boxes. It was a BYOB party so everyone brought their own box to decorate.

Here’s a close up of my box:
I got my sister and I these boxes from the dollar store and then I just used left over scrap paper to add some pzazz.

We also played an awesome Valentines themed jeopardy game hosted by Xti and made and ate some yummy curry! After eating and playing, we exchanged cards. Here’s a shot of the cards I got!
As you can see we have two rule breakers who did store bought but it was ok because their cards came attached with yummy candy 🙂 Those cards with the figures of the girls were made my cousin and all traced and cut by hand! Xti did one out of paint swatches with a button glued to the bottom saying “you’re as cute as a button!”

This is one of the most childish things we do every year and it’s also the most fun! I hope to continue doing this until I’m old and grey and can’t pick up scissors anymore!

7 Questions to Ask When You’re Not Sure Who You’re Becoming

I found this neat little prompt through link clicking online and thought what a great tool to use to re-evaluate yourself and refocus, especially at this time of year. It’s just 7 questions to kind of help you work through what matters to you. So here goes!

Here’s the website:

1 :: What am I freakishly good at?

I’m good at making decisions and taking multiple points of view and merging it into one. I’m good at organizing, paying attention to detail and thinking of things most people would forget. I’m good at researching and communicating. I’m also excellent at sudoku:) I’m also good at creative stuff whether it be fashion designing, photoshopping, writing, interior designing or just plain old designing. I’m great at planning and most of the times I’m good about following through. I’m also pretty good with giving advice that is both meaningful and relevant. I’m also excellent with direction. I almost always know where I am in reference to north, south, east, and west even if I’m in an unfamiliar place or city.

2 :: What do I geek out about?

I think this is a question referring to what I fangirl about. I, on principal, don’t fangirl alot because I have friends who do it enough for all of us but I do have my squirming moments. I geek out about makeup and skincare, especially skincare. I also geek out about Big Bang, most especially lead singer GD. I also geek out a little bit about Bingo. Oh and not to forget, Harry Potter! I’m a huge HP Fan and I have plans in the work to visit the replica at Universal studios in Florida. But other than that I’m not really a huge fan of anything like I don’t collect memorabilia or stalk anything.

3 :: If I was a horrifically superficial & shallow person, what would I really want?

Money. M-O-N-E-Y, money. If we’re going into suprficial terms, that is what I want. It would solve so many of my problems including what I want to do for a living, when will I be able to move out, how I can dress and look the way I want–everything. I would be able to start that online marketing and online magazine business I’ve always wanted. I would be my own boss and travel the world. I would get a gorgeous penthouse in New York and have my own driver everywhere I go. I would also like to be well known, not famous but like either behind the scenes as a mogul or in a way where people want to find me to network. I wan’t to be the guy that hands out connections and helps people discover themselves and their careers. I’d be like a secret Trump because I don’t want to be quite as visible as him but I want to do what he does, hold the strings to multiple businesses and industries. And I want to be Anna Wintour except for with a different haircut and I would be a lot nicer.

4 :: What do I want to be known for?

I want to be known for me, for the things I already do and know. I want to be a name in fashion, a name in the beauty and skincare industry. I want to be what Rachel Zoe is for styling but for a broader category of fabulousness. I wan’t to be known like a socialite is but not for being rich or being a socialite, for simply being good at fashion and beauty.

5 :: If I had a full year off, and a stipend of {insert ‘how DARE you?!’ amount of money, here}, how would I spend it?
The time, that is? And then the money?

I would travel the world with my millions and go to all the luxery resorts in the Maldives, Greece, Italy, Carribean Islands, Scandinavia. I would go to Prague and walk on the cobblestone roads. I would go to Korea and be in shopping heaven. I would spend my year traveling, exploring, tasting, trying and blogging. I would read all the books I’ve ever wanted to read. I would spend months in a little flat overlooking the eiffle Tower in Paris just waking up to the view and smell of bread. I would take some time and discover new cultures and do volunteer work teaching kids english or building homes. I would do it all if I could!

6 :: What’s going to be carved on my hypothetical tombstone?

It would say that I did a lot, gave a lot and learned a lot.

7 :: If my parents / my grandma / God / whoever holds my sense of personal propriety in check was GONE (poof!) and there was no one to offend, upset, or disappoint… who would I become?

I would become Carrie Bradshaw-esque. Honestly, I’ve always dreamed of being an independent, successful single girl in New York living in a great apartment with an even greater closet. I’d party and hang out til dawn and wake up, shower and go out for brunch and people watch all afternoon. I would be a lot more selfish and just live life with only me to worry about and me to comply with. I wouldn’t go out and do anything bad but I’d just be on my own without anyone worrying about my safety and getting their panties in a bunch over it:)

[ ♡ ] New Year Resolutions – 2012 is starting out great!

Happy New Years everyone! I hope everyone had an awesome new years! I had a great time and despite the weather I was actually able to go out this weekend and have some semi-crazy adventures! I’ll come back later with another post on my new years outfit and activities but this post is dedicated to my new years resolutions!

I just have a feeling that it’s going to be a great year! My predictions for last year somewhat came true about it being a year of change and drifting apart but this year I have a good feeling in my bones! Good things are coming and I’m nothing but excited! I feel like changes are coming as well, big changes but instead of them being bad, I think they’re going to be good changes and we will all be heading in the direction we want to head in. I’m so ecstatic for the new year and the good things to come. I think its because I started out the new year great with family and friends and of course my boyfriend. I haven’t spent new years with him in over 3 years so it was awesome to finally say happy new years to him in person instead of over the phone twice in one night (because he was a timezone behind me.)

As you can see, in honor of the new year I’ve also changed my theme back to my old one and added a new header. Now onto the good stuff. I’ve thought long and hard about my resolutions. Usually I don’t make any because I forget about them a month later but this year I’m determined to make them work and to constantly work on them. I’ve made them all realistic and attainable because I know I’ll be more likely do them. They’re also things that I can keep a check on daily so that I don’t forget them. Ok so here goes:

1. Return to gym, 4 times a week – I was so into the gym when I joined last February and I was in there 5-6 times a week but as my workout partners started dropping out, I became less and less motivated to go and now it’s like zero times a week! I’m determined to go back because I’m still paying for it and I just like going to the gym before heading home to knock out. It’s just a great way to get me into bed earlier which is another one of my resolutions.

2. Sleep better – This year was a bad sleeping year for me. Everyone blames it on my old mattress but honestly, I love my hard mattress. I think I’ve just been so stressed and thinking so hard this year that I had trouble sleeping. There were times when I’d go to sleep at 12 and wake up every two hours until I had to go to work at 9. And not to mention waking up to everyone else’s schedules really messed up my sleeping pattern. I sleep a little better these days like I can go from 12-6 without waking up now but its still a struggle to do a good 8 hours without some waking up in between. I almost resorted to taking sleeping pills a few months ago when it got really bad but I resisted and instead started watching youtube at night again. That helped and made me sleep faster and longer. I don’t have a game plan yet to how I’m going to make sleeping better this year but I’m going to start out with drinking a lot of water and going to gym at night.

3. Dress up more – This year was a drab fashion year for me. I work mainly alone with people going in and out so I was never motivated to dress well for work because for the most part it was just me and my computer. And of course I’m always losing my clothes so I need to wear them more to keep a handle of where they’re going.

4. Wear Makeup More Often- I’m determined to work harder at beautifying myself daily this year because I recently just accumulated a lot of expensive makeup and skin care so I need to use them or they’ll go to waste. And getting all prettied up feels good of course!

5. Wear all my heels – I have a problem. I love heels, pumps, etc. I used to constantly buy them and I now have a crazy amount stacked up in my room but because of the nature of my work, I don’t wear them at all. I only pull them out when I go out and this past year I barely went out so they just accumulated dust in my closet. This year I need to take them all for a spin or else I’m going to start tossing them. My basic goal is to wear them every day in the summer for at least a few hours each.

6. Buy clothes with a purpose – This is kind of one I’ve been good at lately. I used to shop without purpose and just buy for fun or because it was there or because it was on sale. Now I shop with a more edited eye. My tolerance for shopping has dissipated somewhat and I’m now down from being able to go 7 hours to just 3-4. My resolution is stop buying just to buy and buy pieces that are beautiful, unique or simply necessary for my wardrobe.

7. Eat healthy – This one is struggle because it’s sort of a lifestyle change and to do it I need to surround myself with things/people that support this. But I live at home so I cant change the contents of my fridge beyond what I eat. And its not easy to do eating out either. That’s why I left this sort of broad because I’m not quite sure what I will do yet. Most likely, I will just be cutting out sweats, and foods high in fat and cholesterol and super fried stuff.

8. Cut out pop – This is one I really want to do because I don’t love pop anyways and it just feels unhealthy to drink. I can’t do just water all the time though so I’ll be needing to substitute in juice or something.

9. Find a new job – This is more like find a career. I don’t mind what I do now but I’m not passionate about it and it’s not something I care for as a long term career. It’s sort of a filler job right now until I decide what I want to do whether I want to jump into working up to a career in marketing or if I go back to school.

10. Return to school – I’m at the point where I have to go get my masters soon or I’ll no longer have the drive to study and to work into the dark hours of the night on a project.

11. Be debt free – This is the only resolution that I’m unsure about because it involves a lot of factors I can’t control but I want to get as close to this as possible and I’m determined to work it out some way or another!

12. Travel – I have to travel at least once this year since this will be the last year where my schedule is flexible.

13. Take care of my hair – I’ve already started this with some product trials but I haven’t been successful yet in finding a product for my dry, color-treated, damaged hair. I’m going to work hard to find a cure for my damaged hair this year!

14. Read more – I’ve been very lax on my reading this year. The only books of substance I’ve read are “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” and “A Game of thrones.” That’s two in 12 months. I read romance novels here and there and on more of a constant schedule but I want to expand my brain not just fill it with love and fluff. I have a goal of reading one good book a month for the next year. I’m going to cheat a little and instead of starting a new book, I’ll finish “A Clash of Kings,” part 2 of “A Game of Thrones.” I did start it earlier this year but I’m only about a fifth of the way through. On a side note, I’m going to get the dvd boxed set.

15. Blog regularly – This will be a good year of blogging for me I promise. I will try my best to blog more regularly instead of in chunks like I currently do.

16. Do better/take better outfit pictures – again, another resolution dedicated to blogging. I will start using a tripod or something so my pictures are not just mirror reflections.

17. write again – This one is important for me because writing was sort of a solace for me and a way for me to pour my brain out into something that other people can appreciate. I want to get back into fanfic writing and at least finish my on going stories.

And that’s all for my resolutions. It looks like a lot but most of them are easy to do and I feel like they’re realistic for the most part. Again, I can’t wait for this year to start!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Beautifully Evil

Did you know two Snow White films are in the making? I know that Charlize Theron is in the talks to be the evil queen for one of them and the other evil queen is being played by Julia Roberts. I came across this picture of the Julia Roberts for her version. How can anyone not love live action fairytales?

I can’t wait to see the costumes of both films! I think one of the snow whites will be played by Kristen Stewart, not too excited about that but who knows, maybe she’ll prove me wrong?

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Crazy Apples


I saw this while browsing yesterday. It’s an apple holder by Hermes just in case your apple gets squashed. I just thought this was both ridiculous and cute.
♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Dressing Bliss, Wedding dress of the future Queen

I know most of you have seen this already but I’d like to commemorate what I feel as an important event in modern history with a short little post of what I’ve been waiting for since I first heard of the royal engagement—the wedding dress:

Kate Middleton chose a beautiful long sleeve dress topped with english lace by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. For weeks people have been trying to guess who she’d chose to make her dress and how it would look. In terms of the style, I think it matches her perfectly and it’s so fitting that she didn’t go super traditional or super modern.

What was surprising to me was her choice of designer and I’m glad she chose Alexander McQueen. It’s just a little surprising because usually his design house’s aesthetic is just so out there and bizarre and completely not Kate but the design turned out to be very fitting.

And that’s her only bridesmaid behind her, her sister Pippa who is also wearing white. People thought this was some sort of faux pas but I heard that its traditional to have bridesmaids wear white as well to confuse highway men and keep them from abducting the bride before the nuptials. Interesting huh?

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] love love love – Nelly & Kelly Style

Everyone who knows me knows that our favorite song to karaoke is Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly and now there’s a part 2! Watch out world, I got a new song to karaoke!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] G G G G Baby Baby

I can’t look at these videos too long without going crazy

♡ PaNhia