Recent Nail of the Days – Pinks & Purples

I have been switching my nails up so often that I don’t remember what days I wore them so I’m doing a separate post.

I pulled out an old Etude polish I got years ago from Korea.
It’s so cute and the perfect baby pink. The formula though of course is all nasty and thick and sticky now. I actually loved the color so much I went searching for a lip color to match but alas it wasn’t meant to be. Anything I found didn’t translate the same on my lips.

A day or so later, I added a glitter accent nail.

And then I used Revlon Flirt and left the accent nail.

And finally here’s a sneak peak of a new polish I got.


Nail show 6/8/12





Nail of the day 5/31/2012 – pink and blue glitter


Orly fancy fushia and china glaze liquid crystal

Recent Nails

I’ve been painting my nails every 2-3 days because I picked up so much nail polish last month that I’ve barely been able to try them all. In fact I think I’ve only tried 10 or so polishes. Here are some looks I tried in May.

I tried Sinful Colors in Cinderella.
This one was very disappointing. It was super streaky and didn’t have very good coverage at all. I think I did 4 coats there and you can still see my nail beneath it. It also seems kind of sticky in texture which made drying a pain. I probably will search for another baby blue and one without glitter.

I also tried Orly Fantasea.
This one is really pretty because of the purple and pink duochrome but it’s also sheer. This is about 2-3 coats. Maybe the polish would look better with a color underneath.

Then I did an opal nail using various polishes.
You can’t really tell in the picture but it looks alright. I sponged on the colors after a white and pearl coat.

And lastly I bought my very first holographic polish from Ulta.
I only did one nail and not a very good job but you can see it’s holographic. I didn’t buff my nails well enough so its uneven and that’s where you can see on the nails that it’s not filled in. I will try harder next time but it’s more time consuming than I’m used to. And it’s quite expensive so I will probably not be using this polish everyday.

Nail of the day – 05/10/12 Rainbow Crackle

Left Hand:

Right Hand:

Nail of the day – Neon pink and silver Glitter

Testing out my polishes, one day at a time.