[ ♡ ] Jewelry Organization – Up Up Here We Go!

I’ve been looking for ways to organize and display my earrings and bracelets for a long time because I usually have them in containers and then inside drawers so I don’t remember to wear them. I wanted to display them on top of my vanity so that I can see them and try to wear them. I was going to use an old frame and put batting inside for my earring organizer but I found a little ring holder at Michaels that was perfect for it.

These are the boxes I used to store my earrings in. I’m not a dangly earring type of girl, mostly studs and short ones so I could fit my of my earrings in little pill boxes.

I got the rainbow pill box container set from a little Japanese store in LA last year and it was perfect for my earrings. The two weekly pill box sets are from the dollar store and they’r actually pretty cool. You can pull each “day” out and each has 4 compartments. The last mint container is from a shop in Chicago and I used it for the bigger earrings.

Here is the awesome new way I’m storing earrings:

Surprisingly, since most of my earrings are tiny, they all fit except for the hoops. I decided to hang this container up on my wall so that I can see it and it doesn’t take up space on my vanity.

I used four two inch nails and hammered it into the wall on the two sides and bottom so the only way to get it out is pulling it up like an envelope.

I put the rest of my hoops and large earrings into this little box from Ulta:

I’ve also been looking for a way to store my bracelets and I know I want the type with the arms and I know I want at least a three tiered one but the only ones I’ve been able to find are single tier arms that take up a lot of space and three tiered ones that don’t stack but are one in front of the other which takes even more space. My solution? Make it! I used two cardboard tubes from old wrapping paper and just cut out three tubes and stuck them into one long one. Then I set it all in a box to balance it.

It looks ridiculous but I plan to paint it so its all good. As long as it does the job, I’m happy! I still need to find a way to seal the ends so that the bracelets don’t fall off but because this bracelet holder is sitting against a corner, the sides actually are right up against wall space so the bracelets won’t fall off anyways.

Here is my new little jewelry corner:

Now that I know where to get the display case, I’ll buy another one when I collect more earrings. Most of these are from my trip to korea and most pairs costs me 80 cents! I plan to go back and buy more next spring!

Also, funny story, well not really. As I was hammering the nails under the earring case, it was putting too much strain on the wall and my black necklace holders couldn’t take it and fell off the wall because they were held in place by thumb tacs. Direcly below the left necklace holder is a extension cord thing with multiple outlets that I use for my hair tools and somehow when the necklaces fell, one got caught in between a plug and the outlet because it wasn’t plugged all the way. a little explosion happened and my electricity blew out. So I pulled all the plugs out and got rid of the extension outlet thing and then I had to go all the way downstairs to reset the electricity in my room.

The funny thing is I told my boyfriend this story and he was shocked that I knew how to fix the electricity. I was like, what? I’m a handy girl! I know how to do things! Besides, my dad’s an electrician 🙂

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – 1/19/11 kimchi & Bubbles

Tuesday was a night of Korean food and bubble tea. We went to Mirror of Korea to grab some food and help Christi get her Korean fix. Here are some shots:

After dinner xti made us walk two blocks in the negative MN weather to a Korean grocery store that turned out to be closed. She made us walk because she said she misses walking around like in Korea. I think its time for her to go cold turkey otherwise she would never get out of her post-korea-depression.

Then we went to get bubble tea and talked about korea some more. This is not going to help her. I think its up to me to come up with some plan to bring her back to reality.

I got a watermelon black tea latte.

♡ PaNhia