Recent Purchases – It get’s worse

I know I’ve been hauling like crazy but it just got worse. I’ve been doing so much crazy spring shopping and I’m glad to say I think I’ll be done with crazy hauling after April. I just needed to Spring Shop so badly so I did major damage on this one. I’ll do beauty first because my nail polish hauling has not stopped.

As you know, Sally’s Beauty supply is running their b2go free all month long so everytime I’m near one I have this crazy urge to go look. So of course, I got a few more polishes. First, I got this beautiful rose gold color by Orly.
It doesn’t have quite the flaky metallic look as the other silver polish I got but it looks similar in the bottle and it is definitely a true rose gold color so if you’re looking for rose gold, this is a good one.

Next I picked up this Black shimmery color from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection because I heard that it was a matte color.
It’s crazy beautiful! It’s more of a charcoal and the matte finish over the shimmer is just so different and awesome!

And then I picked up a color from the new China Glaze Prismatic collection in Liquid Crystal.
As you can see, on the nail its not as dark as in the bottle. I’d like it to be a little dark so it has a galaxy type look but I can just sponge on color under. That swatch is about 3 layers.

This week sinful colors are on sale at Walgreens for $1 so of course I stocked up a little. First I got this muted pinky neutral shade in soulmate.
I haven’t tried these on yet so I don’t have a nail swatch.

I also picked up another neon yellow color because my glow in the dark F21 one is not quite opaque enough so I thought I’d get this to layer under.

And then I got a neon hot pink.
I’m actually wearing this right now and it’s really cute.

Then I picked up a bright orange.

And a basic darker purple.

I also picked up a plain white and black.

And the last sinful colors I got was this light blue in Cinderella.

Milani is also on sale this week at kmart for bogo50% off so I picked up two of the chunky glitter ones.
I still want the pink one and maybe the purple.

And then I stopped by Ulta to get a ridge filling base for my nails since they’re not smooth.
I’ve used it once and I feel like it makes my color application worse. It seems like instead of filling in ridges, it makes ridges and my polish goes on super streaky. I don’t know if I’ll be keeping this yet, I want to try it one more time with a different polish brand and color.

Last weekend I went to the CCO with my sisters and picked up a few MAC things. I got a hot pink creamsheen lipgloss.

Then I picked up one of the sets from last year’s holiday collection.
I mostly got it because I love the white tube lipstick and it was a color I don’t have. I also am currently collection creamsheen lipglosses so that nude is a nice addition.

And last of the beauty related stuff, I picked up lotion and some containers to spread it.
I actually tried that lotion because of a friend and now I’m in love with it! It smells so good, not fruity, not musky, not citrisy. It’s hard to discribe, it’s not a fresh scent either. It might be closer to a floral but seriously, go to your local target and take a sniff and you’ll be in love too!

That’s all I picked up for cosmetics but the month isn’t over yet so I might find myself in another Sally’s before this weekend comes to an end. I also did some shopping at F21 and H&M and picked up a few things.

Now onto accessories. I’ve been loving bracelets lately so I picked up a few here and there. First, I’ve been needing a watch but I actually don’t like watches that much. They’re bulky and I don’t really use them for their purpose since I use my phone for time so I decided I wasn’t going to invest in one (yet.) So I went to Walmart to look for a cheapie $20 gold tone watch to stack and look what I found, something even better!
A $7 stacking piece! It’s not the most beautiful thing on earth but when it’s stacked, it blends in beautifully. I still might invest in a better one in the future because this one is actually too big on my wrist and I want one with a bigger face.

And then I picked up this basic gold necklace from F21.
I like that it actually hangs from a chain and doesn’t go around the whole neck because those don’t sit on my collar bone nicely.

I also picked up some bracelets from H&M.
I actually might get another one of these so I can wear them like matching cuffs.

Then I got this belt one and a rose gold one.

I also got some gold rings.

And then I picked up this orange one from Rue21.
I don’t actually like that store because I feel like the clothes are geared towards 13 year olds but every once in a while you find little things like this. And of course since it’s Rue21 it says sexy 🙂

I also got a pair of flats and a bucket bag!
I love the colors on this bag! And it’s large and roomy!

And then I picked up a leopard print scarf for about $8 just for adding a little extra omph to outfits.

That’s all I got for accessories, I did pick up some clothes as well. I got this bright aqua skirt from Charlotte Russe while at the outlet.
It’s big but I can make it smaller at the sides.

From Forever21 I got two thin cardigans and a cute little tribal top.
I love how the colors look on the nude top.

From H&M I picked up a few things on my list of summer necessities. First I got a jean jacket.

Then I got two plain ts.

I also got this minty tank and red skirt which I think will look great together.

And that’s it for my haul this round. I think I need to make some sort of pact with myself not to shop in May because for the most part I’ve found most of my spring and summer wardrobe needs. I will get a few more pairs of shorts from Hollister and a pair of leather flip flops from there because those are my favorite of each kind. I also am still hunting for a hot pink button down, nude pumps, and suede aqua blue pumps. Wish me luck!

[ ♡ ] Birthday 2011 – Makeup Party & Haul

So I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago and originally I had this great big girl’s night party planned but the plans fell through because of scheduling issues so I decided to tone it down and just do a nice dinner and a small get together with close friends and my family.

First Here’s my makeup look of the night:

I did a glittery gold eye and bright pink lips!

First we went to dinner at a surprisingly cute place. I changed plans last minute so finding reservations for 15 people was extremely difficult and I lucked out on this place in downtown. The pictures were extremely limited to like a corner of the space so I went in expecting a tiny little hole in the wall cozy restaurant and instead it was a huge, beautiful restaurant. I was so surprised by how nice it turned out and of course the food was great as well!

I had this yummy chicken kabob dish that I’m just dying to go back and eat again!

After this we left and went to a friend’s new apartment to do a small makeup party! We played makeup jeopardy, who am I, and we did a makeup competition.

Here’s my cousin as Oprah!

Here’s Xti as “beaten up” and she’s doing makeup on my cousin as “Clubber girl”

And here’s a quick shot of some of my birthday haul from my friends and family! I’m so excited for everything! First I got some of my favorite things from my boyfriend:

Then I got a z-palette and a candle warmer! I’m so obsessed with my candle warmer! And I’ve since learned how to use it properly. Basically you have to warm tiny candles because the smell only starts to spread when the whole thing melts so if you try to burn a big candle it takes forever! The problem is that finding small candles in glass containers is hard, especially since I’m picky about scents.

Next I got this bag from my friend PH. There’s actually a funny story that goes along with it but I won’t gross you out with it 🙂 I actually had something similar to this on my wishlist. It was a brown fur bag from F21 but that one was sold out.

I also got a new hot tools curling iron! I’ve been using my old Conair one for so long that it was time to replace it so I’m glad I got this one for my birthday!

I also got a fur hat which was on my wishlist

Caudelie hand cream and lip set

The lip treatment made my lips react so unfortunately I couldn’t keep it. So when I first opened this present, Xti was explaining to me the story about how she had to purchase it but I heard her completely wrong so when I went to exchange this for something else I did it wrong. I originally wanted the set with these two as a whole set but Xti said that she had to buy them separately because she couldn’t find the set and that’s actually the part I didn’t hear so I thought it was still a set when I returned it and ended up returning both even though I only needed to return the lip treatment! But it’s ok because it turned out alright when it went into purchasing my next gift!

This baby is something I’ve been wanting for so long and thanks to my mom and Xti I was finally able to get it this year for my birthday! It’s the clarisonic mia in pink and it took me forever to decide on this color!

I literately stood there for 40 minutes going back and forth between the colors. I didn’t want a bright color because I knew that in my future décor I wanted it to blend in since I intend to keep it on the counter. And I didn’t want to get something so plain as white because I was afraid of it getting dirty. Originally I wanted the lavender one but when I saw it in person it was darker than I wanted so I finally settled on the pink since it was light enough but not white.

I also got two gift cards and some Sonia kashuk goodies.

^This palette is actually quite nice and pigmented. It’s barely chalky and the colors are just amazing! This is my new favorite nude palette!

And that’s all for my birthday! I had a good time this year despite having to change my plans! Next Year I turn 25 so I’m planning to make it big! I will pre-plan 2 months ahead so that I can get a good venue, send out physical invites and do something awesome!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Black Friday 2011 Haul – Part 1

I have to break this up into two parts because I bought so much so bear with me. I feel like the deals this year were not as good as other years. I was really disappointed in my usual spots and their deals. Like I usually love target deals on black Friday but I feel like they weren’t good enough this year. I usually get dvds and small electronic accessories at Target’s black Friday sale but I didn’t see much I liked this year. They had a lot of dvds but not too many good titles and most for $5 instead of the usual $2.99. And they didn’t have a lot of good TV Dvd sets either. I was going to complete my collection and pick up the office season 6 but they didn’t have it on sale. They had Gossip Girl season 3 but I hated seaons 3 so much that I decided not to buy it. I did get modern family season 1 & 2 though for $12.99 a piece.

I also got some Christmas gifts. I got some thermals and pjs for my kid cousin:

And then I was going to get Christmas décor and accessories but they didn’t have anything that matched my theme this year which is white, gold, silver and pale blue. I wanted a predominantly white wrapping paper but couldn’t find any so I left without Christmas stuff.

I did get a nice 8gig memory card for about $10 so that was a good deal. And I got my boyfriend’s MW3 game but that wasn’t on sale. Overall I was disappointed in Target sales this year.

Then we went to a mall close by that opens at 12 am and I was surprised to find H&M was open. I researched like a crazy woman this year to see when stores would be opening on Black Friday but I thought most news said H&M wouldn’t open until 5 so I almost skipped this mall because I only wanted to come this mall for H&M. I’m glad I didn’t but I didn’t get much. Again the deals were sparse. They had a few racks of $10 items but nothing spectacular. My mission on black Friday is usually to only shop deals because otherwise why would I wake up in the middle of the night after 1.5 hours of sleep to shop? If I wanted things regularly priced I could shop anytime. Which is why I didn’t spend much time in H&M because again, not too many deals. I just picked up a scarf for myself and some gifts for more cousins.

I got the scarf for regular price at $12.99 but I really like the color and wideness of it. I can wrap it around my shoulders as well and not just my neck!

Then we went to gap and old navy where I picked up a few more baby gifts for cousins. After that we left the mall and went to a further away mall where stores were just beginning to open up. Here I found a few more deals but again, not too many exciting ones.

We went through JCP doors so I got this little snowglobe that they give out every year.

I also picked up a few gifts as well but I won’t be showing those in case people read this post lol.

Next I went to two sephoras, one inside JCP and one in the main mall area. The beauty deals this year were actually the best deals I’ve found, mostly because its unusual. I’ve never known sephora to do beauty sales on black Friday, usually they just give you a free tote bag or something with your order. This year they had a 10 for $10 deal which is actually misleading. It makes it sound like you get 10 things for $10 but its actually 10 items on sale for $10 each. The weird thing is that the main Sephora in the mall had all the things listed online as part of the $10 deal and then the Sephora inside JCP had only some of those things plus a few other random things for $10 which turned out to be great because I was able to pick up a lot more beauty deals for just $10.

Here’s my makeup stash!

Here are some of my $10 deals. I got this little three piece Benefit set to try out. I don’t have any benefit products so I wanted to try these out especially the Hoola bronzer because it’s supposed to be matte and not shimmery.

I’ve actually tried two of these already. The bronzer is really nice but sort of dark. And then I’ve tried the mascara before from a sample back years ago and wasn’t crazy about it so we’ll see how I like it now after I try it again.

I also got a smashbox blush in Intermix for $10.

I’ve tried it once so far. Its got a nice peachy pink flush color to it.

Then I got the stila set with a palette and lipgloss:

The palette actually has colors I like. They’re a little powdery instead of creamy but they’re still nice. I especially love the pink and purple on the bottom. And I really like that it comes with a powder blush and highlighter rather than a cream cheek and lip thing on the bottom. I hate when flimsy palettes like this have a cream product mixed with the powder because it always picks up the powder chunks which make it sort of gross to continue using on your lips. The gloss a nice dark shimmery plum/berry color.

I also got this little NARs eye primer sample from a coupon I found online.

I’m excited to try this because my urban decay Professional size primer potion has finally dried up completely on me and is no longer usable unless I put it in hot water every day before using which is becoming too much work to do. I’m never getting the big size again, I’ll just get the smaller one so it wont dry up.

I also got this BE set for $10.

It comes with a thin blusher brush which is actually quite nice despite it’s weak look. And I like the color of it. I haven’t tried the blush yet but I generally like the pigmentation and staying power of BE blushes. I just don’t like that they’re not pressed because its messy. This one is a beautiful berry color. The lip product that came with it is actually kind of weird. I’ve never used BE lip products before so I thought this was a gloss but its actually sort of a cream stain like the NYX ones. It’s thick and super pigmented. It’s a berry rose red color.

Then I got this Buxom set for $10.

It’s a full size liner and full size buxom mascara. I’ve tried the mascara before from the same mascara sampler from a long time ago but I don’t remember what its like so I’ll have to try it again and see.

They also had a few other things for $10 but they didn’t really interest me so I didn’t pick them up like the Tokidoki palettes with the little charm in the bottom. I don’t want super cutesy packaging so I didn’t pick them up. There was also a shaving kit and a Kat V D perfume that wasn’t interesting to me. I did get one last Sephora thing that I’ve been searching for but it’s been out of stock. I got the Lancome set:

It just seems like such a good deal and I’m out of liquid liner too so it was the perfect excuse to try it. I’ve never tried lancome products before so I’m excited for this set. As you can see I now have tons of mascara to try but I won’t be opening any of the tubes for a while because I recently opened a MUFE Smokey lash that should last me a few more months.

I’ll be posting the rest in part 2!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Outfits of the Day

Two from this week & one from Last week.

Cardi from NY&C | top from Sears | skirt & belt from F21

Dress from CR | belt & cardi from F21

Romper from F21 | skirt from Ann Taylor | blazer & belt from H&M

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Outfit of the day – 06/20/11 Light Details

I pulled out another skirt that skitters on the edge of too-short-for-work but since I mostly work alone and in a small office I thought it’d be fine. I think I’m going to start taking outfit pictures at work from now on because it’s definitely better quality than in my room.

Top H&M | skirt F21 | belt Charlotte | accessories F21 & CR

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Outfit of the Day – 06/17/11 Nautical Neutral

Upping my summer gear game now that the ac is always on blast at work. The lighting is also better at work than in front of my mirror in my room.

Top from JCP | skirt from H&M | belt & accessories from F21 |cardigan from F21 | shoes from Nine West

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Outfit of the Day & Look of the Day – 05/21/11 Dressy Night Out

Saturday was supposed to be a dressy night out for PH’s bday so I threw together a quick outfit and did a dramatic purple smokey eye.

First, look of the day, no flash:

Then with flash:

Revlon colorstay foundation in medium beige | MAC quite cute blush in Sakura | NYX nude pink lipliner | NYX lipstick in power | Lorac lipgloss in Haute | NYX jumbo pencil in iced mocha | taupe and purple colors from a Smashbox holiday quad | faceshop black gel liner | Maybellene falsies mascara | NARS laguna bronzer | false lashes in red cherry 505

Then here’s my look of the day no flash:

With flash:

Blush tone blouse & blazer from H&M | sequin skirt from Charlotte Russe | belt from Forever21 | bag from Korea

♡ PaNhia