[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – 05/10/11 Cupcakes in Korea, Yogurty Fru LaLa

I finally got the pictures from our wild night out Tuesday! We first dropped by a cupcake shop to nibble on cupcakes. We were a little disappointed that they didn’t have the biggest selection, just two rows with a few different kinds in each. Choua got a chocolate pistachio one, Christi got an orange cream one and I got a lemon one.

It was so hot and humid that day and surprisingly, the shop’s AC was just did not suffice so we stepped outside to eat our cupcakes. The outside was so cute, sort of a little hidden courtyard!

My cupcake was delicious! It had a cream filling!

Then we went to a Korean restaurant to grab some food and it was even more hot in there. It totally reminded me of korea, sweating and feeling not comfortable. I knew then and there that my hair was not going to make it so I pinned it up and braided it. I got my favorite dish, a spicy pork with rice and veggies dish. Choua got a rice cake dish and Xti got a dish similar to mine but on a hot pot.

When we stepped outside we saw this in the sky!

It was beautiful! Xti is holding onto the hope that its aliens and the hole to the universe.

After that we went to a frozen yogurt shop to chill while waiting for our other friends to meet us up. It was crazy because as we walked from our parking space to the shop the sky turned dark and orange and weather warning sirens started to go off, freaking us out a little. Our friend texted us that a tornado warning was in effect but we were already there so what were we supposed to do? So we ordered 🙂

We got this huge Korean crushed ice desert dish that we once had in Seoul. We did not know it was going to be this big! It was proably 9 or 10 inches in diameter and cost us $15. But you get to choose up to four toppings and what kind of sweet syrup to go on top. We chose mochi, gram crackers and nuts. We also had red bean and condensed milk. It was so good but we were dying because we had already been eating all day!

Here is us mixing everything together before eating it.

It took us about an hour to finish it but we did!

We ended the night with a pool game at the library and then I went home to save my sister’s car from the impending storm (that didn’t happen) while the others went out to play some more!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Daily 3 – 5/10/11 Cupcakes, Korean, Frozen Yogurt & a library drink

Credit: pictureimperfect.tumblr.com

We celebrated the end of the semester with tons of sweets and Korean food and a drink at the library. I played pool for the first time in four years and we won! Partying on a Tuesday with a tornado warning overhead would describe my typical Tuesday night.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Off to Seoul, Korean Bday & Hoodies Galore

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged but I’ve been really busy with everything that’s been going on and my boyfriend came to visit so I was just all over the place. In the next few posts I’ll be recapping everything that’s been happening in the last two weeks!

First, Mala left to teach in korea so before she left, we went out to dinner at a Thai place. I got a pinapple curry dish, it was super delish!

We didn’t take a lot of pictures but here is kay and I:

Then Choua & I:

Towards the end of the week, we went out for Xti’s birthday. My boyfriend also came into town the same day but I couldn’t go see him because I was getting ready for xti’s birthday. Her theme was all out cute and dressy like this one Korean music video except for I ended up being the only one who really took the theme and ran with it (like always.) I was going to make a dress (I bought fabric and everything) but didn’t have time because the party was cancelled and rescheduled a few times so I just pulled out a barely worn H&M dress and pinned it to be a one shoulder and then threw on a belt and added pink tights and a giant tulle hair bow. It was super cute! First we grabbed some Korean food to fit the Korean theme. Here we are at the restaurant:

Then we went next door to spend the rest of the night karaoking away!

Here’s birthday girl and I:

I love this picture:

This was all on a Friday night so we also did some celebrations on Saturday night. The next day I spent some time with my boyfriend and then at night we went to a little bachelorette party for my friend Ada where we met an old friend from highschool. Here we are with the bride:

Then after we went over to my sisters to get ready for a night out but I couldn’t go. I had the hoodies we ordered with me so since everyone was coming over, the girls threw it on and we took pictures. The hoodies say “LPT” in front and on the back has a heart with all our names.

After that I went home and the girls headed out to celebrate! It was an good start to an awesome week!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Long Weekend – Outings, Innings & lots of eating!

Here’s a quick recap of this past weekend. Friday was my little sister’s benefit showcase that they’ve been organizing for months. It was actually quite an accomplishment for them because it was organized and put on by three highschoolers and sponsored by their NHS. They rented the whole auditorium, printed their own tickets, held open auditions, and set everything up. Overall it went pretty well, there were some tech problems but they made a lot of money and its all going to CHAT, an organization that fosters and helps develop hmong youth art and talent. They even got some popular community performers to come by. Here are some shots:

Lineup of all the performers

We went to perkins after for some celebratory dinner.

And heres a sneaky shot of two young highschool lovebirds lol

Saturday was a lazy day for me. I literately sat all day and watched action films on fx. I started out with watching the end of “Triple X, State of the Union.” I really liked the shooting sequence at the end in the whitehouse! Then I watched Babylon A.D. and for the first 75% of the movie, it was really cool because its set in 2000something and the world just looks so chaotic. The first scene was like an aftermath of war, dilapidated towns, everyone walking around with their own weapons, cooking with tin pieces on the streets, and then it turns out that’s just how that country is. The US still looks like the US, etc. It was basically about a guy who is paid to deliver a girl and her caretaker across the atlantic and into New York for unexplained reasons. Lets just say the end was so unbelievably stupid, it ruined the rest of the movie. Then I watched eagle eye and nagged my boyfriend to tell me the ending in which he did and I didn’t believe a computer was to blame but then the end comes around and lo and behold, a computer was to blame. Then I watched the best movie of the day, Air force one! I’ve seen it many times but never the whole way through! It saved the day! I also made some yummy bibimbap

As you can see, sunny side up is not my specialty.

Sunday was a little more exciting. I took my mom and sisters to a Korean buffet. My mom has since decided Korean is not her thing.

First, here’s me.


Then we went to the Mall so my mom can return some stuff. Here she is trying on sunglasses.

Then I came home and read Stieg Larsson’s first book until 12 AM and finished. Review on that later.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – 1/19/11 kimchi & Bubbles

Tuesday was a night of Korean food and bubble tea. We went to Mirror of Korea to grab some food and help Christi get her Korean fix. Here are some shots:

After dinner xti made us walk two blocks in the negative MN weather to a Korean grocery store that turned out to be closed. She made us walk because she said she misses walking around like in Korea. I think its time for her to go cold turkey otherwise she would never get out of her post-korea-depression.

Then we went to get bubble tea and talked about korea some more. This is not going to help her. I think its up to me to come up with some plan to bring her back to reality.

I got a watermelon black tea latte.

♡ PaNhia