[ ♡ ] Review – LA Lipsticks: NYX lip swatches & Faceshop

Part III of reviews. These are the lip swatches of lipsticks I purchased in LA. I purchased a total of 10 lipsticks at three different retailers, one in San Fran. The last lipstick on the right is number 11 from Faceshop in Chicago that I’ve never swatched before so I threw it in the bunch. I actually also have an Illamasqua lipstick thats number 10 but that’s in my makeup bag so it will get it’s own review but for now here are 9 plus one Chicago one.

I got most of the NYX lipsticks from a store in downtown LA on 6th & Los Angeles. Right around that area is a cluster of cosmetics shops that sell NYX products for good prices. I think I paid $2 each? I also bought a few from a shop called the variety shop in San Francisco. They were $2 there except for the bigger lipstick in the middle which was $7. The faceshop lipsticks are from a faceshop store inside a plaza in Koreantown. I have no idea what the plaza name is because its not one of the bigger ones but if you google faceshop LA you’ll find it. The lipsticks ranged from $12-$15 depending on the finish, matte was the more expensive one. The last Faceshop lipstick was from another faceshop store in Niles, IL and it was on sale for 40% off so I think I got it for like $4. As far as choosing colors for the NYX lipsticks, I just pop open the lid and take a look at the color against my hand to see if I like it and have a color similar to it and if I don’t have a color like it then I’ll just buy it. For the faceshop ones I swatched them on the back of my hand so its kind of hit or miss on the lips once you get it home. I try not to choose lipsticks with glitter or shimmer in them and also duochrome types that change colors if you tilt it. I also stay away from frosty colors.

Here are the swatches on my arm:

Now onto the lip swatches. Keep in mind, the no flash pictures are not really indicative of the color because I have huge window on my left so the lighting is off. The flash version is more true to the color.

First is NYX round lipstick in perfect.

It’s really close to Iconic but has a brown undertone. Its hard to describe because so many of the shades I picked are similar but this one is a brown nude that is only slightly darker than my natural lip color.

Second is Iconic.

It looks close to Perfect but this dark nude color is more pink toned and less brown.

Next is Sierra.

Sierra is a nudey brown orange. It’s really pretty. You can definitely tell its orange and different from the others.

Next is heredes.

Heredes looks close to the other two first ones but this one looks more like a burnt apricot nudey brick color. I know, it’s a weird way to describe it but that’s the closest I can get to a description of the color.

Next is Hot pink.

The one is hot pink but comes on sort of sheer, not quite like a creamy spread like the others. It reminds me of the pinky lipliner. Its like a fushia, not really a hot pink.

Next is the NYX black label lipstick in India.

I actually grabbed this color off the counter and threw it in with my purchases as I was checking out because I swatched it and thought it was so cute on my hand. Its like a really cute baby pink but on my lips it just looks white and washed out. No worries though, I plan to layer with this lipstick so I should be able to use it.

Next up are the Faceshop lipsticks. First is the Matte orange color in OR201.

This one is really cute. Its actually a lighter version of the Illamasqua Obey color that I got. Its just a light muted orange.

Next is the glossy orange in glossy OR201.

It’s just a nice, moisturizing sheer glossy orange shade. Nothing special.

Next is the glossy PK101 shade.

This one is the same finish as the orange color but lighter. It’s a baby pink glossy shade.

Lastly, here is the Faceshop Lovely one in PP401.

It’s a really pretty raspberry purple that’s matte but creamy and glides on nicely. I actually want a blush in this shade.

Overall I’m happy with my haul. The only thing I don’t like about nyx is that you never know what the lipstick will be like when you put on it your lips because they all come in varying finishes and come on differently with no indication of what is what. Most of them are a nice creamy formula but some are sheer with flecks and some just don’t spread well. The faceshop ones are nice but too pricey for the normal/basic quality of the lipsticks. Overall I think I’m going to stop buying faceshop lipsticks until I go back to korea and stop buying Nyx lipstick until I find a shade I definitely don’t own.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Review – LA NYX Liners

Moving onward, here are the arm swatches for my nyx pencils. Some of these are from previous purchases but I didn’t remember which were which so I just grabbed them all. I got most of these from LA. It was 12 for $9 so a really good deal. I chose some lip liners and eyeliners.

I tried to get a shot of the names but the light cast a glare on it so its hard to see for some liners.

And here are the swatches with the names right above in no flash and flash.

I haven’t tried most of them on my lips so I can’t see how true to swatch on the arm is to the lip swatch but I have used other nyx lip liners that I really like. As for the eyeliner if you wear it on your lid and not waterline then it has good staying power. I’ve had the teal color on for a few hours now and it hasn’t rubbed off or anything. I’ll do a waterline trial soon but I’m going to guess it won’t work so well or last too long because they’re not made specifically for that purpose.

I really like the range of colors I picked though. I now feel like I have some good basics like emerald, blue, grey, silver and gold. I didn’t buy black because I’m picky about black liner and I’ve found very few pencil liners in black that work for me so I’m reserving black for products that work really well and are good for daily long wear.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Review – LA blushes

So I have all these new products that I’ve posted up but haven’t swatched or tried on and I thought I’d do some swatch posts. I also need to pull out a box for items to try and keep it on my vanity so they won’t go to waste.

First I’m going to swatch and review the blushes I got. I only got two in LA, one randomly and one I planned on getting. I got a light orange from Illamasqua in Lover and a purple one from the Faceshop’s lovely line.

I actually went looking for the Illamasqua blush because like I’ve said previously, my Sephora doesn’t carry that line. And I don’t want to pay $25 for a blush and not like it. So I did some research and found a sephora in LA that carried the line and so I picked up a blush. I originally wanted excite which looks just like lover but much brighter and more orange. But I swatched them and thought excite was too bright for me so I went for lover instead. The faceshop one I just picked up because I’ve been on a purple blush hunt lately.

Here are the swatches on my arm first without flash then with flash.

The illamasqua blush picture turned out more orange than it actually looks. It’s still a orange blush but more on the coral side with pinks in it. It’s matte, no shimmer and has good staying power. I like it but I wanted more of a muted orange and lighter orange. This one is still darker than I’d like. I paid $25 + tax for this one.

The faceshop blush is actually pretty light and looks close to the pictured shot. Its not purple on the cheek but it does have that purple sheen/undertone. It looks closer to a highlighter than a blush but I actually really like it as a blush with some pink on the cheek hollow where you usually apply bronzer for definition. It works sort of like a doll look. I never thought I’d like super light cheeks but it looks really cute. It doesn’t have good staying power though so I’d say set it and reapply. This one was around $9.

Overall I’m happy with my purchases. Its given me more blushes to add to my collection and given me a chance to try a new brand. I’m now on the look out for a light, muted orange blush and a raspberry purple blush.

♡ PaNhia