[ ♡ ] Liner Lust – Urban Decay’s 15th anniversary 24/7 liner set


I’ve been working really hard to stop myself from ordering this baby since it went on sale again a while ago. I’m still debating with myself. I really want it but have no real need for it. In fact I don’t even like the liners all that much but I keep thinking, “it’s a really good deal, what if I want it some day?” lol, I’m such a sucker for combo packs, you have no idea.

And I’m not really even a fan of the liners because I haven’t used them enough to have a passion for them. I’ve only tried it once this past week and didn’t feel any magic or anything. I don’t know. I will probably debate with myself a little bit longer before making a decision.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Christmas 2010

I’ve been neglecting my blogging because I’ve been too busy with the holidays. This like, like every year, we went to my grandmas on Christmas eve to cook dinner and sleep over. We made some yummy turkey, beef roast, potatoes, macaroni and cheese and crepes! The crepes made me cough like crazy but they were so good I did not mind at all!

We also stayed up and played games with the cousins. We tried out the clue game that kay gave me for my birthday and gave up about 15 minutes in because it was just too hard to keep track of all the rules. We instead opted for charades which turned out quite fun! Damien played charades for the first time and was so into it even though he kept getting frustrated.

Then we all went to sleep and woke up the next morning to open gifts. My sister and cousin Michelle woke up extra early around 6 to put on makeup and do their hair so they would look nice for pictures lol! Michelle does this every year!

We’re actually pretty organized about opening our gifts. We make everyone sit in a circle and pick a spot on the ground. Then we hand out gifts and set them in piles around peoples spots. Then we go around the circle and each person opens one gift at a time until there is not more. The kids hate waiting to open their gifts but this way we can appreciate everyone’s gifts and also keep the trash organized. Here are some pictures:

^ our tree

My sister hiding behind her gift because unlike Michelle and gaozong, she didn’t wake up to put on makeup lol

Edward opening his gift! It was a light up ball from my sister. He really like it for a while and then went back to playing with a water bottle lol.

After all the chaos, we went home to get ready and open gifts with our parents. Then we drove to other grandma’s house and opened gifts over there with my mom’s side of the family. I took some shots while waiting for the gifting to start.

Their tree is always chocked full of money!

They usually don’t cook. We brought orange chicken which we did not cook either 🙂

I let my little cousin Natalie take pictures with my camera and here are some of her shots lol:

Here she is:

She’s only 4 so she really can only capture leg level pictures which is why I bent down to make sure my head was in the picture lol.

And finally here are some shots of what I got this year:

This is my gift haul from my mom’s side. I got gas cards, gift cards, eyelashes, money, a NARs blush, a makeup palette and earrings.

Here are some other ones:

And last but not least, the biggest secret I was hiding this year!

A few weeks ago I went to Ulta and found something I never dreamed I would find: a UD naked palette! I’ve been searching for this baby for months and could not find it anywhere. And of course I wasn’t about to pay $100 for it online so I was ecstatic to find this at Ulta. They only had 9 left ( I counted.) I’ve been wanting to get it for my sister so I got one and then I thought, well I want one too so I got two of them but at the counter they took one away and said since it was such a hot item, guests were only allowed to buy one per day. Can you believe that? So I bought one and then mass texted my friends to see who was in the area and who can pick one up for me. Maika came to the rescue and picked one up after work for me! I’m so happy she did because now I had two of them! I was tempted to almost buy three and keep one for backup but I restrained myself lol. So anyways, I wrapped one up making it look like clothes and then hid one in a little purse in my closet and my sister had no idea. On Christmas when she opened her gift she was so shocked and then I opened my box and pulled mine out too! Lol it was hilarious!

I’m so glad I found it and overall, this year was great!

♡ PaNhia