[ ♡ ] Look of the day – this past weekend

– Tarte Jewel Palette for eyes
– NYX lipgloss in natural
– Stila smudge pot in black
– MUFE smokey lash
– Nars Mata Hari blush
– Lorac highlighter

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] 2nd Stila Shipment in!

I opened my door to get mail and saw a little package sitting on my doorstep today! I was so excited to get this baby:

But when I opened it and dumped out the stuff, some things were missing and I got a lip stain I didn’t order.

I looked around and found this note that came with the lip stain:

Here is my original order:

Turns out they ran out of stock of my other three shadows so they sent me a lipstain to makeup for it but I called just to make sure and they said they’re only charging me for the one shadow and palette.

Here is shadow pan:

It’s a light brown in Tolima. I haven’t swatched it yet.

Here is the 6 pan palette I ordered:

It’s pretty big. I really like the large size of it and the large mirror it comes with. Since they didn’t send me my other three shadows, I decided to fill the palette with the pans from my talking palette I got in the first order. It was an idea I got a while back while waiting for this order to arrive. So I put my two shadows from the first order in and then depotted my pans in the talking palette in stuck them in.

It works ok. The only thing is the talking palette pans are smaller so there is an empty rim space between the pan and the pan container but since its magnetized, its all good! I did make a minor scratch in one of the shadows though.

Here is the remains of the talking palette. Whoever thought a talking palette was a good idea never received a singing holiday card.

Overall I’m happy with the way things turned out because right after I did my second order I regretted it and started considering just adding the pans from the talking palette to the new palette so I guess things went alright? I don’t know, I still have to figure out what to do with my new single shadow pan.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Upcoming orders – elf, stila, sephora

I know I was supposed to stop but I keep getting great coupons and discount codes so I’ve put in a few more orders. I have three orders coming to me soon from elf, stila and sephora.

First is Stila. When I did my first order during cyber Monday I bought two shadows without knowing they were only pans so when I found out they didn’t have a container, I went back online and ordered a 6 pan compact and four additional shadows (because I hate having a half empty palette.)

Then when I got my first Stila order, I realized I could’ve just taken the pans out of my talking palette and added them to this collection but by then it was already too late so basically I have four extra shadows coming.

I also did a 3rd elf order. I canceled my second brush set order and then went back and ordered these two signature makeup cases.

It was a good deal because I got free shipping.

My last order is from Sephora. I just ordered it today because I had a free gift card and 10% off coupon code that expires today. It was a $15 beauty insider giftcard and the coupon code was for becoming a VIB at Sephora. It just basically means I’ve spent a lot at sephora this year.

I got some very good stuff for only $36! I got a smashbox palette, sephora slim palette, l’occitane hand cream to try, and a lorac felt tip eyeliner. I’m really excited about the eyeliner because I’ve swatched it before at Ulta and it did not budge! It’s also in the brown I’m looking for.

Overall, I’m very excited for these to come. So far the Stila is the only one on the way but I’ll stalk my tracking numbers as soon as I get them!

At least I didnt purchase anything from Lorac, Tarte, or UD.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Stila Delivery #1 – Almost frozen!

When I got home today, I went into my email to check on my tracking numbers from my cyber Monday orders. My stila order has been lagging on shipping and delivery even though I ordered from there first so the past few times I’ve checked, nothing has shown up. But today when I tracked my order, it said: delivered. I did a double take and started looking around for packages but didn’t find any so my sister said, “it’s probably still outside.” I go out to check and lo and behold it’s there! Slightly frozen, but nonetheless delivered. I was super excited to open this:

And finally, onto the makeup!

^mini smudge pot set $14
Has four colors: black, cream, purple, dark purple. The pots are small but they’ll probably take me a while to go through so I’m happy! A little brush was included but I probably will toss it because its too small and not the right angle for lining.

^shadow pans in Kalahoo and Batura. They’re both matte shadows. Kalahoo is a light brown, perfect for the crease. Batura is a dark purple shade ( I know, I love purples,) and will be great in the outer V corner.

^I got three lipglosses.

^First is a lipglaze in sweet orange. It’s a bright coral.

^Next is a stain type gloss in ecstasy. When I ordered this, I thought it was a purple but here and in this lighting it looks brown. I’ll have to see it in the light tomorrow to see what it really looks like.

^lastly is this pretty 24k gold lipgloss. I know it looks ridiculous because of the yellow color but its pretty sheer and I’m only planning to layer the gold flecks on top of a dark red lip for the holidays so its perfect.

I also got this this cat eye talking palette set. It comes with a shadow quad (of full sized pans) and a liquid liner. The colors are perfect for a smokey eye. I love using tan color browns to do a smokey eye. The liner seems a bit flakey and not intense enough so I will probably not use it much.

I also got this summer in December set for $14! It comes with 4 full sized products including: mascara, lip and cheek stain, bronzing gel and a highlighter.

^The pan was a little loose from the packaging so I’ll have to glue it tomorrow but besides that, it’s a great highlighter.

Sorry for the weird corner dot but that’s what it looks like when you squeeze it out of the bottle. I’m not sure how to use this yet but I’ll probably use it as some sort of liquid bronzer.

^It was so cold, the mascara froze lol. Hopefully it will look less weird when thaws a little.

^This is my main reason for buying this set. I wanted to try one of these lip/cheek stains but didn’t want to try it for full price ($22) I really like this! Its like a thicker version of the lipglazes. I’ll try it out tomorrow.

Finally, here is everything:

I have a second order on the way. I’m really excited now. In the next few days my packages should start arriving!

♡ PaNhia