[ ♡ ] Review – LA Lipsticks: NYX lip swatches & Faceshop

Part III of reviews. These are the lip swatches of lipsticks I purchased in LA. I purchased a total of 10 lipsticks at three different retailers, one in San Fran. The last lipstick on the right is number 11 from Faceshop in Chicago that I’ve never swatched before so I threw it in the bunch. I actually also have an Illamasqua lipstick thats number 10 but that’s in my makeup bag so it will get it’s own review but for now here are 9 plus one Chicago one.

I got most of the NYX lipsticks from a store in downtown LA on 6th & Los Angeles. Right around that area is a cluster of cosmetics shops that sell NYX products for good prices. I think I paid $2 each? I also bought a few from a shop called the variety shop in San Francisco. They were $2 there except for the bigger lipstick in the middle which was $7. The faceshop lipsticks are from a faceshop store inside a plaza in Koreantown. I have no idea what the plaza name is because its not one of the bigger ones but if you google faceshop LA you’ll find it. The lipsticks ranged from $12-$15 depending on the finish, matte was the more expensive one. The last Faceshop lipstick was from another faceshop store in Niles, IL and it was on sale for 40% off so I think I got it for like $4. As far as choosing colors for the NYX lipsticks, I just pop open the lid and take a look at the color against my hand to see if I like it and have a color similar to it and if I don’t have a color like it then I’ll just buy it. For the faceshop ones I swatched them on the back of my hand so its kind of hit or miss on the lips once you get it home. I try not to choose lipsticks with glitter or shimmer in them and also duochrome types that change colors if you tilt it. I also stay away from frosty colors.

Here are the swatches on my arm:

Now onto the lip swatches. Keep in mind, the no flash pictures are not really indicative of the color because I have huge window on my left so the lighting is off. The flash version is more true to the color.

First is NYX round lipstick in perfect.

It’s really close to Iconic but has a brown undertone. Its hard to describe because so many of the shades I picked are similar but this one is a brown nude that is only slightly darker than my natural lip color.

Second is Iconic.

It looks close to Perfect but this dark nude color is more pink toned and less brown.

Next is Sierra.

Sierra is a nudey brown orange. It’s really pretty. You can definitely tell its orange and different from the others.

Next is heredes.

Heredes looks close to the other two first ones but this one looks more like a burnt apricot nudey brick color. I know, it’s a weird way to describe it but that’s the closest I can get to a description of the color.

Next is Hot pink.

The one is hot pink but comes on sort of sheer, not quite like a creamy spread like the others. It reminds me of the pinky lipliner. Its like a fushia, not really a hot pink.

Next is the NYX black label lipstick in India.

I actually grabbed this color off the counter and threw it in with my purchases as I was checking out because I swatched it and thought it was so cute on my hand. Its like a really cute baby pink but on my lips it just looks white and washed out. No worries though, I plan to layer with this lipstick so I should be able to use it.

Next up are the Faceshop lipsticks. First is the Matte orange color in OR201.

This one is really cute. Its actually a lighter version of the Illamasqua Obey color that I got. Its just a light muted orange.

Next is the glossy orange in glossy OR201.

It’s just a nice, moisturizing sheer glossy orange shade. Nothing special.

Next is the glossy PK101 shade.

This one is the same finish as the orange color but lighter. It’s a baby pink glossy shade.

Lastly, here is the Faceshop Lovely one in PP401.

It’s a really pretty raspberry purple that’s matte but creamy and glides on nicely. I actually want a blush in this shade.

Overall I’m happy with my haul. The only thing I don’t like about nyx is that you never know what the lipstick will be like when you put on it your lips because they all come in varying finishes and come on differently with no indication of what is what. Most of them are a nice creamy formula but some are sheer with flecks and some just don’t spread well. The faceshop ones are nice but too pricey for the normal/basic quality of the lipsticks. Overall I think I’m going to stop buying faceshop lipsticks until I go back to korea and stop buying Nyx lipstick until I find a shade I definitely don’t own.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Review – LA NYX Liners

Moving onward, here are the arm swatches for my nyx pencils. Some of these are from previous purchases but I didn’t remember which were which so I just grabbed them all. I got most of these from LA. It was 12 for $9 so a really good deal. I chose some lip liners and eyeliners.

I tried to get a shot of the names but the light cast a glare on it so its hard to see for some liners.

And here are the swatches with the names right above in no flash and flash.

I haven’t tried most of them on my lips so I can’t see how true to swatch on the arm is to the lip swatch but I have used other nyx lip liners that I really like. As for the eyeliner if you wear it on your lid and not waterline then it has good staying power. I’ve had the teal color on for a few hours now and it hasn’t rubbed off or anything. I’ll do a waterline trial soon but I’m going to guess it won’t work so well or last too long because they’re not made specifically for that purpose.

I really like the range of colors I picked though. I now feel like I have some good basics like emerald, blue, grey, silver and gold. I didn’t buy black because I’m picky about black liner and I’ve found very few pencil liners in black that work for me so I’m reserving black for products that work really well and are good for daily long wear.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – Vacation Haul part 1

I didn’t realize how much I bought until I got back and started going through all of it. I switched suitcases with my sister when she came back so she can carry all my LA purchases back with her in my huge pink suitcase first but of course I bought more during the remainder of my trip. My shopping philosophy is basically if you like it buy it but if you waver then forget it. So of course I bought everything I wanted. This post is from my entire trip.

I’ve organized most of my purchases by type or store/area I bought them from. Warning, this will be a picture heavy post.

Ok, first, I got a ton of cotton puffs for makeup removal and toning.

My original plan was to buy them from a market in Little Tokyo because last year I found some really good ones there. They were square, super thick and soft and closed in with a rounded edge, like vacuumed sealed. But I couldn’t find them this year. In fact the cotton puff shelf seems smaller and without samples. So since they didn’t have samples to show me whats inside, I bought three differen’t kinds (which are the top three pictured ones.) when I got home, I found that none of them were the right ones but I did like the blue pack on the right. Its not sealed the same way but its still sealed really well. The pink ones turned out to be bigger than the normal cotton puff and the blue pack on the left is just a regular generic pack. The best ones though are the 6 packs of yellow ones I found at Daiso in San Francisco. They were only $1.50 and they were the shape and type I was looking for in LA. They have that sealed rounded edge that I like. Of all the stuff I bought, these puffs were the hardest to bring back because they’re in boxes and they also can’t be crushed so they had to be carried on in a huge bag.

Next, I only got one purse.

I got it from a little shop on Melrose for around $50. It’s really cute and sturdy and bowler shaped.

Then I got two pairs of shoes.

I usually try to stay away from buying a lot of shoes on vacation because they big and bulky and hard to bring back but I couldn’t resist with these two because they were such good deals. The pair on the left is from ross and its only $15.99. We don’t have Ross in the Midwest so it was interesting. The gladiators on the right are from Santee Alley and I got them for $6! They’re sturdy too so it was a really good deal!

Then I got some stickers and decorative tape.

I didin’t buy too many stickers because we have stickers here and also because the price is just ridiculous on cute ones. I bought most of these from koreatown and was able to convert the price on the back to American dollars and I basically paid like 500% of the price I would’ve paid overseas so I tried not to buy too much. Like the blue one on the left was 500 won (30 cents) and I paid $5 for it. The 3d one in the middle right is from Little Tokyo and it was also like $5 but that one was kind of worth it though because it was all 3d and not just puffy stickers but actual fabric bows etc. I got the tape from a store called Maido in SF’s Japantown for I think $2 each.

I also bought some planners to sustain me until I go back to korea.

I figured out the pricing method while looking around. The store basically charges you twice what it is in wons. So if the planner is 5000 wons, they’ll charge you $10 for it. I just chose some less expensive ones because I’m planning to go back to Korea next year. I go through probably 3-4 planners a year.

I also got a little plastic card holder.

Then I got two cases and some pens.

I got the pens and pencil box in the artbox stores in the Korean malls. Each pen was $2 each and the box was like $6. I mostly chose cute pens and colored pens, not so much cool or useful pens.

I also bought these little gift/favor bags from Daiso in SF.

Everything in daiso is $1.50 so it was a good deal. These reminded me of the travel bags I purchased in Korea except those are like ziplocks and these are open at the top.

Then some Nail supply stuff.

Those plastic bottles on the right are pump bottles and they are the exact same size and type as the Sephora ones except for these are $1 each and the Sephora pump bottle is $11. So basically you’re paying $10 to have them print the brand on the bottle. I regret buying the sephora one now that I found these in Santee Alley. I also got 4 packs of nail rhinestones and a set of rhinestone hearts and colored beads and flower shapes. The rhinestone packs on the left were $1 each and then sets of beads and sets of heart rhinestones were $5 each. The flower set was $6. All bought in Santee Alley.

I picked up a lot of phone charms as well as a phone case.

I chose a white with pink blossoms cover for my phone from a little stall in Santee alley. I also got the long pink neck strap and short pink hand strap from the same stall. Total it was $8. The rest I picked up all over the place but most were $2 or less.

I also bought a lot of makeup while in LA. Here’s the group shot.

First, I got two lash curlers.

My Shu Uemura one was starting to not work anymore because the top was cutting into the black rubber band in the center so I was on the hunt for a new lash curler for a while. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to find another Shu one because they stopped selling in the states so I settled for a Shisiedo one but each time I tried to buy it, something always got in the way. we even had a shisedo store a few feet from us but they were never opened when I needed them to be so I finally was able to pick it up in Chinatown SF. The small one is a mini curler that I’ll use for fixing areas of fake lashes.

Before leaving LA I also stopped by the Sephora in Beverly Center to pick up some stuff from Illamasqua because my sephora doesn’t have that brand. I got a blush in lover and a lipstick in obey.

The blush is nice and pigmented. I actually went in to buy excite but after comparing them I found excite to be too bright of an orange for me.

The lipstick is actually pretty close to the blush color. Its like a cute muted coral and the lipstick actually stays on really well. It works sort of like a matte stain.

Here’s what I got from the faceshop.

^3 brow liners

^a white liner

^Two concealers

^ a purple blush

^3 lipsticks in different finishes

I also got three nail polishes from Santee Alley

Then I bought a ton of NYX stuff from supply stores in Santee Alley.

^liners were 12 for $9

^6 lipsticks

^ a gold pigment and a concealer in medium

Then I did some jewelry shopping at forever and Santee Alley. First I got these bracelets from F21.

And two necklaces.

Some earrings from Santee Alley, $1 each.

Bracelets from Santee Alley, $1 each.



Then I bought a ton of lashes and a dolly wink lash container and two lash glues.

I also got a ton of containers for traveling etc.

The green bag I got from artbox in koreatown and everything else I picked up here and there.

And finally the last grouping. This one is random stuff from Daiso in SF.

I also bought a of clothes but that’s going to have to be in the next post.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent NYX Swatches – NYX round lipsticks

I was organizing my stuff yesterday so I decided to do a quick lip swatch of some of my recent NYX round lipsticks.

Here is the arm swatch. This is without flash and the colors actually look closer to this than the lip swatches.

Here is Orange Soda. I forgot to get one with flash but basically it looks white on my lips.

Here’s pumpkin pie. It’s like orange soda but much more wearable.

Here’s Thalia. In person it’s darker. It’s like a purply, grey brown.

Here’s Power. It’s like a crazier version of Thalia. It’s like a light purple with brownish undertones.

Here’s Frappucino. I didn’t swatch b52 because it basically looks the same but a little more dark. In person Frappucino looks darker than this. It’s a brownish nude.

Here’s Iced Coffee and its actually a jumbo lip pencil. In person its not so pink. Its very nude brown.

Next is Tea. It actually looks pretty close to the flash one. It’s just more brown.

Here’s fig. I don’t have this on the arm swatch but this is a really cute bright pink.

And finally here’s electra. Neither of the pictures below really show how it is. It’s a classic red with a slightly darker tone. I really like it!

Again, these pictures don’t really show the true shade of the colors because my camera and lighting are not great but I tried my best to describe the shade and tone of the colors. My favorites are fig, iced coffee, thalia and frappucino.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Goodies Some More – Ulta Exchange

I did a little ulta exchanging today because I decided not to try the bio oil after reading more reviews for oily skinned folks like myself. I also had to exchange my other Revlon colorstay foundation because I held my first bottle up next to my Revlon photoready and they were completely different, the colorstay was much too light so I brought it back in to find a darker match especially since summer is fast on the way.

I got a darker shade of the foundation and exchanged the bio oil for more nyx lipsticks.

I got the colorstay foundation in natural tan. I think its like the third darkest color they had.

I got four lipsticks from Nyx:

L to R: Orange Soda, Pumpkin Pie, Electra, Tea

As you can see, I’m into nudes and browns and orange nudes lately. I’ll do lips watches in another post. Orange soda is very pale orange on my lips and does not look good at all. I’ll probably return it. Pumpkin pie is cuter and more true to the color. It’s a nudey orange but doesn’t appear nearly white on your lips like orange soda does. Electra is a darker matte red but I haven’t tried it on my lips yet. Tea is a brown that actually is quite cute and wearable.

So far of all my NYX lipsticks I’m really digging Frappucino, Power, Thalia, Tea, and Tea Rose. I plan to get femme next, it’s a bright orange sort of like MAC’s Morange but neither of my two regular Ulta’s have it so I’ll probably have to go out to a further location to look for it.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases & cosmetic reviews – 03/23/11

I did a little shopping the other day and decided I would do some lip swatches. First, some quickies from Walmart and Kmart.

• I’ve been struggling with tweezers lately because I now have three that I use for different purposes. One I use is a thicker tweezer for placing my false lashes and then I have a Revlon with a small tip for brow plucking and finally a tiny one for really close tweezing. The other day I went to my sisters and used her tweezers and I really liked them so I went to kmart and got one that was similar. It’s a medium-small size but its got a really sharp pointed tip and works really well for plucking. This baby has eliminated two of my tweezers so I’m pretty happy! It also comes with an extra one that I don’t use.
• I got facial exfoliating sponges to scrub away dead skin cells
• I also got a Neutrogena makeup removing cleanser because I ran out of my clean & clear one and they no longer make it. I just prefer a cleanser to remove makeup because I’ve found that wipes don’t remove all my makeup and I’d rather not have clogged pores
• I also got a new eco-tools loofah for my gym bag
• And then I got a sally hanson top coat clear polish for work

I also stopped by Ulta to use my coupon and got 4 nyx lip products. First, two jumple pencils that look pretty similar. They look pinky peach and light orangey.

Here is what it looks like on the skin:

On, though, they’re actually quite light and frosty looking.

I will be returning these two because I won’t be using them.

I also got two lip liners that I love! One is a called nude pink and it’s a light rosey pink color. The other is called pinky and it’s a hot pink color.

Here are some quick swatches of the following three lipliners I’ve recently purchased from NYX

Frist, nude pink:

^I love this color!
Next, dolly pink:

^here it looks crazy but its actually a really cute light purple pink color.
Finally, Pinky:

^I love it!

I also bought a lipstick during spring break by MAC called Pink Nouveau. I actually went in to buy morange but it was just looking funky on my lips that day so I got this instead.

No flash


And then I also wanted to do a quick swatch of my new favorite lipstick from the Faceshop in 217, a super cute orange shade

And finally, I wanted to show you all my new concealer from the Faceshop. It’s a solid concealer in the darkest color they had, which still is pretty light. I’ve used it every day since I bought it two weeks ago but it broke one day 😦

I didn’t push it too far out or anything, it just fell out when I opened it. It still works though, I just shove it back in there and open it carefully.

Previously, I used liquid concealer under my eyes but I like this much better because it doesn’t drip and move and I don’t have to wait for it to dry before moving onto more eye makeup.

And here is the eye comparison. On the left is with concealer and on the right is without.

As you can see I definitely look more refreshed with concealer. I don’t have super dark eyes but they are slightly darker than my skin tone. If I don’t wear anything at all, I always at least wear concealer under my eyes.

That’s all for now. Look forward to a post of more swatches from my faceshop purchases.

♡ PaNhia