Recent Purchases – Pre-Spring Haul

Hi Lovelies! I’m back again with yet another haul. Some of these are very recent and some are almost a month old but I just didn’t post them because they’ve been sitting in the back of my car. Let’s start out first with the older stuff. It’s actually a mini Rimmel haul that I got last month a Walgreens because they had a 40% sale plus I had a $1 off coupon from Redplum. The coupon is currently available right now still but the sale is a little different. I just dropped by Walgreens yesterday and only some Rimmel things are still 40% off. I got 5 things for a total of around $12. I used four $1 off coupons to get it down to this low. Here’s what I got:

I got a hot pink polish:
I actually really like Rimmel polishes because the brush is quite wide making the application really easy.

I got two mascaras, the huge orange one called scandaleyes and the hot pink one called max volume flash.
I’ve been wanting to try both of these for the longest time so I picked them up when they were dirt cheap. Size-wise the brushes are pretty close with the orange one being a little bigger. Performance-wise, the orange is much better than the pink. They both promise volume but only the orange delivers. The pink one takes more coats to get volume and it’s sort of wet too so the product comes on thin and wet. I’m glad I didn’t pay too much to try them. I do like the orange one but it’s nothing I’ll go out of my way to repurchase. I still prefer Loreal Volumnious and Maybellene falsies.

I also got a lipstick in number 12.
These are one of the new Kate ones and was the only one left so I picked it up. It’s ok. It’s a bright orange red sort of like MAC’s Morange but the thing I don’t like about it is that it’s slick and wet looking. I actually don’t mind bright orange colors but since they’re so bright I prefer them to be more satin and less shiny.

Lastly, I got an eyeliner.
It’s nice, nothing special. It’s got some glitter particles in it that I don’t really like but I don’t have a color like this so it’s ok to have in my collection.

Apart from my couponing, I also picked up a few neccesities for my hair.
I got a dry shampoo which in hindsight is not super necessary since I wash my hair everyday now due to sweating after running but in case I need it, now I have it. I also picked up a new shampoo from Tresamme for anti breakage. I’m trying it for the first time so hopefully it performs better than my pantene one. I also got another one of my Neutrogena conditioners which I love. This will be my 3rd bottle. I don’t know if I can say that about any other product except for Mufe Smokey lash mascara.

I also picked up two sinful colors nail polishes. First is a hot pink in Cream Pink.
My friend actually used this the other day and I loved it so we’ll see how I like it on my nails.

I also got a pale jade/teal one.
This one is in Greek Isles and its this beautiful muted green/teal shade with sort of grey undertones.

Next I got a new makeup bag/case from Target by Sonia Kashuk.
This is part of her new spring/summer line and I just love the colors. It’s a three section case. The top section is a small one with a zipped pocket and a brush pocket with protection.
The bottom part is divided into two sections by zippers but I didn’t actually like it that way since I like for my liquid products to sit rather than lay flat. I also found that it’s pretty weak in the middle section because there’s no foam support, it’s just a few layers of fabric dividing the two.
You can see in the pictures that the products dip down. So what did I do? I cut the middle section out and turned the bottom into one large section. Now I just have to remember not to unzip that last zip.
So now I have a deep container for my products and it’s more sturdy.

I also got two extra little cases/bags from a set by Modella.
I forgot to take a picture of the whole set but basically it’s a large clear bag and inside are the two above cases and two smaller pouches. We actually got the bag as my dog’s bag for when we leave the house because before her stuff was in a huge carrier and I was getting tired of lugging that thing around. I used the two smaller pouches to put her hair stuff and her poop bags in and then I kept these two cases.

And finally, my boyfriend got me a few pieces of F21 jewelry that I’ve had my eye on.
This one is a creamy white color and it’s cute because it actually sits asymmetrically on your neck.

Next is this huge one.
I love it cause it’s huge and it has lace detailing on top.

And lastly, I got a beautiful blue cross.
This will be perfect for summer!

That’s all I got from my recent hauling but here’s a bonus picture of a present for my 1 year old cousin.
She’s going to look so cute and chubby in this!

[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – Forever21 opening

A few weeks ago a new forever21 opened at a local mall so we decided to check it out after an early gym session on Saturday. We’ve been seeing signs for it for a while and I’ve been confused because usually when they’re renovating a space in the mall for a new store they have the doors covered with drywall and a huge sign that says: x store, coming soon, look here for employment opportunities. The thing with this opening though was that it had this wall thing in two places, upstairs on one side of the mall and downstairs on the other side of the mall. For the longest time I thought they were opening two stores, like a main store and an accessory or mens store but lo and behold, I was wrong! The store is just so big that it has its own escalators and extends all the way to the other side of the mall with its own extra set of doors! Can you believe that? I’ve heard this is the biggest forever21 store to open yet but those rumors have not been confirmed.

Here is a shot of the store from the doors at the bottom floor in the southeast side of the mall. As you can see, it has escalators inside the store.

They have every forever21 line there including mens but its organized in a cube fashion where the store is split into squares for each line. You go upstairs and there is just more clothes! Its really overwhelming especially on opening day when there are tons of people and tons of clothes.

They have 3 dressing rooms, and 3 giant cash register areas, 1 downstairs and two upstairs. Their accessories area was sort of disappointing because they split it up into two sections with one being on one side of the escalators and one on the other. I barely bought anything because I got stressed out trying on clothes due to the sheer volume of people. They even had tons of sales associates. They were asking me left and right if I needed anything. It just felt too crowded.

After shopping, we took a much needed break and had lunch at Macaroni grill. I got a yummy pasta.

Then we went to marshalls to look for gym clothes and while in the fitting room I spotted something cute:

Behind the hooks, they have signs for you to organize your tries. They say: possibly, definitely and tomorrow. Isn’t that cute?

Bonus pic: I saw this sticker on a car and took a sneaky shot

It’s a breast cancer support sticker that says “save the tatas” lol isn’t that funny!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Spring 2011 Wishlist

The recent influx of warmer days have been making me itch to spring shop. We usually take seasonal fashion shopping quite serioiusly, planning out special days to go shopping with the whole group. Since we’ve graduated though, it has become more causual and more spontaneous and more of a go with the flow type of thing.

Everywhere I go, I have to hold back from buying heels because I don’t know when I’ll be able to wear them. I think I still have shoes that have never been worn around the house. The weather hasn’t stopped me from building a mental list of what I need for spring though and I thought I’d virtually visualize that list here.

Left to right, top to bottom: Wildfox Couture t-shirt, Alexander Wang tank, D-Squared tweed jacket, Zara top, Zara top, Zara top, Zara top, Roksanda ilincic dress, jeans, Zara pants, Cynthia Rowley feathered tutu, F21 skirt, F21 skirt, F21 skirt, Gotham city ring, F21 gladiaters, F21 combat boots, F21 brown pumps, F21 wedges, Proenza Schouler Medium bag, Large Mulberry bag, D-Squared tote

I’ve been on the hunt for loose, thin blouses for two years now since I’ve returned from Korea where there is an abundance of cute clothes. I’ve recently acquired two, a blush tone one from H&M and a white one from F21. For spring, I want more, in all sorts of styles. I want them in coral, white, blue, red, orange and green, all colors of the spectrum.

I’ve also been into tweedy jackets recently because I like the clean boxy look of them. I’d like to get them in all sorts of odd colors which is why I really like this D-squared one.

I’m also looking for easy, thin dresses, light jeans, and a pair of structured black skinny pants to wear with heels to work. I haven’t found the perfect pair yet but I’m hunting diligently. Also for bottoms I’m looking for skirts, skirts and more skirts! I want tulip shapes, flouncy skirts, jean skirts, short skirts, knee length skirts, everything except for long. I want some in thin fabrics and some in heavier fabrics like thick cotton that can transition into fall.

This spring I want some easy to wear gladiators in a neutral like that brown one from F21. I also need a pair of easy to slip on combat boots and some neutral tone pumps and some wedges! I don’t own a single pair of wedges but I hope to start collecting this spring.

And finally, I want some brightly colored bags. I’ve been looking for a green or teal structured bag for a while now but haven’t found one I really like yet but I’m not going to give up. I’m sure I’ll come across one that I’ll like enough to buy.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases 2/19/11 – Belts of a kind!

I did some minor shopping this weekend after our Korean outing and got four belts from forever21,all for under $15!

First, a cute thin brown belt

A dark taupe colored belt

A black belt with gold detailing

A thin pink belt in cowboy fashion!

I’ve been holding back on shopping lately because I don’t have time anymore but Spring is among us (sort of) and I will be shopping some more so look out!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – Moa 12/14/10

I took my little sister to MOA today to do some Christmas shopping. Of course I got a few things for myself but everything I bought was on sale or I had some sort of coupon so I got so great deals!

Here are some sneaky phone shots:

^The giant Lego robot at lego world

^outfit shots. I only bought the pink dress.

I used my 10 dollar off coupon at VS and got this nice lipstick in Scrumptious. It’s like Mac’s ravishing, sort of an orangey, pinky nude.

At Charlotte, I got two tanks and two necklaces, all for $25

At F21, I got a cardigan, a dress and a pair of earrings

I returned something so I ended up paying like $2.

So I had a good day!

♡ PaNhia