[ ♡ ] Goodies Some More – Ulta Exchange

I did a little ulta exchanging today because I decided not to try the bio oil after reading more reviews for oily skinned folks like myself. I also had to exchange my other Revlon colorstay foundation because I held my first bottle up next to my Revlon photoready and they were completely different, the colorstay was much too light so I brought it back in to find a darker match especially since summer is fast on the way.

I got a darker shade of the foundation and exchanged the bio oil for more nyx lipsticks.

I got the colorstay foundation in natural tan. I think its like the third darkest color they had.

I got four lipsticks from Nyx:

L to R: Orange Soda, Pumpkin Pie, Electra, Tea

As you can see, I’m into nudes and browns and orange nudes lately. I’ll do lips watches in another post. Orange soda is very pale orange on my lips and does not look good at all. I’ll probably return it. Pumpkin pie is cuter and more true to the color. It’s a nudey orange but doesn’t appear nearly white on your lips like orange soda does. Electra is a darker matte red but I haven’t tried it on my lips yet. Tea is a brown that actually is quite cute and wearable.

So far of all my NYX lipsticks I’m really digging Frappucino, Power, Thalia, Tea, and Tea Rose. I plan to get femme next, it’s a bright orange sort of like MAC’s Morange but neither of my two regular Ulta’s have it so I’ll probably have to go out to a further location to look for it.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – Ulta & MAC quite cute!

Besides eating, I did a lot of shopping. I bought some jeans and a little tank top but the majority of my money went to a weeks worth of makeup shopping.

This is the collection over two trips to Ulta:

Ulta had a sale last week for 40% off of Revlon, Maybellene & NYX so I bought a few things. The only foundation I currently use is Revlon’s Photoready so I bought two, one for my bag and one for my vanity.

They’re originally 12.99 but I got both for about $15 so it was a good deal!

I bought 5 NYX lipsticks in Power, Thalia, B52, Fig & Frappacino. Here is Power first, I forgot to put it in the group shot:

It’s a light muavey purple with brownish tones.

Here are the rest:

B52 and Frappucino are quite similar. They’re brownish nudes that are just slightly darker than my lip color and they’re good for daily wear. Thalia is a light nude that’s got mauve tones to it. Fig is a really cute everyday pink that’s on the brighter side. So far I’m loving thalia and fig. I haven’t really explored the two brown nudes yet.

I also bought a lip pencil in iced coffee and an eye pencil in rocky mountain green.

The lip pencil is a really nice nudey orange color that I plan to use for smokey eyes. The green eye pencil I just bought to go under green shadow.

I also got a dual ended pencil from NYX that has a brown for filling in brows and a pink for highlighting. I know this is a dupe for the Anastasia one but it works really well. I really love the pink side.

Then I got three lip pencils in rose, hot red, and pale pink

The rose is a daily liner good under most lipsticks and the pale pink is really pale so its good for my baby pink looks and then I just got a red because I don’t have one.

I also wanted to try a different foundation so I got Revlon colorstay in warm golden.

Then I got a bio oil to try and a replacement hairspray for poufing.

I also dropped by target to get a replacement lock for the gym (long story) and got some new 136s.

Last week I also got two things from a MAC counter at Macys. I got a blush from the new cute collection and fix + to try.

I got the purple blush in Sakura because I’ve been looking for a really light purple blush that wasn’t so light it would look like a highlighter and this one works really well!

And last but not least, I used a 40% of coupon from borders and got “A Game of Thrones.” I just kept seeing it everywhere because HBO is making a series of the story so I decided I read it and see what the hypes all about.

I’m about four chapters in. It’s all about kings and queens and mystical things so right up my alley!

Overall I would say I’m set makeup wise for a long time. I do want to try the other blushes from the MAC collection thought. We’ll see how long I can contain myself 🙂

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases & cosmetic reviews – 03/23/11

I did a little shopping the other day and decided I would do some lip swatches. First, some quickies from Walmart and Kmart.

• I’ve been struggling with tweezers lately because I now have three that I use for different purposes. One I use is a thicker tweezer for placing my false lashes and then I have a Revlon with a small tip for brow plucking and finally a tiny one for really close tweezing. The other day I went to my sisters and used her tweezers and I really liked them so I went to kmart and got one that was similar. It’s a medium-small size but its got a really sharp pointed tip and works really well for plucking. This baby has eliminated two of my tweezers so I’m pretty happy! It also comes with an extra one that I don’t use.
• I got facial exfoliating sponges to scrub away dead skin cells
• I also got a Neutrogena makeup removing cleanser because I ran out of my clean & clear one and they no longer make it. I just prefer a cleanser to remove makeup because I’ve found that wipes don’t remove all my makeup and I’d rather not have clogged pores
• I also got a new eco-tools loofah for my gym bag
• And then I got a sally hanson top coat clear polish for work

I also stopped by Ulta to use my coupon and got 4 nyx lip products. First, two jumple pencils that look pretty similar. They look pinky peach and light orangey.

Here is what it looks like on the skin:

On, though, they’re actually quite light and frosty looking.

I will be returning these two because I won’t be using them.

I also got two lip liners that I love! One is a called nude pink and it’s a light rosey pink color. The other is called pinky and it’s a hot pink color.

Here are some quick swatches of the following three lipliners I’ve recently purchased from NYX

Frist, nude pink:

^I love this color!
Next, dolly pink:

^here it looks crazy but its actually a really cute light purple pink color.
Finally, Pinky:

^I love it!

I also bought a lipstick during spring break by MAC called Pink Nouveau. I actually went in to buy morange but it was just looking funky on my lips that day so I got this instead.

No flash


And then I also wanted to do a quick swatch of my new favorite lipstick from the Faceshop in 217, a super cute orange shade

And finally, I wanted to show you all my new concealer from the Faceshop. It’s a solid concealer in the darkest color they had, which still is pretty light. I’ve used it every day since I bought it two weeks ago but it broke one day 😦

I didn’t push it too far out or anything, it just fell out when I opened it. It still works though, I just shove it back in there and open it carefully.

Previously, I used liquid concealer under my eyes but I like this much better because it doesn’t drip and move and I don’t have to wait for it to dry before moving onto more eye makeup.

And here is the eye comparison. On the left is with concealer and on the right is without.

As you can see I definitely look more refreshed with concealer. I don’t have super dark eyes but they are slightly darker than my skin tone. If I don’t wear anything at all, I always at least wear concealer under my eyes.

That’s all for now. Look forward to a post of more swatches from my faceshop purchases.

♡ PaNhia