Daily – 6/16/12 weekend recap BBQ, Graduation, Cupcakes & Shopping

I’m still not good at blogging often but with my phone I now take pictures of everything so I can keep a really good track of my activity to blog later on even if I can’t get to it right away. I know this is long over due so I’ll just get right into it.

My little sister graduated from highschool this year (valedictorian!) and so we threw her a graduation bbq. We had so much food! Looking at the pictures makes me want to bbq all over again!

My sister made these yummy mint chocolate cupcakes!
My contribution was the little decoration flags 🙂

I was going to buy her a camera for graduation but since she’s going to Japan next week I told her I would just double the amount of money I was going to give her to use in Japan. Overall it worked out nicely because I don’t have to worry about getting a gift and she gets extra cushion money for Japan just in case she wants to buy more.

The day after the party I had a me day so I did some shopping and errands. I knew I was going to stay on my feet all day so I opted for casual.
tops F21 | shorts AE | shoes LA | jewelery F21 & len

I took my grandma to the flea market early that morning to pick up some traditional wedding clothes.

And then I headed to the mall after. Here are some outfits I tried on at F21. I only walked away with one which you’ll see in an upcoming haul post.

I also stopped in victoria’s secret to browse.
They have the cutest fitting rooms! And I found the cutest neon orange shorts but they didn’t have my size.

And then later in the day I went fishing with my boyfriend and his brother and brother’s girlfriend. Well, I watched lol. Here’s Koko at the bait shop.
It was fun until it started getting really cold and rainy.

I ended my weekend making plans for this year.
As you can see by the theme, I need to start saving now!

Recent Purchases – It get’s worse

I know I’ve been hauling like crazy but it just got worse. I’ve been doing so much crazy spring shopping and I’m glad to say I think I’ll be done with crazy hauling after April. I just needed to Spring Shop so badly so I did major damage on this one. I’ll do beauty first because my nail polish hauling has not stopped.

As you know, Sally’s Beauty supply is running their b2go free all month long so everytime I’m near one I have this crazy urge to go look. So of course, I got a few more polishes. First, I got this beautiful rose gold color by Orly.
It doesn’t have quite the flaky metallic look as the other silver polish I got but it looks similar in the bottle and it is definitely a true rose gold color so if you’re looking for rose gold, this is a good one.

Next I picked up this Black shimmery color from the China Glaze Hunger Games collection because I heard that it was a matte color.
It’s crazy beautiful! It’s more of a charcoal and the matte finish over the shimmer is just so different and awesome!

And then I picked up a color from the new China Glaze Prismatic collection in Liquid Crystal.
As you can see, on the nail its not as dark as in the bottle. I’d like it to be a little dark so it has a galaxy type look but I can just sponge on color under. That swatch is about 3 layers.

This week sinful colors are on sale at Walgreens for $1 so of course I stocked up a little. First I got this muted pinky neutral shade in soulmate.
I haven’t tried these on yet so I don’t have a nail swatch.

I also picked up another neon yellow color because my glow in the dark F21 one is not quite opaque enough so I thought I’d get this to layer under.

And then I got a neon hot pink.
I’m actually wearing this right now and it’s really cute.

Then I picked up a bright orange.

And a basic darker purple.

I also picked up a plain white and black.

And the last sinful colors I got was this light blue in Cinderella.

Milani is also on sale this week at kmart for bogo50% off so I picked up two of the chunky glitter ones.
I still want the pink one and maybe the purple.

And then I stopped by Ulta to get a ridge filling base for my nails since they’re not smooth.
I’ve used it once and I feel like it makes my color application worse. It seems like instead of filling in ridges, it makes ridges and my polish goes on super streaky. I don’t know if I’ll be keeping this yet, I want to try it one more time with a different polish brand and color.

Last weekend I went to the CCO with my sisters and picked up a few MAC things. I got a hot pink creamsheen lipgloss.

Then I picked up one of the sets from last year’s holiday collection.
I mostly got it because I love the white tube lipstick and it was a color I don’t have. I also am currently collection creamsheen lipglosses so that nude is a nice addition.

And last of the beauty related stuff, I picked up lotion and some containers to spread it.
I actually tried that lotion because of a friend and now I’m in love with it! It smells so good, not fruity, not musky, not citrisy. It’s hard to discribe, it’s not a fresh scent either. It might be closer to a floral but seriously, go to your local target and take a sniff and you’ll be in love too!

That’s all I picked up for cosmetics but the month isn’t over yet so I might find myself in another Sally’s before this weekend comes to an end. I also did some shopping at F21 and H&M and picked up a few things.

Now onto accessories. I’ve been loving bracelets lately so I picked up a few here and there. First, I’ve been needing a watch but I actually don’t like watches that much. They’re bulky and I don’t really use them for their purpose since I use my phone for time so I decided I wasn’t going to invest in one (yet.) So I went to Walmart to look for a cheapie $20 gold tone watch to stack and look what I found, something even better!
A $7 stacking piece! It’s not the most beautiful thing on earth but when it’s stacked, it blends in beautifully. I still might invest in a better one in the future because this one is actually too big on my wrist and I want one with a bigger face.

And then I picked up this basic gold necklace from F21.
I like that it actually hangs from a chain and doesn’t go around the whole neck because those don’t sit on my collar bone nicely.

I also picked up some bracelets from H&M.
I actually might get another one of these so I can wear them like matching cuffs.

Then I got this belt one and a rose gold one.

I also got some gold rings.

And then I picked up this orange one from Rue21.
I don’t actually like that store because I feel like the clothes are geared towards 13 year olds but every once in a while you find little things like this. And of course since it’s Rue21 it says sexy 🙂

I also got a pair of flats and a bucket bag!
I love the colors on this bag! And it’s large and roomy!

And then I picked up a leopard print scarf for about $8 just for adding a little extra omph to outfits.

That’s all I got for accessories, I did pick up some clothes as well. I got this bright aqua skirt from Charlotte Russe while at the outlet.
It’s big but I can make it smaller at the sides.

From Forever21 I got two thin cardigans and a cute little tribal top.
I love how the colors look on the nude top.

From H&M I picked up a few things on my list of summer necessities. First I got a jean jacket.

Then I got two plain ts.

I also got this minty tank and red skirt which I think will look great together.

And that’s it for my haul this round. I think I need to make some sort of pact with myself not to shop in May because for the most part I’ve found most of my spring and summer wardrobe needs. I will get a few more pairs of shorts from Hollister and a pair of leather flip flops from there because those are my favorite of each kind. I also am still hunting for a hot pink button down, nude pumps, and suede aqua blue pumps. Wish me luck!

[ ♡ ] Mini Mall Trip Haul – 12/11/11 Sephora & F21

I must seem like I’m hauling like crazy but I’m really not, it’s just the season is presenting me with all these sales and coupons! So I got this free $20 gift certificate from Sephora so I went to the mall to redeem it because it was going to expire soon. I also picked up a few Christmas gifts as well but won’t be showing those just in case. But first I went to F21 and picked up a few things:

All cosmetics and jewelry were 30% off so I got this little pouch. Turns out this was part of the sale too so that was a good deal. And I also bought a little nail set because I needed the tiny scissors in there to trim the hair around my dog’s eyes so she can see and I didn’t want to use big scissors because I didn’t want to accidentally poke her.

Some leopard print mary janes on sale:

A little yellow tag scarf that just reminded me so much of Christmas:

A bracelet for New years:

And then some random cheapy scrubbing tool and a shower cap:

Now onto Sephora. I used my little coupon and also returned my Laura Mercier Face Polish for this new Philosophy Microdelivery exfoliator.

So far it’s ok. I’ve used it twice now and I plan to use it Sundays and Wednesdays in place of my cleanser. It’s sort a gelly consistency and it’s got tiny beads in it that you can’t see when you push the product out. It exfoliates well and I like the way it’s working so far but the only thing I don’t like is the smell. It’s got a sort of weird manufactured smell to it and that’s just so odd because philosophy is famous for their yummy smelling body washes. I guess it’s good because you’re not supposed to put fragrances on your face and I can stand it well enough for now so it’s not a huge deal. I’ll continue using it. I do like it more than the Laura Mercier one though.

I also got a mini straightening iron in hot pink.

I have this forehead sweating issue (I know gross.) When it gets hot, my forehead sweats like everyone else but the problem is in how my hair responds. If I have hair on my forehead which I almost always do, once it touches sweat or moisture it goes crazy and decides to frizz up and wave and do all sorts of crazy things so I’m planning to carry this baby with me in the summer to do touch ups.

I also got three more things, one for my birthday and two using my gift certificate:

I got a little bottle of philosophy’s birthday cake body wash which I love! It smells like you’re rubbing vanilla cake all over you and vanilla cake is my favorite!

Then I got a Fresh Sugar Lip treatment balm:

It’s the brown packaging but it’s just the clear one because I plan on using this as a balm under my lipsticks and glosses. I think I’ve talked about this before about how I get allergic reactions to lip products from certain brands like Maybellene and Covergirl so I’m always iffy about trying new lip products. I also have super dry lips that always crack, especially under lipstick so I’ve tried tons of balms and moisturizers. I usually use a tube of vasaline cherry which works well to quickly moisturize but it doesn’t last long so I’ve decided to try more expensive treatments to see if they’ll work. This Fresh Sugar one is the first one I’ve tried that’s over $7 and so far I’m loving it. It really keeps my lips moisturized and it smells so good, like lemons! Problem is I don’t know how well it’s penetrating my lips because I feel like its forming a thin layer of film over lips as it protects rather than going into my lips to protect. Again, I have to test it out a little longer to see how I’ll feel about it. If I do like it I’ll probably go out and get the mini set of 3 so I can throw them in my purse and office.

Lastly, I got something I’m super excited about!

I’ve been in search of a new cream based concealer for general spot concealing but I haven’t found a color to match my skintone perfectly and I think I’ve found a close one with this Bobbi Brown creamy concealer. I got it in Natural Tan and it blends in perfectly with my skin if I’m not wearing foundation. The problem is if I wear foundation, you can see it’s a little bit tanner than my color. But blended out it looks fine so I’m glad I got this. I’m still searching for a heavier coverage concealer in my skin tone because on my cheek I’ve got this tiny blue vein that you can kind of see and I want to find something to cover it.

Ok so that’s it for my hauling over the weekend!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Outfits of the Day

Two from this week & one from Last week.

Cardi from NY&C | top from Sears | skirt & belt from F21

Dress from CR | belt & cardi from F21

Romper from F21 | skirt from Ann Taylor | blazer & belt from H&M

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] La (2) Haul – Fashion & accesories

Here is the fashion part of the haul. I didn’t buy a lot of clothes like last time because a lot of stuff they had were still summery and it’s august so I’m already planning for fall so I didn’t buy too much.

First, I got this super cute pink purse from santee alley for $25.

From Love Culture, I got three items. First, a grey textured jacket:

Then a crème colored sleeveless blouse.

A pair of nice jeans

And then I went to a store that doesn’t exist here called Ross which I understand is a tier cheaper than marshalls? Anyways I got two pairs of shoes. First a black pair from bcbg generation for going out:

Second, a steve madden pair of booties that I got purely for comfort purposes!

Speaking of shoes, I also got this pair of flats from cotton on, another store we don’t have.

I also stopped by a coach outlet and picked up a wristlet but I’m rethinking my love for it so I might return it to an outlet here.

Next I’ll do some jewelry. I got 5 + pairs from forever 21. First, a pair of sort of dangly spike type ones:

Some little gold hearts:

Two spikey stud sets:

And then a set of silver pearls.

I also got this little necklace from f21, it’s a long plain one with a little heart at the end.

Then I got some jewelry from santee alley. I got another set of while pearls which I didn’t realize are actually three sets of the same three sizes.

I also got this little silver dangly one even though I don’t wear dangly earrings.

Then I went ring crazy and bought a bunch. I got this huge bow one right before leaving. I love the rusted gold color.

I also got this flower cluster one that I really like:

Then I got these two cool ones with colored stones in the middle:

I also got this black curled one that looks really cool:

I also got this yellow one that looks alive!

A winged one:

And finally one that says love:

And that is it for fashion and accessories. It seems like a lot but really, I held back.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] LA (2) Haul – Beauty

I told myself I’d go for new experiences this time and not for shopping and I thought I was sticking to my resolution pretty well and then I got home and realized I still bought a lot of things. So again, I have to split my LA haul into parts. The first part is beauty. I didn’t go NYX crazy this time, in fact, I didn’t buy a single NYX.

First, I got a tweezer from F21. I just bought this one because I like the wide part at the bottom for picking up and putting on lashes and I only have one other wide tweezer so I thought I’d buy one to keep in my makeup bag for on the road lash applications. Not the most flattering design but it was either this or polka dots (which I hate) or rhinestones (which I can tolerate but still don’t like much.)

Then I got this little foundation mixing dish from little tokyo to mix my two colorstay shades:

I also got some hair stuff from F21. First, a comb set and I just got it because I couldn’t resist the color! Its just such a cute shade of pinky purple!

I also got this Betsey Johnsonesque brush that I again, could not resist. I don’t even brush my hair much but it was such a cute pink!

I also got some nail covers from faceshop to keep things from touching your nail and protect your nails while drying.

And then I went to santee alley and did some damage. I got a set of nail dotting tools:

Some nail stickers

And 12 klean color polishes. I was iffy last time about buying santee alley polishes but then the salon we went to had this brand and my cousins actually chose this brand for their nails and it turned out really nice so I thought I’d try some. They were 12 for $8. What a deal! When I get a chance I’ll put them all on a wheel so you can see their quality.

I chose this silvery black because I only have a black and no variations.

Next is a sort of shimmery dark green. I was thinking ahead to st. pattys 2012 lol.

Then I chose this salmon colored called sheer peach.

I also got an ivory champagne type of color in sandstone.

Then this next color I got because it was the exact color my cousin chose for her salon manicure and it looks so awesome and metallic on her nails that I had to get it! Two coats made her nails look like gel nails.

Then I got this sheer pink, I don’t know why. Lighting in my room is definitely not the same as in the store lol.

I also chose this next color because its awesome! It’s another black but with gold infused glitters! I saw this as a new years nail once and never forgot it.

Then I got another pinky shade.

I got this really pretty dark tone red /plum color that I’d actually really like for a cardigan lol.

Another more plain wine tone color.

I got a neutral orange tone one.

Lastly, I got this redish orange tone one.

And of course I stocked up on lashes. I bought maybe 40 pairs 🙂 I’ll post those up in a separate post but here is a shot of my newly organized lash drawer.

Whew! That was a lot. Next post featuring fashion & accessories.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – 06/20/11 Ring Around the Rosy

I said I would stop, but I just can’t. I bought more accessories and actually got some on my forever21 lust list a few posts down. These are from two shopping trips and most items are from either F21 or CR.

Charlotte Russe is having a 3 for $10 sale on rings, bracelets and earrings so I took advantage of it and bought three rings. First, a cool one with jutting cirlcles.

I just really like the darker tone of this ring.

My second pick was a long ring, the first of its kind to go in my collection.

I like that its detailed but simple and sits nicely on. My last pick was the rose cluster ring pictured above but I forgot to do a close up of it.

I also discovered VS’ semi annual sale and bougth 4 bras, each $24.99.

Then I stopped by the mall again Saturday and picked up more jewelry. First some cute earrings:

Then I got the hanging stone necklace I wanted:

I also got a little circle necklace for layering and casual outfits:

It says “I love you” but what I really liked was that the little circle medallion can be flipped around.

Then I got the bracelets I really wanted from last time:

I just love the white incased in gold.

Then I got two more rings, one from F21 & and one more from CR.

This was also in my lust list. I just love the color.

This one was kind of a random pick to get the three for $10 deal at CR.

And finally all of them together:

Ok, seriously no more accessories buying.

♡ PaNhia