Daily – 6/18-21 Hair change, eating & badminton

I only captured two work outfits last week. First one is pretty simple and neutral.
top & bottom F21 | cardi Banana Republic

And here’s the second one. This one has a bit more color.
top H&m | skirt F21 | cardi F21

later on in the day I changed to this to be more casual but still cute.

Last week I dyed my hair but it didn’t turn out light enough so I’m going to try again this week. Here’s a shot of it, you can’t tell so well.
After it didn’t work out I did some googling and found this one which I will be using this week.
It’s supposed to be high lift so it should get my hair a lot lighter.

My boyfriend and I went to applebees and did the two for $20 last week.

I also did a bit of chicken cooking last week and it turned out great!
It’s chicken and snow peas stir fried with a whole wheat pita.

I’m not a great cook but I certainly know my way around some thread and needle so I did some mending for my boyfriend.
This is about the only homey thing I can do.

Last week there were two major storms and a lot of fallen trees. Here’s one I saw on my way to work.
That’s not even the worst cause it was in someone’s yard. The worst are the ones on the street that you can’t drive around.

And finally I ended my week with some hard core badminton and some bubble tea.
I always get cappuccino and only once before has it failed me.

[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – 1/19/11 kimchi & Bubbles

Tuesday was a night of Korean food and bubble tea. We went to Mirror of Korea to grab some food and help Christi get her Korean fix. Here are some shots:

After dinner xti made us walk two blocks in the negative MN weather to a Korean grocery store that turned out to be closed. She made us walk because she said she misses walking around like in Korea. I think its time for her to go cold turkey otherwise she would never get out of her post-korea-depression.

Then we went to get bubble tea and talked about korea some more. This is not going to help her. I think its up to me to come up with some plan to bring her back to reality.

I got a watermelon black tea latte.

♡ PaNhia