[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases – 07/17/11 I do really try not to

I did some minor shopping over the weekend even though I keep telling myself to save for vacation. Here’s a snapshot of my buys.

First, I got a few things from F21. I got a magenta floral skort.

Some undies, 4 for $9.50

A basic black tank:

And a double ring with a rusty gold rose setting on top.

Then I got some accessories from CR. First, a super cute earphone set that is anchored by this little Japanese bear character!

Then I got another headphone set that I couldn’t resist. I really liked it because of the pink cord.

I also recently bought this red skullcandy one from Target for the gym.

All three headphones together. I realized I didn’t need this many so I gave the red to my sister and the bear one to my little sister and I kept the pink bow one.

I also bought a clustered pair of earrings:

And finally, a cute bird ring. I like rings that jut out and that are not just flat on your finger. I also really like that this ring shines with shades of pink and champagne not just white or gold.

I went to Aerie and got a tank top:

And finally I got some lashes and a polish from uptown.

That’s it for purchases this weekend!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases 4/21/11 – Target sucking me dry!

In the past two days I’ve spent over $75 at Target which is why I try to stay away from Target. Most of it was spent of household stuff for my mom like garbage bags, dove, and laundry detergent. I did get a few goodies for me though.

First, a teasing brush:

I saw this baby in a youtube video and it was amazing. It works way better than a small tooth comb! I can’t wait to really test it out.

I also got a loofah because my mom and I had a funny conversation the other day about how she saw me previously purchase a loofah but she hasn’t seen it all in the bathroom. I told her I take it the gym because most of the time I shower there. So I decided to buy one to keep at home as well.

Its hot pink!

I also purchased two pairs of lashes, another 136 and an elf one.

I’m excited to try the elf lashes and I’ll probably keep picking up the 136s because I just like the way they look. Hopefully I can stay away from target for the rest of the week.

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Daily Outing – Forever21 opening

A few weeks ago a new forever21 opened at a local mall so we decided to check it out after an early gym session on Saturday. We’ve been seeing signs for it for a while and I’ve been confused because usually when they’re renovating a space in the mall for a new store they have the doors covered with drywall and a huge sign that says: x store, coming soon, look here for employment opportunities. The thing with this opening though was that it had this wall thing in two places, upstairs on one side of the mall and downstairs on the other side of the mall. For the longest time I thought they were opening two stores, like a main store and an accessory or mens store but lo and behold, I was wrong! The store is just so big that it has its own escalators and extends all the way to the other side of the mall with its own extra set of doors! Can you believe that? I’ve heard this is the biggest forever21 store to open yet but those rumors have not been confirmed.

Here is a shot of the store from the doors at the bottom floor in the southeast side of the mall. As you can see, it has escalators inside the store.

They have every forever21 line there including mens but its organized in a cube fashion where the store is split into squares for each line. You go upstairs and there is just more clothes! Its really overwhelming especially on opening day when there are tons of people and tons of clothes.

They have 3 dressing rooms, and 3 giant cash register areas, 1 downstairs and two upstairs. Their accessories area was sort of disappointing because they split it up into two sections with one being on one side of the escalators and one on the other. I barely bought anything because I got stressed out trying on clothes due to the sheer volume of people. They even had tons of sales associates. They were asking me left and right if I needed anything. It just felt too crowded.

After shopping, we took a much needed break and had lunch at Macaroni grill. I got a yummy pasta.

Then we went to marshalls to look for gym clothes and while in the fitting room I spotted something cute:

Behind the hooks, they have signs for you to organize your tries. They say: possibly, definitely and tomorrow. Isn’t that cute?

Bonus pic: I saw this sticker on a car and took a sneaky shot

It’s a breast cancer support sticker that says “save the tatas” lol isn’t that funny!

♡ PaNhia

[ ♡ ] Day after Christmas Shopping – 12/26/10

Because I am a shopping fiend, I of course couldn’t miss the 2nd biggest shopping day of the year. We woke up, got ready, sent my sister to her Christmas party and headed to the mall. I felt like the deals this year were not as great as before but I still got quite a few things. I set out with the goal in mind not to buy anything that wasn’t on sale and I sort of accomplished it.

Here is my best buy of the day:

It’s this sweater/jacket by BCBG Generation from Bloomingdales. I practice this habit of trying on whatever I like and then looking at the price later because I don’t want a price tag to stop me from finding beautiful things. So after falling in love with this baby in the fitting room, I finally looked at the price tag. It was on sale for $89 and I contemplated with myself for a while but finally decided I had to have it. So I go up to the register and they ring it up and its on further discounted to just $44! I have never been happier! I walked out of there with I swear, a glow! Lol!

Ok that was my gush moment of the day, now onto other things I purchased. I went to Sephora to exchange my Korres butter gift set for something else because my lips immediately reacted to them. I came out with two things:

I got a MUFE smokey lash mascara (my all time favorite) and the Clinique Dark spot corrector. It was $50 but I felt like the bottle was bigger than I expected so I guess it was worth it. Besides the good thing about sephora is that if it doesn’t work, you can always return it.

I also got a necklace from F21:

And then I got a ton of stuff from Charlotte Russe because nearly everything in the store was $5.

^Two work pants, I love the tapered one.

^two jackets

^a sparkly skirt!

A cute shoulder bag.

Overall, I felt like I got some good deals and also wasted some money but shopping is my therapy so no harm done!

♡ PaNhia