Recent Purchases 1/21/12 – Shop & Drive

We did some shopping on Saturday but we had to drive out to the places because we wanted to try new shopping areas and boy was it tiring! We didn’t even shop that much, maybe 6-7 stores total but we had to drive so far between 3 shopping areas that we were drained of energy by the time we were done. I didn’t pick up that much but I did get some things here and there.

First some goodies from VS.
My sisters and boyfriend thought these orange shorts were so hideous but I love it because it reminds me of a tiger! It’s so cute, although I think it’s supposed to be zebra print?

I also go this eyeshadow from VS that I’ve been wanting for so long and it was 75% off!
It’s this beautiful shimmery purple taupe.

And then I dropped by Sephora to trade in my fragrance coupon for a new fragrance of my choice from the sampler and I got me some Versace!
You’re only allowed to get the 1 oz versions of the perfumes but I have never even reached halfway on a perfume before so 1 oz is plenty for me and it smells amazing! It’s so fresh and bright but still feminine without smelling like cotton candy.

And then I traded in 100 points for the Korres mattyfying primer.
I haven’t used it yet but I will try it out. It’s about .33 oz so 1/3 of what a normal primer size is which I think is huge for a sample. Should last a few months I think.

And then finally I went to Ulta to continue on my never ending hunt for the Maybellene eye tattoo in Tough as taupe but couldn’t find it so came out instead with a new lipstick from Rimmel which I love.
It’s the new Kate lipsticks in a nude color. It’s very creamy and on the browner side of nude but it’s really more a true nude under gloss. I’m wearing it in one post below at the cafe. The only problem is it smells sort of plasticy and manufactured with a sort of sweet scent on top. I don’t know what it is but I don’t like the smell.

I also got my boyfriend some new vans not pictured here but overall, a good shopping trip!