[ ♡ ] Recent NYX Swatches – NYX round lipsticks

I was organizing my stuff yesterday so I decided to do a quick lip swatch of some of my recent NYX round lipsticks.

Here is the arm swatch. This is without flash and the colors actually look closer to this than the lip swatches.

Here is Orange Soda. I forgot to get one with flash but basically it looks white on my lips.

Here’s pumpkin pie. It’s like orange soda but much more wearable.

Here’s Thalia. In person it’s darker. It’s like a purply, grey brown.

Here’s Power. It’s like a crazier version of Thalia. It’s like a light purple with brownish undertones.

Here’s Frappucino. I didn’t swatch b52 because it basically looks the same but a little more dark. In person Frappucino looks darker than this. It’s a brownish nude.

Here’s Iced Coffee and its actually a jumbo lip pencil. In person its not so pink. Its very nude brown.

Next is Tea. It actually looks pretty close to the flash one. It’s just more brown.

Here’s fig. I don’t have this on the arm swatch but this is a really cute bright pink.

And finally here’s electra. Neither of the pictures below really show how it is. It’s a classic red with a slightly darker tone. I really like it!

Again, these pictures don’t really show the true shade of the colors because my camera and lighting are not great but I tried my best to describe the shade and tone of the colors. My favorites are fig, iced coffee, thalia and frappucino.

♡ PaNhia