[ ♡ ] Recent Purchases 3/14/2010 – Korean cosmetics & kawaii japanese

I’ve done a little shopping on my trip and actually did quite a bit of damage at the faceshop. First though, are my finds from the Kawaii store. I got two gift box sets that I already put together to display. They’re about $2.50 – $2.99 each.

I also got this cute two tierd bento! Its huge!

I found some tab stickers that I love. I got some from LA last year but I was only able to find the blue ones. These are different colored sheets!

And last but not least I got this cute little container that I will use to store earrings and necklaces for when I travel again. Its really cool. There’s compartment part on top with lots of little squares for earrings and then you can lift it up to put bigger things on bottom.

Next are items I got from the faceshop & h-mart. First is a collective faceshop shot:

Here is a closer look at samples. It was funny, the sales lady took a look at my hair and concluded it was damaged so she gave me a sample for damaged hair.

Now onto the good stuff! I bought a gel liner set in black because I’m currently running on just a small pot of stila paint pot in black and anticipate running out soon. Its actually pretty big and comes with a mini brush that I will probably not use.

I also got three lipsticks from three different lines. The middle one is from an older line and was 40% off!

^ I got a baby pink, a muavey purple, and an orange. I’m most excited about the orange!

I also got three four liners, 3 lip liners and 1 brow pencil liner. These three are from the same line but the bottom one is the brow pencil. The lip liners are in a light brown color for nudes and a light pink color.

Here is a picture of the other lip liner which is an orange.

I also got a retractable lipbrush:

I also got an impulse mud mask for the nose:

Along with that, I got a concealer stick in the darkest color they had. I haven’t used solid concealers in a while so I don’t know how I’ll like it.

And last but not least I got face sponges and a 4 packs of facial cotton wipes (I gave two to my sister.)

Along with cosmetics I purchased several sets of utensils because I love long Korean spoons and thin chopsticks.

I also got this cute little pencil box that I was going to use for carrying my brushes but then I bought something else when I came home that rendered this box useless. Its stil cute though and I’ll probably find some other use for it.

Also included in this post are my recent target purchases:

I got a box of tissue, two cosmetic bags (because I couldn’t decide,) a foam coloring kit, Elf gel liner in purple and a new contact case.

In the end I chose this bag for my cosmetics because it had the most space and did the most with what I like to carry. I used to just carry a small set of cosmetics in my purse for touch ups but now I carry most o f my basic makeup with me because I go to the gym a lot and shower there so I needed a case that will carry a lot of makeup and the fact that it has a section for brushes just makes it that much better.

And that concludes my recent purchases!

♡ PaNhia