[ ♡ ] Clinique Dark Spot Corrector – 12 Week Check in

It’s been 12 weeks that I’ve been using the Clinique Dark Spot Corrector (yesterday, 3/22) and now I’m back to compare results. The product and advertising says that after 12 weeks there should be noticeable difference.

I’ve been using it day and night with a few occasional nights where I skipped it but. Here are the shots:



As you can see, it looks like it’s worsened. I don’t know if the product is just not working but I have an inkling that its that plus the fact that new acne and dark spots have popped up clouding real comparison. At this point I will not be repurchasing. It was $50 a bottle and after 12 weeks have not worked, or at least not well and visibly enough so I will probably look for a different product for dark spots.

♡ PaNhia