High Waisted Jean Shorts DIY – Studding

I’ve been working on this project for a while and I finally started on it. I bought a pair of high waisted levis shorts from a local thrift store about a month ago and then I’ve been ordering and waiting for studs all month from online. I bought a set of 8mms with flat backs from an etsy store to diy a phone case and then I realized 8mms is really small and so I started shopping around on ebay for 10mms and 12mms and I realized it’s so much cheaper than from etsy.

Here’s the little container I’ve been using to put my studs in.
I got them in sets of 100 studs which sounds like a lot but after this project I know it’s not that much. It took most of my 12mms to just do the pocket and down one side.


I started out studding the left pocket.
I was going to do the other one too but I realized I wouldn’t have enough for both pockets so I decided to just do a line down the other side.

And here’s the finished studded look.

I still have to distress it and maybe do some bleaching and fraying but I’ve learned a lot from my first studding experience. I know now that I need a lot more studs and bigger studs if I don’t want to sit there forever studding. I have three pairs of shorts that I will be studding next but I have to bleach them first because they’re darker than I like and then I will do some more studding. I’m also going to order bigger studs for those shorts. I will do another post when I do my next ones!


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