Daily – 6/22 weekend boyfriends, sushi, zoo & more food!

This past weekend was my boyfriends birthday so we ate a lot! But more on that later. We planned a full day out at the zoo and lake.

We woke up early to go the zoo to beat the rush and I’m so glad we did! I’ve never been to this zoo before so I was really excited to see what the hype was all about. It cost us $42 to get in which is probably why I’ve never been there before. My normal zoo is free.
We grabbed breakfast at MCDs which I hadn’t done in the longest time. It felt like a mini road trip eating mcd breakfast and driving out there with the wind in my hair!

Here’s what I wore.
top f21 | shorts AE | shoes LA | bag h&m
On my face I used all waterproof/swim stuff so that it wont melt off or come off after swimming later. I used loreal volumnous, etude waterproof liner, stila lip stain, stila bronzing gel.

Here’s a shot of my favorite animals I saw at the zoo!
That prairie dog was looking right at me!

After the zoo, we grabbed some food and also attended a graduation party.

Later that night we went to grab some sushi and drinks.
I had eaten so much already though that I couldn’t eat much sushi which is a shame since it’s so good!

I didn’t take as many pictures of the weekend as I could’ve mostly food so here is more from Sunday!
This rice platter is so good!

I ended the weekend eating yogurt with my mom and sisters and cousin.


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