Daily – 6/16/12 weekend recap BBQ, Graduation, Cupcakes & Shopping

I’m still not good at blogging often but with my phone I now take pictures of everything so I can keep a really good track of my activity to blog later on even if I can’t get to it right away. I know this is long over due so I’ll just get right into it.

My little sister graduated from highschool this year (valedictorian!) and so we threw her a graduation bbq. We had so much food! Looking at the pictures makes me want to bbq all over again!

My sister made these yummy mint chocolate cupcakes!
My contribution was the little decoration flags đŸ™‚

I was going to buy her a camera for graduation but since she’s going to Japan next week I told her I would just double the amount of money I was going to give her to use in Japan. Overall it worked out nicely because I don’t have to worry about getting a gift and she gets extra cushion money for Japan just in case she wants to buy more.

The day after the party I had a me day so I did some shopping and errands. I knew I was going to stay on my feet all day so I opted for casual.
tops F21 | shorts AE | shoes LA | jewelery F21 & len

I took my grandma to the flea market early that morning to pick up some traditional wedding clothes.

And then I headed to the mall after. Here are some outfits I tried on at F21. I only walked away with one which you’ll see in an upcoming haul post.

I also stopped in victoria’s secret to browse.
They have the cutest fitting rooms! And I found the cutest neon orange shorts but they didn’t have my size.

And then later in the day I went fishing with my boyfriend and his brother and brother’s girlfriend. Well, I watched lol. Here’s Koko at the bait shop.
It was fun until it started getting really cold and rainy.

I ended my weekend making plans for this year.
As you can see by the theme, I need to start saving now!


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