Recent Purchases – If only I can follow a ban

I picked up a few things this week, mainly makeup and accessories. I’ll start with the non makeup stuff and then move into beauty items.

First I picked up this pair of shoes from F21.
It’s a lot more comfortable than it looks. Most of the shoe is on a platform and the arch is actually pretty low so I can see myself walking around on a night out with these.

I dropped by this boutique that uses the “always 50% off” gimmick not expecting to find anything and of course I walked out with my favorite buys of the week!
I have been looking for sideways cross jewelry for so long! I’ve only been able to find it online on etsy and random european websites but finally I found some. My least favorite piece is the necklace because the cross is shaped a little oddly and it’s bigger than I like. I really love the dainty silver bracelet and how nicely it sits on my wrist. I can’t believe I found these in a local store!

Next I picked up a pair of sort of cat eye shapped sunglasses.
I’ve now realized that aviator shaped frames fit my face best because of my high fat cheek bones. Big frames won’t sit on my face and instead make me look extra puffy.

From Forever21 I also picked up two bracelets and a necklace.
I saw this pink chord bracelet online and almost ordered it but I didn’t and I was happy to find it in store. It’s less cute in person and I’m not huge on the actual material of the pink chord. It seems kind of weak.
I picked up this gold pyramid/chain one because I think it’s so interesting. I love that it’s not all pyramid because it creates a different look and can stand alone better than a pyramid bracelet.
And I just picked up this necklace because I loved how it looked with my outfit that day 🙂

Now moving on to beauty related items.

I got two drug store pieces. First my boyfriend got me one of the new Revlon balm stains in Cherish.
It’s a purply pink color and it feels like a balm. I don’t think it actually stains your lips though but it’s a nice color. For some reason it seems shimmery when I wear it.

I also picked up this new polish by Revlon in Smoldering.
It’s silver with pink undertones. I wished it showed more pink but it’s still a nice color.

I picked up a piece from the Mac Beth Ditto collection and it’s of course the fushia lipstick in Dear Diary.
I don’t love these pro long wear lip cremes as much as the regular lipsticks because these are really creamy. They remind me of the YSL Rouge Volupte where the product is not quite hard. It slides really easily and if you’re not careful you can swipe a chunk of lipstick off. The color though is amazing! It’s brighter than girl about town and more purple than NARS Schiap.

I also picked up a blush in Coy girl.
It reminds me of NARS Mata Hari. It’s a blue tone purple and shows up really nicely on the cheeks.

I picked my my first ever Dazzleglass in Money Honey.
It’s pink, red, and gold glitters. I love it over pink lipsticks!

And then I went to the outlet with my boyfriend and picked up a few more items. I got a lipglass in astro cool.
It looks silver but it’s actually lavender tone with purple glitters. I just thought it was unique and interesting.

I picked up another lipglass in curvaceous.
It’s a muavey grey pink.

I also got a sheen supreme in fashion city.
This is a light orange coral color. It’s very nice on the lips and the color is really pretty for summer.

And then I picked up some other stuff. I got a tarte lipsurgence in charmed.
It’s a bright bubblegum pink. It’s my first lipsurgence and I was actually inspired to try it because of my new revlon balm stain. It feels really good but I don’t like lip products that are more sheer and requires more coats. I really prefer lipstick products that are not too slippery.

I also got another MUFE in 18.
I really like the formula on these. They’re not chunky and ultra creamy like the YSLs but they’re not as thick as MAC lipsticks. They’re a perfect formula. They are pigmented and the perfect creamy consistency.

And then I picked up a Jack black lip balm because I wanted something with spf to see if it will help my crazy dry lips.
I got it in grapefruit and it smells so good!

Lastly, I picked up another balm with a gift card and a little bottle of moroccan oil to try on my ends.

That’s it for my haul this time around.


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