Outfit of the day – 6/7/12 Picnics & Graduations

Thursday was chock full of activity; picnic at the zoo, random shopping and highschool graduation.

clothes F21 | bag h&m | shoes Gap
Nars Charade Eye duo | Mufe lipstick in 41

We had a mini picnic at the zoo and feasted on some bentos.


My friend even brought this cute little table.

After the picnic I went out to shop and eat with my family before my little sister and cousin’s graduations. At k-mart I found this cute Revlon weekender.
I’ve been looking for a weekender for a while because my other one is over 4 years old but I’m so picky about the outside print and inside design that I just haven’t been able to commit to one but I really like the total look of this one. The only gripe I have with it is that it’s smaller than I like.

Here’s a shot of my desert plate.

And here’s my view of the ceremony.
My litte sister graduated number 1 valedictorian of her class!


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