Birthday Weekend

Finally I have something to post other than a haul! This past weekend was a friend’s birthday so we went out to eat dinner at Cheesecake factory but on weekends they don’t do reservations so it’s a first come first serve basis and you usually wait about an hour for your table. We went on a Saturday and got there around 5 and then we got a buzzer and they told us our wait would be 70 minutes to an hour and half so since the restaurant was attached to the mall we decided to shop while we waited. Turns out the mall has no reception whatsoever so when we went back an hour later (before our given time frame) they told us they tried calling us and and couldn’t reach us so they gave our table away! So the manager said he found us a table that was finishing up and they were working on desert at the moment so we said, ok we’ll wait a little longer since they’re almost done. We ended up waiting an extra 40 minutes and those people never left! It’s extremely rude given that you can clearly see the front entrance was packed with people waiting to get a table. If you’re eating desert, isn’t it just common sense that loitering around afterward should be for a different time? I don’t know if I was more mad at the restaurant or those people who ate desert for the 40 minutes. We ended up leaving and going to Applebees which was fine in the end but a little waste of time considering we drove out about 30 minutes to get to Cheesecake.

Anyways enough on that little rant, here is my look of the night. I forgot an outfit of the day though.
I’m just wearing NARS lipstick in Schiap and light shadows with silver in my bottom waterline.

Here are my accesories for the night. I did some gold arm candy!

Here’s us waiting at the cheesecake factory.

After we ate at Applebee’s we went back to a friend’s apartment and played games and ate cake.
How awesome is that cake?

And here’s a bonus picture of my Koko:

I got $20 free gas as a party favor!


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