Recent Purchases – 04/05/2012

Back again with of course more hauling. This is like the crazy week of sales or something! Everything is on sale this week! Sephora has a 15% off deal right now and then Ulta has 20% off starting tomorrow and Sallys is having a nail polish sale as well!

Let’s start out with a bit of clothing I purchased last week. I got this cute peplum dress from forever21 but it’s a bit big so I have to make it shorter and a bit tighter.
I still haven’t decided what to do with the mesh top part yet.

Next is this cute black and white striped top that I’ve been searching what seems like forever for.
It’s got this great mesh at the top shoulder part that makes it sort of 80’s feeling.

Then I got two dresses from Charlotte because they were on sale. First I got this little black number for going out.

Then I tried this beautiful colbalt blue dress on and decided I had to have it.

I also picked up a bit of jewelry from F21. I got this three ring set that I’m still not sure how to wear yet.
This is how I’m wearing it right now. I tried stacking it on one finger but they’re too thick to all sit nicely and the rings are all the same size so that didn’t make sense.

I also picked up this great circle necklace.
I love it because it sits flat against my collar and chest.

And finally I found this coral orange version of my white necklace I got last time.
I love it because the colors so interesting and great for summer and spring.

And then I got this bracelet set to stack this summer. It’s the only beige suede piece I have.

Next are some great nail polishes because for some reason I’ve been on a crazy polish binge lately.
It must be all the deals happening. I got so many because Sally’s is on sale for buy two get one free on all polish. And their prices are cheaper than Ulta too I realized. For instance Orly is $8 at Ulta but only $6 at Sally’s and only $5 if you’re a member.

First I picked up two random sinful colors from Walgreens though. I got this darker Tiffany blue type color called sweet dreams.

Then I got this cool purple color in Zeus. It’s a darker shimmery purple with a sort of red sheen under, really interesting.

I also picked up two sets of three polishes from Sallys because of the sale. First I purchased three China Glazes. The first one is this beautiful blue grey color called Sea Spray.

Then I got this nude with peachy undertone color called Sunset Sail.

And then I got the classic For Audrey.

I’ve also been wanting to try Orly polishes lately because I just love the bottle and the handle design and the colors are also quite different. They just look so unique and opaque in the bottles. First I picked up this color called You’re Blushing that I’ve been wanting.
It’s this cool tone grey purple that actually comes on a lot less harsh than it looks in the bottle. It looks quite feminine for it’s color tone.

I also picked up Lollipop, a bright lilac shade.
I love this color! It’s so cheeky and cute.

Lastly, I picked up this milky nude pink color in Prelude to a kiss.
I love the opaqueness of it and the bright but milky nude shade. I can’t wait to wear this when I’m tanner.

That’s all for my haul. I’m sure with the great sales still happening you’ll be seeing more.


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