Recent Purchases – Pre-Spring Haul

Hi Lovelies! I’m back again with yet another haul. Some of these are very recent and some are almost a month old but I just didn’t post them because they’ve been sitting in the back of my car. Let’s start out first with the older stuff. It’s actually a mini Rimmel haul that I got last month a Walgreens because they had a 40% sale plus I had a $1 off coupon from Redplum. The coupon is currently available right now still but the sale is a little different. I just dropped by Walgreens yesterday and only some Rimmel things are still 40% off. I got 5 things for a total of around $12. I used four $1 off coupons to get it down to this low. Here’s what I got:

I got a hot pink polish:
I actually really like Rimmel polishes because the brush is quite wide making the application really easy.

I got two mascaras, the huge orange one called scandaleyes and the hot pink one called max volume flash.
I’ve been wanting to try both of these for the longest time so I picked them up when they were dirt cheap. Size-wise the brushes are pretty close with the orange one being a little bigger. Performance-wise, the orange is much better than the pink. They both promise volume but only the orange delivers. The pink one takes more coats to get volume and it’s sort of wet too so the product comes on thin and wet. I’m glad I didn’t pay too much to try them. I do like the orange one but it’s nothing I’ll go out of my way to repurchase. I still prefer Loreal Volumnious and Maybellene falsies.

I also got a lipstick in number 12.
These are one of the new Kate ones and was the only one left so I picked it up. It’s ok. It’s a bright orange red sort of like MAC’s Morange but the thing I don’t like about it is that it’s slick and wet looking. I actually don’t mind bright orange colors but since they’re so bright I prefer them to be more satin and less shiny.

Lastly, I got an eyeliner.
It’s nice, nothing special. It’s got some glitter particles in it that I don’t really like but I don’t have a color like this so it’s ok to have in my collection.

Apart from my couponing, I also picked up a few neccesities for my hair.
I got a dry shampoo which in hindsight is not super necessary since I wash my hair everyday now due to sweating after running but in case I need it, now I have it. I also picked up a new shampoo from Tresamme for anti breakage. I’m trying it for the first time so hopefully it performs better than my pantene one. I also got another one of my Neutrogena conditioners which I love. This will be my 3rd bottle. I don’t know if I can say that about any other product except for Mufe Smokey lash mascara.

I also picked up two sinful colors nail polishes. First is a hot pink in Cream Pink.
My friend actually used this the other day and I loved it so we’ll see how I like it on my nails.

I also got a pale jade/teal one.
This one is in Greek Isles and its this beautiful muted green/teal shade with sort of grey undertones.

Next I got a new makeup bag/case from Target by Sonia Kashuk.
This is part of her new spring/summer line and I just love the colors. It’s a three section case. The top section is a small one with a zipped pocket and a brush pocket with protection.
The bottom part is divided into two sections by zippers but I didn’t actually like it that way since I like for my liquid products to sit rather than lay flat. I also found that it’s pretty weak in the middle section because there’s no foam support, it’s just a few layers of fabric dividing the two.
You can see in the pictures that the products dip down. So what did I do? I cut the middle section out and turned the bottom into one large section. Now I just have to remember not to unzip that last zip.
So now I have a deep container for my products and it’s more sturdy.

I also got two extra little cases/bags from a set by Modella.
I forgot to take a picture of the whole set but basically it’s a large clear bag and inside are the two above cases and two smaller pouches. We actually got the bag as my dog’s bag for when we leave the house because before her stuff was in a huge carrier and I was getting tired of lugging that thing around. I used the two smaller pouches to put her hair stuff and her poop bags in and then I kept these two cases.

And finally, my boyfriend got me a few pieces of F21 jewelry that I’ve had my eye on.
This one is a creamy white color and it’s cute because it actually sits asymmetrically on your neck.

Next is this huge one.
I love it cause it’s huge and it has lace detailing on top.

And lastly, I got a beautiful blue cross.
This will be perfect for summer!

That’s all I got from my recent hauling but here’s a bonus picture of a present for my 1 year old cousin.
She’s going to look so cute and chubby in this!


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