Recent Purchases – A Little Bit Free

Not too much this week, just bits here and there. I reached level 5 in Ulta rewards points so I stopped by ulta to pick up my free reward. I didn’t like anything on the list except for the free hairdryer and some hair products but I decided to pick up this Big Sexy Hair teasing spray with my points.

I actually chose this one because I feel like my other hair spray that I use to back comb is ruining my hair so I don’t use it anymore but sometimes my hair still needs a little extra lift. I haven’t tried this yet because I haven’t gone out since I bought it but I will probably be trying it next weekend.

I also picked up my second color tattoo with a coupon from Target. I chose Pomegranate punch.
I’ve used this under a stila cranberry shade in Jezebel and it’s great. It really makes the color pop and stay on the lid. I still want to pick up a few more, probably in the white and bronze colors.

And then I got a few things from H&M. First I got this great set of rings because I’ve been wanting small thin silver rings.
I probably will not be wearing them all together but mix them in with other rings. H&M jewelry has really been impressing me lately.

From H&M I also picked up an orange top for summer and a pair of beige work pants.
I’m really excited to wear that top with some white shorts and tons of gold jewelry!

And that’s it for my haul. I have my eye on a few more H&M jewelry pieces that you’ll be seeing soon!


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