Oscars 2012 – The Good & The Bad

I’m back with another awards pick. I’m going to make this quick though because I didn’t watch the Oscars and I didn’t find anything I loved or hated.

First, the goods.
I love the color and shape of Stacey Kiebler’s dress. I think it could do without huge flower though but overall she looks great. I love that bright blue color on the next dress and it makes the dress so modern and young. I also love the detailing in Guilianna Rancic’s dress. I think the Oscars are the perfect time to wear luxurious dresses like that. Maria’s dress is just so-so but what I really like about it are the beautiful green colors in the dress.
I think Angelina’s choice was great because you usually see her in these sleek stark dresses that make her look old. I think she looks young and great here. I love the color of Cameron’s dress and the slight greys mixed into the nude dress. Kristin Wiig’s blush tone dress is also beautiful, especially with the tulle at the bottom. I just think the shape is so beautiful pulled together with all the different textures. Glenn’s dress really shows off her body but the color makes it age appropriate. I’m on the fence about Michelle William’s dress. I usually don’t like these shades of red that look like it used to be darker but you washed it one too many times. I love the design of the dress though just not the washed out red color.

The Bads.
I know people love Gwenyth’s Tom Ford cape dress but I just don’t like it. I think capes don’t and will never have a place on the red carpet. It looks sleek and even nice but it also looks ridiculous and like she’s going to take off on a space ship after the awards are done. I hate Penelope’s mother of the bride dress and the color makes it worse. I really don’t like Viola’s Vera Wang dress. The color and fabric was a bad combination. It looks like a dress in one of those prom circulars that senior girls get in the mail around prom time. Ellier Kemper’s dress is my pick for the worst of all. I don’t know if it’s sequined or what but I hate the colors. The dress might look good if it was shades of nudes and golds. The two last dresses are just not flattering and Jane’s dress is not event appropriate.

This is the last award of the season and overall I wasn’t impressed with the dresses all season. Not a single one stood out as amazing to me. Hopefully we’ll do better next year!


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