Everyday Case Tour

If you seen my makeup organization posts you might’ve seen this circle bag that I got from Forever21 but you haven’t really seen what’s inside.
This case actually sits on top of my vanity and I keep my everyday product options in it so that in case I ever need to take or pack up my makeup to go, I just zip this up and I have my whole face in here. I actually bought this bag because my other everyday makeup bag was not working for me. It was a flat black case and surprisingly most of these things fit in there but everything has to be laid down and sitting on top of each other. With this bigger case things can stand up and I can find things without digging.
I don’t really switch the products in here out unless I pick up something new that I love and I want to throw it in there. At the top I have face products and then at the bottom I have pencils and longer products. Then I have two little organization boxes sitting in the middle for cheek and eye stuff.

I’ve gone through and pulled out the products to show you what I have in each section. First, the face stuff and primers.
As you can see I have 5 face primers in there but that’s just because I’m still testing some of them out. I’m really only using three right now: the smashbox, the porefesshional, and the korres mattifying one. I’m trying to use the hd with different types of foundation routines to see if I can make it work because as of right now I still hate it. The Laura Mercier primer is a sample I got with 100 points at Sephora but I haven’t tried it yet so it’s in there until I try it and decide if I like it. I also have two eye primers in there. The UD one is default one but I’m currently trying the NARs and I like it so far. It’s a creamier texture than the UD one. And then I have two setting sprays that I use from time to time. I haven’t fallen in love with either one but I’m still trying it with different foundation routines to see what works best. I definitely like fix+ more than the de-slick though.

Next, in the left center tray I have powders and blushes.
For blushes I keep a pink, a peach, a muave and a light purple in there. I also have two translucent finishing powders in there because I’m loving the mineral veil that I got in December and I use it a lot but I’m almost done with the amazing cosmetics one so I left it in there to finish. Then I have a bronzer and a highlighter. Just a quick note, I also keep my NARS Danmari palette and Nars orgasm laguna duo in there as well on the sides.

Then in the center right tray I have concealers and eye products that are in jars.
I have two eyelash curlers. The mini is for fixing fake lashes. I have three concealers, one for under eyes and two for spot concealing. My favorite is the Bobbi brown one for now because it matches my skin perfectly when I don’t wear foundation. I have two eye bases, a nude and a taupe. I also have two gel liners in black and brown. I really tried to cover all my bases in this case.

In the bottom part of the case I have a tiny thin box in the center to hold thinner pencils and then on the two sides I have thicker things like cream and mascara.
I have my two stila cream products and my three favorite mascaras. I also have two lipglosses, a nude and a your-lips-but-better color.

In the center box are the thinner pencils and liners.
I have a few nyx jumbo pencils for bases. And then I have a brow pencil and two pencil liners. I also have a liquid liner and three lip pencils. The lip pencils might be the only things that I switch in and out a lot but I like to keep a nude and a hot pink in the case.

And that’s everything I have in the case. As you can see I can fit a lot of stuff in there and have everything standing up and in their position without anything stacking and having to dig for stuff. This is perfect for a night away or for taking somewhere to get ready for a night out. If I need to bring more makeup then I take out my big silver train case and throw more stuff in there. Also you’ll see I don’t have any eyeshadow in there because most of my shadows that I use are in palettes which is how I prefer them for traveling. There’s enough space for me to throw in a few palettes on top and just zip it up and go.


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