Nail Organization – New Buys & Old Goodbyes

The other day I decided to organize my nail polish and nail supplies and decided to photo-document it. I actually decided to do this because that same day I used an ulta coupon and bought two new nail polishes that I’ve just been wanting for so long now (ok just a month or so.)

They’re the Nicki Minaj OPI polishes in Pink Friday and Metallic for life.
I’ve been looking at swatches of them for so long I finally decided to get them. I really needed a baby pink shade because I have a few but they’re streaky and my nails are not smooth so the streaks are even worse even with a base under. And I couldn’t resist how glitter packed Metallic for life was but you need 3 coats to get it dense enough to look like it does in swatches.
And Here’s a swatch on my nail wheel.
That’s 2 coats of pink friday and 3 coats of Metallic for life.

So I basically took out all my nail stuff and laid it out on the floor to figure out how I was going to reorganize it.

And then I went through and started separating polishes by brand and throwing out colors that are dried or I don’t use or don’t plan on using anymore. Here’s my trash pile.
As you can see my only other baby pink polish from NYC broke in the process. Good riddance.

I’ve also recently decided that I would start collecting OPI’s now until I realized I already have a few.
On the far right is a really pretty dark purle magenta glittery shade and it’s so great that I found this because I was going to buy the same sort of shade from the Nicki Minaj line even though it was a crackle.
I got distracted while I put these polishes on a nail wheel.

I finally decided that I would put my favorite polishes and nail supplies in my huge silver Caboodles train case since I don’t ever really use it.
On the left top tier I have nail brushes, dotting tools, and other nail tools. The tier below that I have my jewels and flower deco pieces. On the right top tier I have all the files, and cuticle creams. The tier below that I have my pearls and stamping supplies. Then all my favorite polishes are in the very bottom including my polish remover and cotton rounds. Then I just set my mini beads on top of the whole thing.

I put all my mini drawing polishes in my old brush holder from Ikea.

And the rest of my polishes in this old box.
These are more seasonal colors and colors I don’t use too often or I only use for specific designs.

And there you go! That’s my polish organization for a while. I am thinking of moving the stuff into the pink train case though because I might someday need my silver case for on the go but the pink is a little small. I don’t know I’ll have to figure it out.

One Comment on “Nail Organization – New Buys & Old Goodbyes”

  1. maymay says:

    OMG! I love love your nail polish collection XD
    I can’t believe you even have a trash pile, I’m such a hoarder I won’t be able to threw anything away. great blog by the way!

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