LPT Valentines Day – You’re never too old for crafts!

I’m back to do a quick party post on our annual LPT Valentines Day Party! Every year my friends and I get together, trade cards we make, decorate boxes and play Valentine Jeopardy! Here are some quick shots from this year’s party.

Here are our crafting supplies for making boxes and cards.

Here are the cards I made a few weeks prior to the party.
I found these Olivia pig valentines cards at Walgreens and I just had to have them but we had a strict no store bought cards rules (which you’ll see some lazies broke later) so I painstakingly cut out the Olivia figures and glued them onto my big heart cards. I wanted to do traditional heart shaped Valentines this year so I got all these cute supplies from Target including the foam heart shapes, doilies, word and heart stickers. Then On the back I wrote some pretty awesome gangster Valentines messages like “Thugs need love too,” or “You’re my ride or die chick” lol, I love holidays what can I say.

Then we decorated our boxes. It was a BYOB party so everyone brought their own box to decorate.

Here’s a close up of my box:
I got my sister and I these boxes from the dollar store and then I just used left over scrap paper to add some pzazz.

We also played an awesome Valentines themed jeopardy game hosted by Xti and made and ate some yummy curry! After eating and playing, we exchanged cards. Here’s a shot of the cards I got!
As you can see we have two rule breakers who did store bought but it was ok because their cards came attached with yummy candy šŸ™‚ Those cards with the figures of the girls were made my cousin and all traced and cut by hand! Xti did one out of paint swatches with a button glued to the bottom saying “you’re as cute as a button!”

This is one of the most childish things we do every year and it’s also the most fun! I hope to continue doing this until I’m old and grey and can’t pick up scissors anymore!

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