Recent Purchases – Love is in the Air

I don’t shop too much these days but over a few weeks I do pick up things here and there. First, my favorite buy!

Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipstick!
I waited so long to pick this up and rushed out to get it as soon as it hit stores! I have been wanting a non-shiny bright pink lipstick for so long! It’s a satin finish so it looks sort of matte which is really cute with this color. I tried my best to edit the picture to show what the lipstick really looks like in person but my lip swatch is still a little lighter than what it looks like. It should be brighter and less milky.

I also stopped by Sephora and picked up three things, two lippies and a Bobbie Brown concealer.
First let’s talk about the concealer. This is the second time I’ve exchanged it because of the color now and I’m finally satisfied. I kept having to go back because the two previous colors were too dark for me. My skin is lighter on my cheeks and jaw than on my forehead so the colors never matched perfectly because I kept going for darker colors. I think I had natural tan and natural before and now I have warm biege which is the perfect match. I realized that I need to start picking lighter concealers because the majority of my concealing is on my cheeks.

Ok now onto the good stuff! First I got a Sephora lipstick in the beautiful fushia color!
It’s the color R11 Love test and it’s so pretty! I don’t have any other colors like it. My Nars Schiap is sort of in the same hot pink color category but this is is less of a hot pink and more of a almost purple tone. I actually discovered this color why waiting for my boyfriend to get a haircut at the salon. I was browsing through a february issue of some magazine and came upon a model with this color on for an article about valentines makeup looks. So of course I texted myself the color and pulled out the text as soon as I got into a sephora 🙂

I also picked up my very first YSL rouge volupte in number 26 Tender Peach.
It’s not really a peach, its more of a nude. I love the feel of these lipsticks, they’re super rich and creamy and apply like a cream paste rather than a lipstick. And the color payoff is great but the color selection at Sephora didn’t really stand out to me. If I want to start collecting these I would have to look for more colors because the only other colors I liked at Sephora were Opera Rose and Red taboo.

I also picked up some accessories over a few trips to the mall.
I got this ring from Forever 21 and it’s so cute! It makes me feel like doing battle!

I picked up this lime green neon wallet from Target a few weeks ago.
I’m planning to use this as a clutch instead because something this cute needs to be showcased not shoved into a purse!

I picked up this purse from F21 in anticipation for spring.
I love that it’s classy and orange. I also love that’s softly structured and not so boxy.

And then I picked up this necklace from H&M along with some other goodies.
They were still doing the buy one get one free so I picked these two pieces up.
I love the peter pan neck on the black top and the scallop bottom! I also love the classic pink color detail on the white button down.


A Valentines post will be coming up on how I celebrated with my friends!


4 Comments on “Recent Purchases – Love is in the Air”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Love the lipsticks, where is the Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipstick from? Jen XOXO

  2. maymay says:

    The Nicki Minaj Viva Glam lipstick is really pretty! I love that shade of pink… well, I just love pink 🙂

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