Recent Purchases – Socks & Sales

Just little bits here and there from the past few weeks that I picked up.

I got my cousin a late Birthday gift.
It’s a combination of things she needs and likes.

H&M was having a buy one get one free sale so I got two things for $10! Can you believe that? I got this great suede type grey blazer with a faux leather string to tie in front.
And my free item was this thick beautiful midnight blue scarf.
I don’t have anything like this color. I don’t usually wear blue but I like odd shades of blue and this is definitely a color you don’t see often.

I also picked up some valentines items.
I got two boxes because I’ll be decorating them at our annual Valentines party. And then I got these little heart boxes that I see every year but never buy because I never need them. But this year, I’ll do something with them I hope!

Then I picked up new shoes and socks for the gym since I started going back often now. My boyfriend picked out these Reeboks.
They were really nice and comfortable at first but now that I’ve worn them a few days they’re turning out to be too big or something. They hurt so much during my body attack class that I had to leave in the middle of class. It hurts mostly on the outside of my right heel and when I run fast or do jump type movements. I don’t know what to do now cause I can’t wear them anymore.

I also got some colorful socks because I like the little writing at the bottom:

Then I got this little cheapie lipstick from Essence to Try. It’s a nice nude, a bit darker than most nudes but still nice and very wearable.

And finally I got this sweater from F21 on sale.
I love the texture and knit but I was on the fence about it because it’s dry clean only.

That’s all for my purchases. I’m trying to find a solution for my shoes because I need running shoes and I can’t do anything but stretch and jog in those shoes 😦


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