Vanity Oh Vanity

I’ve recently cleaned up my vanity again and changed some things around. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this but I bought my vanity from Urban Outfitters years ago for something like $10. It used to be a store display piece which is why it was so inexpensive. But because of that, it didn’t come with drawers and I’ve struggled ever since to find a way to make the drawer part work but I just can’t seem to find drawers or boxes that fit. Two years ago, I randomly stuck some Aerie Gift boxes in a drawer compartment and what do you know, it fits! So I gave up my search and took two boxes, taped and stapled them together to make a long narrow drawer and it worked for me for about 2 years until the boxes started ripping and falling apart.

So recently, I found these little drawer organizers from Target and decided to pick up 2 to try and see if they would fit because I desperately wanted something with compartments. Previously I basically used tiny boxes to compartmentalize my makeup. So I stuck them in and they fit! I was so estatic. The only problem is that since they’re made to go in drawers and not used as drawers, they’re only about 2 inches high but I’m not too hung up on that right now because I’m just happy I found something nice that will organize my makeup and fit inside the drawer space. I got two and I use them in the top two drawer spaces where I reach for the most.

So, onto the organizing. First, I used one of the Target drawers on the left top drawer for my face makeup.
That’s the top view of the products. And this is what it looks like when you pull the drawer out.
I still keep my most reached for makeup including all my face makeup in the circular pink train case on top of my desk so the stuff in this drawer are more for back up and for if I want variety and change in my daily makeup routine. From Left to right in the front I keep my eye pencils, eye sticks, etc. Then I have my foundations and concealers and then on the far right are my blushes. From left to right in the back I have random stuff like gel bronzer, an urban decay eye pigment, and an etude eye liner. In the middle section I have primers, minerals, highlighters, bronzers, and bases like paint pots and aqua creams.

My second Target drawer I used on the top right drawer and it contains mostly lip products.
And here is what it looks like when I pull out the drawer:
I tried to cluster my lipsticks by brand so that I can easily find them and then I put the brand I have the most of in front. I also put my MAC lipsticks in the front center section because I have a few of them and I tend to lose them so my hope is that if I keep them there I can easily find them. On the front right I have my liners, mostly lip liners but I do have a few brow liners and eye liners in there. And then in the middle and far back right section I have lipglosses. I would keep them all together but some are too big for the middle section so I made a section in the back right for them.

Since I wasn’t sure if the drawer organizers were going to fit when I bought them, I only bought 2. I have 6 drawer sections in total so I kept my most durable Aerie drawer boxes from before and used them for the two middle drawers. The bottom left drawer has no drawer in it because i keep my hair straightners and curling irons in there. The bottom right is filled with boxes of random knick knacks.

In the middle left drawer I reorganized it according to use.
Here’s the view of how it is when I pull it out:
As you can see, I have my curling iron in the left part for easy access and then in the front I have a box of makeup wipes. This layout really works for me because it makes it easy for me to pull out what I need easily. Behind that I have some older eyeshadows or eyeshadows I just don’t use much and some samples. Behind the small bottle samples I have some back up products including a Loreal liquid liner and a Stila stingray pencil liner.

My other Aerie Drawer on the middle right houses my palettes and eyelashes.
If you can see, I have a mini clear drawer organizer in the front section that I got a while back from Target. I was really happy when I bought it until I put it in and it made my drawer hard to pull out. It will still come out but it’s a bit of a struggle. The other problem and reason why I didn’t buy more of these is that the organizing compartments are quite large making it hard for me to find a way to arrange smaller makeup pieces in it. But I discovered that for palettes, it works really well because of the large compartments. In front of the clear drawer organizer I stashed a large mirror in there in case I ever need it. I have my longer palettes like Naked and my two stila palettes on the left compartment. In the smaller front right compartment I have my small quads. Behind it I have my more square flat palettes. Because my middle drawer sections are higher I’m able to stand my palettes without having a problem with them blocking the pulling flow. Behind my palettes I have all my new unused eyelashes, most from LA earlier this year. I don’t know if I’ll ever go through them all because I only wear lashes on weekends and special occasions so a pair can last me a month or so because I like to use them 3-4 times before I toss them. Most of the time I just lose them after taking them off though đŸ™‚

As far as vanity drawers go, that’s all I have in my vanity. I do keep this little clear cylinder of makeup to try on top of my desk so that it’s visible and accessible.
In there I have some samples and a lot of products I bought from Nov-Dec that I haven’t touched yet.

I also have a clear picture of my little vanity tray and brush organization.
I keep my most used products up here plus skincare and perfumes.

And finally a bonus picture of my new years eve nails:
I painted the top half black and then sponged on some silver on the bottom half. Then I added silver glitter polish on the bottom half and then I put a clear coat on the bottom half and sprinkled silver glitter on top to give it that real glitter texture. And I did the same for the gold glitter after the silver glitter dried. It was cute but extremely hard to remove!


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