Recent Purchases – Mini Fashion Haul

I’m back with a tiny haul of just three pieces. I’ve only worn one of them sine I received them a few weeks ago. First, I got two sweaters from my grandma:

The first one is an INC thick knit cardigan with a gold chain trim. It’s quite long and a bit bulky but I love it. It’s such a classic look and I really like the chain trim. The second one is a plain black thick knit sweater with a slight drape front that I plan to use for layering.

I haven’t shopped much in the last few weeks but I did pick up this really pretty turquoise necklace from Forever21. This is exactly my style of neck wear.

It has tiny sparkles in it when you look up close.

And I received two cute little things for my office from my aunt: a black pump tape dispenser and a black purse post it dispenser!


I would probably never pick these up myself but now that I have it, I sort of love it 🙂


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