Golden Globes 2012 Fashion Review

I love award season because I love going through the fashion and picking out what I liked and disliked. Sometimes I’m torn in the middle but this time I have really clear goods and bads.

Overall I’m not too impressed with the turnout. I feel like the dresses could have been better and more beautiful and there were quite a few ok good dresses, nothing spectacular that made me want to weep and own the dress but there were some pretty good dresses.

First, my top three picks:
I was just so mesmerized my Helen Mirren’s choice. I guess if I had to pick one aww moment this would be it. I just don’t count it as a “weep and want” type dress because it’s not for me personally but for her age it’s beautiful and breathtaking. She could do no better in my eyes than with a dress like this. It was age appropriate and still stylish and stunning. Elle macpherson’s dress would be my top choice overall this year. I just love the color, the textures and the way it fits her. It’s young, modern, and not too serious which I think is perfect for the Golden Globes. I also really loved Jessica Biel’s choice. It’s unexpected and and really softens her which I think is good because for me she always looks a bit harsh and old on camera.

Next top picks:
Next, I really liked Selma Hayak’s gold and black dress because I feel like it’s such a classic but cool color combination. it makes a plain strapless flowy dress a bit more edgey. And it looks great on her body because she usually wears dresses that accentuate her chest too much or pushes it out too much. Charlize’s Dior Couture gown was also beautiful but I think for her, it’s a little overdone. It’s pretty but I’m not blown away maybe because she does Dior so much. Next, I loved Emma Stone’s two-toned dress. It’s very edgy and modern. It has just enough elegance and drama mixed together.

Some more good dresses:
I really liked Evan Rachel Wood’s glitter and feather dress because I love the play on textures and the fit is nice. I don’t like her harsh makeup though. For me, I feel like she always does harsh makeup and it just doesn’t match her because it makes her look so old. Next, I love Julianne Moore’s look. Well, I love her in general but her look is just flawless. The mixture of her pale skin, red hair, black dress and emerald earrings are just perfect. I also loved Paula Patton’s look not because of the dress because it’s just a basic strapless but I love the color on her.

And my final picks for best dressed:
First, Stacy Keibler. I just liked the plain red dress and her overall look and I don’t know how old she is but it seems very age appropriate like it makes her match George Clooney even though she is probably decades younger than him. Next I loved Sofia Vergara’s dress, especially the color because I feel like it tones all the layers down and makes it more elegant and less edgy which I think matches her well. And finally I liked Rooney Mara’s black dress because it’s different and edgy but still awards-show appropriate.

Now, onto the bads. There were quite a few of them too. I’ve grouped them in fours because well, there were a lot of them. First are my top picks for worst dressed:
The worst of the night I would have to say is Amanda Peet in her white 70’s lace ruffled dress. It was just too old looking and the shape was horrible because the ruffles were so long. It reminded me of The Virgin Suicides. Next is Michelle Williams’ dress. I just hate the velvety blue look. It reminds me of a dated drape from a dark scene in Harry Potter. With a different fabric I think this dress could be quite pretty. My favorite look of hers remain the mustard dress she wore to the Oscars years ago. I think it was a Vera. I also hated Kelly Osbourne’s dress, especially with her hair. I usually like this kind of dress and I think the shape is so pretty with the sleeves but I don’t like it in this color and in this heavy fabric and on her. I also didn’t like Kate Winslet’s dress because it makes her look dowdy. I feel like that’s a dress you can find at your local JcPennys.

Onto more bads:
I just didn’t like Reese Witherspoon in this dress. I think the concept of the dress and the color are so beautiful but I think the fit and her hair was just off and didn’t do the dress justice. I think it would look better on a much narrower and less curvey woman because the seams in the dress seem to add to the dress a bit too much. And it should be tighter. I liked the dress just not Reese in it. Next is Jessica Alba. It’s just a bit disappointing to see her in something so drab because she’s so beautiful she could pull of such amazing, edgy pieces. The dress looks like a mid 90’s prom dress. Natalie Portman’s dress looks like it belongs at a state dinner. If it was a different color like a green or mustard it might be interesting. And Maria Menudos’ dress also looked like a mid 90’s prom dress, I swear if you watch a teen movie from that period you’ll see her dress. That bright yellow sequin is just not a good choice on that dress style.

Some more bads:
I just didn’t like Angelina’s dress because it made her look so old and harsh which I usually like about her but this dress made it just too much. It belongs on a Holiday barbie and it might work well to contrast against someone who is younger and more laid back but since it’s already a hard dress, putting it on a hard person makes the package unattractive. Michelle Gellar’s dress looked like a dinner napkin all scrunched up. It seems out of place because it’s so poufy. And the print is just not good on her or the carpet. I also didn’t like Glen’s dress because I want it to frame her a little better. I do like the odd neckline which I think would’ve worked well on a poufy ball gown. I also didn’t like Mila Kunis’ look overall. I think it’s a nice dress but I feel like she’s done it before and I feel like the black clashes with her hair and skin too much and makes her look like she’s sick or taking herself too seriously.

And finally, the last of the bad bunch.
This is kind of my torn/unsure set. I’m kind of on the edge about Lea Michele’s look because I love the color and texture and top of the dress but I don’t think it works for her. It makes her look old and it makes her look like a figure skater. I also feel the same way about Piper Perabo’s dress. I love the dress, because it’s like the modern ball gown but I feel like I’ve seen someone wear this or something really close to this before and I don’t like it on her for some reason. Lastly, I’m also in the middle on Diana Argon’s dress because I love the color on her and I love the top but added to the bottom it’s too much. That cut out at the top is so beautiful but the cutout ruffles at the bottom look like old lace again and its too much. If that top came with a poufy calf length bottom or if it was on a ball gown I think I would be great.

That’s all for Golden Globes. I can’t wait to see what they do for the Oscars!


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