7 Questions to Ask When You’re Not Sure Who You’re Becoming

I found this neat little prompt through link clicking online and thought what a great tool to use to re-evaluate yourself and refocus, especially at this time of year. It’s just 7 questions to kind of help you work through what matters to you. So here goes!

Here’s the website: http://unicornsforsocialism.com/2011/12/18/7-questions-to-ask-when-youre-not-sure-who-youre-becoming/

1 :: What am I freakishly good at?

I’m good at making decisions and taking multiple points of view and merging it into one. I’m good at organizing, paying attention to detail and thinking of things most people would forget. I’m good at researching and communicating. I’m also excellent at sudoku:) I’m also good at creative stuff whether it be fashion designing, photoshopping, writing, interior designing or just plain old designing. I’m great at planning and most of the times I’m good about following through. I’m also pretty good with giving advice that is both meaningful and relevant. I’m also excellent with direction. I almost always know where I am in reference to north, south, east, and west even if I’m in an unfamiliar place or city.

2 :: What do I geek out about?

I think this is a question referring to what I fangirl about. I, on principal, don’t fangirl alot because I have friends who do it enough for all of us but I do have my squirming moments. I geek out about makeup and skincare, especially skincare. I also geek out about Big Bang, most especially lead singer GD. I also geek out a little bit about Bingo. Oh and not to forget, Harry Potter! I’m a huge HP Fan and I have plans in the work to visit the replica at Universal studios in Florida. But other than that I’m not really a huge fan of anything like I don’t collect memorabilia or stalk anything.

3 :: If I was a horrifically superficial & shallow person, what would I really want?

Money. M-O-N-E-Y, money. If we’re going into suprficial terms, that is what I want. It would solve so many of my problems including what I want to do for a living, when will I be able to move out, how I can dress and look the way I want–everything. I would be able to start that online marketing and online magazine business I’ve always wanted. I would be my own boss and travel the world. I would get a gorgeous penthouse in New York and have my own driver everywhere I go. I would also like to be well known, not famous but like either behind the scenes as a mogul or in a way where people want to find me to network. I wan’t to be the guy that hands out connections and helps people discover themselves and their careers. I’d be like a secret Trump because I don’t want to be quite as visible as him but I want to do what he does, hold the strings to multiple businesses and industries. And I want to be Anna Wintour except for with a different haircut and I would be a lot nicer.

4 :: What do I want to be known for?

I want to be known for me, for the things I already do and know. I want to be a name in fashion, a name in the beauty and skincare industry. I want to be what Rachel Zoe is for styling but for a broader category of fabulousness. I wan’t to be known like a socialite is but not for being rich or being a socialite, for simply being good at fashion and beauty.

5 :: If I had a full year off, and a stipend of {insert ‘how DARE you?!’ amount of money, here}, how would I spend it?
The time, that is? And then the money?

I would travel the world with my millions and go to all the luxery resorts in the Maldives, Greece, Italy, Carribean Islands, Scandinavia. I would go to Prague and walk on the cobblestone roads. I would go to Korea and be in shopping heaven. I would spend my year traveling, exploring, tasting, trying and blogging. I would read all the books I’ve ever wanted to read. I would spend months in a little flat overlooking the eiffle Tower in Paris just waking up to the view and smell of bread. I would take some time and discover new cultures and do volunteer work teaching kids english or building homes. I would do it all if I could!

6 :: What’s going to be carved on my hypothetical tombstone?

It would say that I did a lot, gave a lot and learned a lot.

7 :: If my parents / my grandma / God / whoever holds my sense of personal propriety in check was GONE (poof!) and there was no one to offend, upset, or disappoint… who would I become?

I would become Carrie Bradshaw-esque. Honestly, I’ve always dreamed of being an independent, successful single girl in New York living in a great apartment with an even greater closet. I’d party and hang out til dawn and wake up, shower and go out for brunch and people watch all afternoon. I would be a lot more selfish and just live life with only me to worry about and me to comply with. I wouldn’t go out and do anything bad but I’d just be on my own without anyone worrying about my safety and getting their panties in a bunch over it:)


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