Naked 2 – Thoughts & Comparisions

So just one post below this one, I had the Naked 2 on my new wish list for this year but I expressed concern over whether or not I’ll really want it once I see in person. Yesterday, on my weekly mall excursion, I saw it in person. It wasn’t in the main Sephora on the mall floor but I found it in the JCP Sephora because I was sent over there for my foundation color.


My first impression was that I liked the sleek look of the packaging and the colors look nice in the pan. And then I swatched them and I wasn’t all that impressed. The picture above is the naked original on top and then the naked 2 colors on bottom. I outlined the colors I liked in each. As you can see I only like and use about half of the colors in the original Naked which was the main reason why I hesitated on jumping the gun and ordering Naked 2. I just felt like if I didn’t use most of the Naked original colors then I wouldn’t like Naked 2 that much but what made me put it on my want list was that I am a fan of cooler neutrals which is what the Naked 2 is supposed to be chock full of. It actually is about half cool and half warm tones. And a lot of the shades are almost exactly like the original Naked shades. I don’t use sparkly golds much like half baked and that was repeated in Naked 2. I just thought it was too yellow of a gold for me. And then I thought I was going to like Busted in Naked 2 because I really like Hustle from Naked but I swatched them next to each other and I didn’t like Busted. I like Hustle because it looks like a smokey dark grey tone brown but it’s actually a purple undertone. I thought busted from Naked 2 would be the same idea but it’s just mostly a dark shimmery brown. I also appreciate that Naked 2 has a matte black but I’m so picky about my blacks that I didn’t swatch it. There was this time a few years back that I spend months searching for the darkest black that actually wore black on the eyes and finally found it in UD’s Perversion. I just haven’t found a black that compares to it yet so I didn’t bother swatching blackout. I did like the following four colors from the Naked 2 palette though.

I liked the matte highlight in foxy because although it looked yellowish in the pan, swatched it’s the perfect shade for your skin because of the yellow undertone.

I also liked tease which is a purple tone taupe color. Purple toned taupes are actually some of my favorite colors.

I also liked verve which was the most beautiful color I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a creamy shimmery white silver color and I was almost tempted to buy the palette for that color alone. I don’t usually go for shimmers, but this color just had the most beautiful turnout with it’s creamy consistency.

Lastly I really liked YDK because it was also another shade I haven’t seen before. It’s a rose gold shade that was so just so unique and beautiful. I don’t know if those two shades are limited to the palette or if they sell them as individual but I will definitely be researching them.

In the end, four shades didn’t justify the $50 price tag because when I bought the Naked original I already knew I would never use the shades on the right and I didn’t. I haven’t dipped my brush in the right shades once with the exception of Hustle. I’ll wait it out and see if I can find Verve and YDK as individuals.


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