[ ♡ ] New Year Resolutions – 2012 is starting out great!

Happy New Years everyone! I hope everyone had an awesome new years! I had a great time and despite the weather I was actually able to go out this weekend and have some semi-crazy adventures! I’ll come back later with another post on my new years outfit and activities but this post is dedicated to my new years resolutions!

I just have a feeling that it’s going to be a great year! My predictions for last year somewhat came true about it being a year of change and drifting apart but this year I have a good feeling in my bones! Good things are coming and I’m nothing but excited! I feel like changes are coming as well, big changes but instead of them being bad, I think they’re going to be good changes and we will all be heading in the direction we want to head in. I’m so ecstatic for the new year and the good things to come. I think its because I started out the new year great with family and friends and of course my boyfriend. I haven’t spent new years with him in over 3 years so it was awesome to finally say happy new years to him in person instead of over the phone twice in one night (because he was a timezone behind me.)

As you can see, in honor of the new year I’ve also changed my theme back to my old one and added a new header. Now onto the good stuff. I’ve thought long and hard about my resolutions. Usually I don’t make any because I forget about them a month later but this year I’m determined to make them work and to constantly work on them. I’ve made them all realistic and attainable because I know I’ll be more likely do them. They’re also things that I can keep a check on daily so that I don’t forget them. Ok so here goes:

1. Return to gym, 4 times a week – I was so into the gym when I joined last February and I was in there 5-6 times a week but as my workout partners started dropping out, I became less and less motivated to go and now it’s like zero times a week! I’m determined to go back because I’m still paying for it and I just like going to the gym before heading home to knock out. It’s just a great way to get me into bed earlier which is another one of my resolutions.

2. Sleep better – This year was a bad sleeping year for me. Everyone blames it on my old mattress but honestly, I love my hard mattress. I think I’ve just been so stressed and thinking so hard this year that I had trouble sleeping. There were times when I’d go to sleep at 12 and wake up every two hours until I had to go to work at 9. And not to mention waking up to everyone else’s schedules really messed up my sleeping pattern. I sleep a little better these days like I can go from 12-6 without waking up now but its still a struggle to do a good 8 hours without some waking up in between. I almost resorted to taking sleeping pills a few months ago when it got really bad but I resisted and instead started watching youtube at night again. That helped and made me sleep faster and longer. I don’t have a game plan yet to how I’m going to make sleeping better this year but I’m going to start out with drinking a lot of water and going to gym at night.

3. Dress up more – This year was a drab fashion year for me. I work mainly alone with people going in and out so I was never motivated to dress well for work because for the most part it was just me and my computer. And of course I’m always losing my clothes so I need to wear them more to keep a handle of where they’re going.

4. Wear Makeup More Often- I’m determined to work harder at beautifying myself daily this year because I recently just accumulated a lot of expensive makeup and skin care so I need to use them or they’ll go to waste. And getting all prettied up feels good of course!

5. Wear all my heels – I have a problem. I love heels, pumps, etc. I used to constantly buy them and I now have a crazy amount stacked up in my room but because of the nature of my work, I don’t wear them at all. I only pull them out when I go out and this past year I barely went out so they just accumulated dust in my closet. This year I need to take them all for a spin or else I’m going to start tossing them. My basic goal is to wear them every day in the summer for at least a few hours each.

6. Buy clothes with a purpose – This is kind of one I’ve been good at lately. I used to shop without purpose and just buy for fun or because it was there or because it was on sale. Now I shop with a more edited eye. My tolerance for shopping has dissipated somewhat and I’m now down from being able to go 7 hours to just 3-4. My resolution is stop buying just to buy and buy pieces that are beautiful, unique or simply necessary for my wardrobe.

7. Eat healthy – This one is struggle because it’s sort of a lifestyle change and to do it I need to surround myself with things/people that support this. But I live at home so I cant change the contents of my fridge beyond what I eat. And its not easy to do eating out either. That’s why I left this sort of broad because I’m not quite sure what I will do yet. Most likely, I will just be cutting out sweats, and foods high in fat and cholesterol and super fried stuff.

8. Cut out pop – This is one I really want to do because I don’t love pop anyways and it just feels unhealthy to drink. I can’t do just water all the time though so I’ll be needing to substitute in juice or something.

9. Find a new job – This is more like find a career. I don’t mind what I do now but I’m not passionate about it and it’s not something I care for as a long term career. It’s sort of a filler job right now until I decide what I want to do whether I want to jump into working up to a career in marketing or if I go back to school.

10. Return to school – I’m at the point where I have to go get my masters soon or I’ll no longer have the drive to study and to work into the dark hours of the night on a project.

11. Be debt free – This is the only resolution that I’m unsure about because it involves a lot of factors I can’t control but I want to get as close to this as possible and I’m determined to work it out some way or another!

12. Travel – I have to travel at least once this year since this will be the last year where my schedule is flexible.

13. Take care of my hair – I’ve already started this with some product trials but I haven’t been successful yet in finding a product for my dry, color-treated, damaged hair. I’m going to work hard to find a cure for my damaged hair this year!

14. Read more – I’ve been very lax on my reading this year. The only books of substance I’ve read are “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” and “A Game of thrones.” That’s two in 12 months. I read romance novels here and there and on more of a constant schedule but I want to expand my brain not just fill it with love and fluff. I have a goal of reading one good book a month for the next year. I’m going to cheat a little and instead of starting a new book, I’ll finish “A Clash of Kings,” part 2 of “A Game of Thrones.” I did start it earlier this year but I’m only about a fifth of the way through. On a side note, I’m going to get the dvd boxed set.

15. Blog regularly – This will be a good year of blogging for me I promise. I will try my best to blog more regularly instead of in chunks like I currently do.

16. Do better/take better outfit pictures – again, another resolution dedicated to blogging. I will start using a tripod or something so my pictures are not just mirror reflections.

17. write again – This one is important for me because writing was sort of a solace for me and a way for me to pour my brain out into something that other people can appreciate. I want to get back into fanfic writing and at least finish my on going stories.

And that’s all for my resolutions. It looks like a lot but most of them are easy to do and I feel like they’re realistic for the most part. Again, I can’t wait for this year to start!

♡ PaNhia


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