[ ♡ ] LPT XMAS 2011

This is just a quick recap of our LPT Christmas the other day. We did things simple this year. We just bought food and did a quick gift exchange this year because everyone was busy. Here’s a shot of our yummy food:

For our gift exchange we just did a normal secret santa that we actually picked sometime in October. It was sort of confusing because we had a “stay around $40” rule but it was neither a minimum or maximum so everyone kind of interpreted it in their own way. I forgot to take a picture of what I got for my person but I got her a Bebe Perfume and VS rollerball. From my Secret Santa (Choua!) I got something on my wishlist!

It’s a scent sampler set from Sephora where you get all these little samples and then you can pick out your favorite scent and go get a free regular size fragrance from Sephora! I’ve tried two scents so far and I liked one of them. I’m so excited to keep trying them!

Here’s some extras from the girls:

Next year I really want to do a fill a stocking for your secret santa but I have to convince the girls first!

♡ PaNhia


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