[ ♡ ] Christmas Haul 2011

Christmas was extremely stressful this year for some reason. I think it’s because we added members to the family and shopping grew for me. I usually love shopping for Christmas and finding everyone gifts but it was really stressful this year for some reason. I started the usual time around black Friday but I ended much later than I usually I do. I’m usually done shopping by mid December but this year it was right up the wire and I was still looking for gifts. Next year I’m planning to do as much online shopping as I can so I can enjoy the holidays a little more.

This is just a quick post about stuff I got from my family and some stuff I purchased with Gift Cards and Christmas money.

First I got a ear bud set from my aunt.

I have like 4 sets, one I keep in my gym bag, and two I keep on my desk so this one is going to stay at work in case I need it.

I also got this B&B mending set from my secret santa on my dad’s family’s side. This was on my list and I was so excited to use it but after two uses I just decided I didn’t like it.

It definitely makes my hair less dry and frizzy looking but it does this weird thing where it makes my hair near the roots feel like two day old hair. It’s sort of waxy and oily feeling which I just couldn’t stand. My hair has always been dry so to have it feel constantly oily was just not a good feeling for me.

I got a lot of things on my wishlist including a blue-ray player and a new little shelf!

And then I got a scarf, some slippers and some yummy chocolates!

I also got some money, gift card to sephora, head band and a scarf and ring.

Then I got some stocking stuffers and a benefit set from my sister.

And then with my Birthday, Christmas and Gift card money I did some shopping! First I got this bag from Marshalls:

Belt from CR:

Charlotte was having a buy one get one free on clearance so I also got a dress, a top and pj bottoms, all for $26!

Then gap was 40% off extra on sales items so I got a few things:

This fur neck scarf is my favorite of the bunch because it was on my wishlist and it has a knit section on the inside!

Coat and hair clippies from F21:

Some makeup goodies from Ulta:

Bare Minerals Pressed Mineral Veil. I love this so far!

Smashbox Brow Tech to go:

An Amazing Cosmetics Concealer:

A new Urban Decay eye primer because my professional size one completely hardened up and is no longer usuable.

With giftcards I also got some more makeup from Mac & Sephora! I got a new Mac lipstick in Viva Glam II.

From Sephora I got the MUFE HD foundation in 130 and a bliss eye makeup remover.

I also got a free 100 point perk laura mercier foundation primer:

So that’s my Christmas Haul, I’m so excited to wear and use everything! I’ve already used and fallen in love with a lot of the stuff which you’ll see in the next few posts!

♡ PaNhia


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