[ ♡ ] Birthday 2011 – Makeup Party & Haul

So I celebrated my birthday a few weeks ago and originally I had this great big girl’s night party planned but the plans fell through because of scheduling issues so I decided to tone it down and just do a nice dinner and a small get together with close friends and my family.

First Here’s my makeup look of the night:

I did a glittery gold eye and bright pink lips!

First we went to dinner at a surprisingly cute place. I changed plans last minute so finding reservations for 15 people was extremely difficult and I lucked out on this place in downtown. The pictures were extremely limited to like a corner of the space so I went in expecting a tiny little hole in the wall cozy restaurant and instead it was a huge, beautiful restaurant. I was so surprised by how nice it turned out and of course the food was great as well!

I had this yummy chicken kabob dish that I’m just dying to go back and eat again!

After this we left and went to a friend’s new apartment to do a small makeup party! We played makeup jeopardy, who am I, and we did a makeup competition.

Here’s my cousin as Oprah!

Here’s Xti as “beaten up” and she’s doing makeup on my cousin as “Clubber girl”

And here’s a quick shot of some of my birthday haul from my friends and family! I’m so excited for everything! First I got some of my favorite things from my boyfriend:

Then I got a z-palette and a candle warmer! I’m so obsessed with my candle warmer! And I’ve since learned how to use it properly. Basically you have to warm tiny candles because the smell only starts to spread when the whole thing melts so if you try to burn a big candle it takes forever! The problem is that finding small candles in glass containers is hard, especially since I’m picky about scents.

Next I got this bag from my friend PH. There’s actually a funny story that goes along with it but I won’t gross you out with it 🙂 I actually had something similar to this on my wishlist. It was a brown fur bag from F21 but that one was sold out.

I also got a new hot tools curling iron! I’ve been using my old Conair one for so long that it was time to replace it so I’m glad I got this one for my birthday!

I also got a fur hat which was on my wishlist

Caudelie hand cream and lip set

The lip treatment made my lips react so unfortunately I couldn’t keep it. So when I first opened this present, Xti was explaining to me the story about how she had to purchase it but I heard her completely wrong so when I went to exchange this for something else I did it wrong. I originally wanted the set with these two as a whole set but Xti said that she had to buy them separately because she couldn’t find the set and that’s actually the part I didn’t hear so I thought it was still a set when I returned it and ended up returning both even though I only needed to return the lip treatment! But it’s ok because it turned out alright when it went into purchasing my next gift!

This baby is something I’ve been wanting for so long and thanks to my mom and Xti I was finally able to get it this year for my birthday! It’s the clarisonic mia in pink and it took me forever to decide on this color!

I literately stood there for 40 minutes going back and forth between the colors. I didn’t want a bright color because I knew that in my future décor I wanted it to blend in since I intend to keep it on the counter. And I didn’t want to get something so plain as white because I was afraid of it getting dirty. Originally I wanted the lavender one but when I saw it in person it was darker than I wanted so I finally settled on the pink since it was light enough but not white.

I also got two gift cards and some Sonia kashuk goodies.

^This palette is actually quite nice and pigmented. It’s barely chalky and the colors are just amazing! This is my new favorite nude palette!

And that’s all for my birthday! I had a good time this year despite having to change my plans! Next Year I turn 25 so I’m planning to make it big! I will pre-plan 2 months ahead so that I can get a good venue, send out physical invites and do something awesome!

♡ PaNhia


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